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Mia Monday #31: I'm in Every Shot Because She was Strapped to My Back Edition

Beautiful weekends just call for a trip to the petting zoo, don't they?

Comments (27)

Yay for the zoo, and yay for pigtials! How cute on you!

You have extremely strong legs! I say this because of he squatting photo! Or did Chris have to help you stand upright again?
Love the Mia Monday Pictures!!!!
Granny Princess

Very cute, glad you all had a good time! :)

I was gonna say the same thing that Maribeth did. Very strong legs. BTW does Mia pull your hair when she is strapped on to your back? I bet she pass time...

gah. she's so cute.

how much does Mia weigh?? i can't even imagine trying to carry Isabella on my back!!! you are very brave!

Oh, the cuteness! :) Sounds/looks like a great time!

Looks like you had a great time!

That second picture is all "PET THE BABY COW, MIA. PET IT NOW." Did she freak at all about touching the animals? I was scared of cows at one point in my childhood but when I was very small, I'd pet anything. Kind of amazing I didn't get eaten by a bear. Except there were no bears where I grew up. Panthers, yes. Bears, no.

Also, I would demand to have my picture taken EVERY DAY if I looked like you. Gah. Jealous. Actually, same goes for if I looked like Mia. I mean, could she BE any cuter?

as always, super cute mia! i am coveting that carrier -- what brand is it?

Great pigtails. I have a baby bjorn. We never use it. Used it maybe once when the monkey was a newborn. I hated it. But, then again, it was strapped to my front, and it was hard enough to hold my breasts up! Looks like you're getting good use of the back carrier. She looks so pretty! ((This is such a great age, isn't it!?) And, so do you, of course! Love the pigtails!

Oh, this makes me laugh. They are super cute pictures and you look gorgeous as always but I will tell you a story and you will think I am crazy but oh well.

Remember that really awful cheesy Enrique Inglesias song "Hero"? The one with Jennifer Love Hewitt in the video how it was all about her fabulous boobs? Anyway, so it came on the radio all the time and it would crack my best friend and I UP because Enrique has, as my friend called it, 'Billy Goat Vibrato.' So we rewrote the song and still sing it to each other when we're feeling especially silly.

I will be your billy goat baby
I will eat all of your paper
I will stand in your yard
Please don't take me
to the petting zoo

That's all we ever wrote but considered it so hilarious that there was no need for anymore.

Is this the one in Fredericksburg? Did Mia have fun?

(maybe your comment section is not the most appropriate place to leave the questions, but since you almost always relpy to these I figured it would work. - Plus I'm really looking for good places around here to take the twins.)

Looks like fun! Mia gets cuter by the day!

She's adorable. I can't imagine how you must feel with all that carrying.

Fun! Adorable pictures. :)
And kudos to you for toting Mia around all day.
Now Chris needs to give you a nice back rub tonight.

As always I'm injuiring through comments again!!

Who is that carrier by??! I must get one!

Thanks too for the Heels suggestion! I used her last Friday for my blog round-up!!

What kind of carrier is that? I was using the ultimate baby wrap, but at roughly 20 lbs...not working so well.

Looks like a fun time -- took my 9 month old to the zoo and he slept through all of it...including the farm/petting zoo part. Silly baby!

Looks like you guys had a blast. Good for you!

Do you think they make those hats in adult size? I'm curious to know if you had to strap Mia in before you put the carrier on or if you put her in after straping the carrier on your back - too complicated for me. Looks like you all had fun!


Every time I go into Rudecactus I get viruses. I dont understand what is going on, is Chris aware of this?


Great pictures and your calves look amazing, girl! You must just sit around the house with your cutie gal Mia on your back doing squats all day.

And the pigtails were great too!

These are all such lovely images that your daughter will cherish when she's older.

Some of my happiest memories of my own childhood come from times like this with my parents. Fun stuff indeed.

Looks like fun! I agree with the others, you've got seriously strong legs if you got back up from that squat!

We have the same carrier! It's great. I just recently discovered that you can use it as a hip carrier, too!

Cute pics. I could not see myself hauling Damien on my back long because I'm a big baby and he's heavy! She looks like she's having a great time though!

what kind of a carrier is that?

cool baby carrier. she looks heavy tho :-) I couldnt do that.

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