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Mia Monday #32: The End of All my Free Time Edition

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Look at her go! Think of all the exercise you'll get chasing her around! Who needs the gym?

Oh she's cute!

How is your house so neat? I have a 17 month old and my house is always a big disaster!

Oh, and she is adorable!

World's Most Beautiful Child accomplishes World's Most Amazing Feat! Good job, Mia!

Did you notice her kicking things out of her path. Way to go Mia!!

Wow, look at her move! You are right, you won't get much in the way of free time now until she's asleep. Perhaps all the walking will wear her out and she'll take mega naps? :-)

She's too cute.

Awww, I love how she puts a hand on something from time to time, like a little stability check point. Too cute! As is her outfit.

Oh, yeah, you're in trouble now! Such a cutie... go Mia!

I have the biggest grin on my face.
Thanks for the smile, Mia.

What a cutie! Look at her go! You are in trouble now. Here she goes to the cabinets and things on tables!

Look at Mia go! I particularly like the anti-paparazzi hand up to the camera move she's already mastered.

Wow! Look at her! Firstly I want to eat up those cheeks and also twirl those tiny two curls on each side of the head that she has. And yeah, very cute walk. Kinda like a Baby Frakenstein!

You cannot get any cuter than that! Well, except for my grandkids who are still not cuter than my kids when they were small.

Mia is such a cutie!

Quick! Hide the car keys because that's what's next.

awwwee- so cute. :)

I thought she was going to head out the door! What an adorable chub-chub.

You will find a whole new batch of things to child proof.

Wow! What a pro - she doesn't look like a drunken ape AT ALL!

Wow! Congratulations, Mia! She is walking SO well! I can't believe how graceful and stable she looks while she is walking. My kids both looked like sailors that had been hitting the sauce pretty hard. They still have their moments. But then again, I have my moments as well. Drunken sailor walking moments.

Oh my goodness - she's moving! I can't even believe it.

You can just see she is thinking, "Hey mom, Whatcha doing? Can I see? I want to do that too. Where you going? I want to go. You can't get away now!"

I almost can't stand it! She's walking!!! It is a whole new era, my friend, but it's all good. Especially when she understands to come when you call for her = one less time Momma has to lug her around the house.


Oh dear.

Uhoh. She's pretty quick and steady on her feet already. I sense great trouble in your future. :)

Insulin much sweetness.

Free time, no more!

I'm watching this at work, where I have my speakers on mute but I imagine sort of an "ink-ink-ink" sound as she toddles along.

In any case, she's so fucking cute!

... sorry about that. I'm probably not doing much to help you curb the swearing.

I love how she keeps grabbing hold of the wall and stuff. Like she's not completly sure she can do it without support. time???? What are these words you speak of?

Um, is that a head of lettuce at the beginning of the clip?
She's SO cute! I love the touching base with the walls and furniture. I walk like that when I forget to take off my reading

Lily made me watch this about three times. When I asked her what she'd like to tell Mia she said, "Sam I am. Eggs and Ham. Can she say letters? No more else, just letters and just Sam I am and just Sam am am, too. I-N-G. And nope. Just those twos!"

I red it back to her to confirm, so try it out on Mia... maybe she'll understand.

PS My kid can totally talk like a big person. Seriously. much cuteness.

i love watching babies walk.

I expected her to teeter or grab on or stumble or fall. She was just crawling! And now, full speed ahead!

Wow. She's grown so fast...

Wow, she's really motoring along - thanks for sharing!

hahahaa.. you are in soooooooo much trouble now!! *lol* rock on, mia. :D

Mia Bean is very mobile now. The girl was on a mission. Too cute...

So was that the head of lettuce from the "lettuce fight" post?

OY! She's just TOO cute! I love the sound of her feet against the floor! Omigosh. My heart is melting. I should video the monkey scootching on her butt.... No walking yet. just scootching....

Actually, of course I have lots of scootching videos. I just haven't uploaded it....I'd be crazy not to video it!

Wow, she's really moving.

Thanks for the grand tour Mia! You have a beautiful home.

I swear... Shepherd held out his hand towards the computer, and said, "Mi-A" in the most longing, heartbroken sort of way. Then, he proceeded into reciting all of Shakespheare's Sonnet 18. Should I be worried??? :) What are you up to tomorrow, say lunchtime? or Wednesday??? I think the little man misses his Mia... :)

my son always followed me so he could take the camera from me!! ;)

She's adorable!

Oh....I love it when they still have the stiff no knee bend walk. Too cute...and yup... she is highly mobile and ready to go. Do you have a good pair of running shoes?

So cute - and it looks like she's a big helper in the kitchen too.

The cuteness is blinding. Perhaps put a bell on her and let her go? ;)

Beth, first thought out of my mind was..OMG no she isn't....You had us with the lettuce good one, wink-wink! Lovely video of Mia. THE PARTY HAS JUST STARTED!!

You didn't need that free time anyway, did you?

WHY must they walk? You'd think it was a crucial part to the whole growing process or something...

Ack! That's the cutest thing ever. My nearly 13mo just started walking three days ago. It's incredible to watch!

She started the lettuce fight, didn't she?

Heh! That was like cuteness overload! Just want to pinch those cheekers...but I promise, I won't. :)

Oh my gosh. I love her.

And do you have a new cat????

Beth...when did she grow up? I mean, I swear she was just born!!

She's too cute. Thanks for sharing.

she was gearing up for another lettuce fight. I could totally see it.

Oh my goodness. I have tears in my eyes from the amazingness of this. Also, that is an adorable outfit. She is just scrumptious.

First of all, explain to me how you had free time... I'm still trying to find mine and DD hasn't even started crawling. Help me!

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