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Mia Monday #33: Strawberry Popsicle Edition

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Hehehe. She's too cute. Really.

Cute, Cute, Cute!

I love the belly hanging over the diaper in the first picture! It's so adorable. Those are all great shots, though. I think maybe my favorite is the last one. So cute!!!

I think you realize the importance of Mia Monday for us depressed office souls and hence thankfully so post the pics early. They took my breath away. Great pics. Mia is seriously beautiful(the tummy, the curls behind the ears, the bright red toes, everything!). And thats a new way to hold a popsicle I must say :)
Was this her first time trying a popsicle?

My daughter (who is 2) saw this picture and immediatly asked who that was and when were we going to her house to play.

"Mom, that's my friend. She would give me a popcicle"

The big ole belly hanging over the diaper is adorable! That's probably the last time in her life that a belly hanging over anything is cute!

But, oooooh! She's a cutie!

She is such a cutie pie. The whole chubby belly and rolly polly legs and sweet face and curls. Looks like she quite enjoyed that popsicle. Sweet Mia, adored by many a blogger :)

The curls are killing me! Seriously cute!

Look at that belly. It's just ripe for a zerbert, I tell you!

Aaagh, the belly! It's killing me with cuteness!

I love how she is grasping the popsicle and studying it.

As always, simply adorable.

Oh Beth! Sh eis beautiful. So happy and healthy with her chubby little body. (especially that gorgeous belly!)
Happy, Happy, Mia Monday!
Granny Princess!!!

sticky is beautiful! :D

when my sister got old enough to talk, she had her own way of saying things. instead of asking if we still wanted our popsicles, she'd say, "you don't want that anymore." we had fun with that of course because we were mean, mean people but we all knew what she meant. it was very cute. just like Miss Mia is uber-cute. i ♥ kids.

I love the one of her looking down at her belly. That cute baby chubba wubba belly.

So cute~!

Mmmmm.... yummy delectable baby...

Wow, what a life! I want to sit topless on my deck and have people feed me delicious treats! Stupid court order.

I hope Mia is enjoying this because in 28 years, it won't be "Oh, what a cute little belly!" it will be "There goes crazy old lady Smith again, sucking on popsicles in her underwear".

For now though, WHAT a cute little belly (and curls, and toes and expressions). She is a sweetie.

How did you keep that adorable tummy so clean? Mine would have been covered in yummy strawberry juice.

Omigosh. I can't handle the cuteness! Too much cuteness. My whole day's filled with cuteness. Then, I put cuteness to bed for a few hours, and turn on the computer to even more cuteness!!!!! OY!

do you have a curly thumb?

The second to the last one looks like she's saying "Oh, I cant believe I ate the WHOLE thing. I think I'm going to burst." So cute!!!

Yummy goodness all around!

not letting me comment...

What a cutie! :)

Adorable! I just want to gobble her up! C doesn't like popsicles because he tells me (with mock serious face), "too cold" and shivers at me. It's sorta funny.

Too cute!

My youngest decided to have a popsicle for dessert tonight and then complained it was too cold and he was getting frostbite. The drama!

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