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Official Returns

Wow, you guys. I mean seriously, holy shit. A heck of a lot of you voted, which rocks. When I posted that, I was pretty sure I would get a total of six votes, and at least two of those would be votes for "Beth is a loser lame-iac and we hate her." Instead, well, just damn. Apparently a whole lot of you were just sitting around today wishing there was something you could vote on, and by gum, you done voted.

And now, as promised, I will not tell you what it is you voted for.



As for the official results, yes seems to have won in a landslide. I was going to count up all the votes and give you percentages and all that, but as it turns out, I don't want to. Yes was the clear winner, so yes it is, and again as promised, I will abide by your decision.

Nope, still not going to tell you what you all decided. That would entirely spoil my fun.

Anyway, I decided you all deserved some small token of my appreciation, and for me the best part about voting is the sticker, so everybody who voted gets a sticker. Here you go:

Now you just need to print it out, put something sticky on the back (not super glue, possibly duct tape) and affix it firmly to your forehead.

And hey, anybody who sends me a picture of themselves (which hell yes, I will post) (send to sothefishsaid at gmail dot com, duh Beth, sorry) with that stuck to their forehead absolutely get one of Chris's cds. Unless you all do it, in which case cds will go to the first ten and I will recommend that all the rest of you get lives.

Finally, that was seriously the most internet fun I've had in ages, and I thank you all for that from the heart of my (smokin') bottom.

Comments (20)

DANG-it!! I missed out! Yep, I knew this day sucked and should have stayed in bed. And THIS confirms it!

You have to tell us, you have to tell us, please please please please. pretty please.

Cuz this is america and we always are perfectly clear on what it is we are voting for. It's not like we vote for things or people without thoroughly researching and knowing exactly what it is we are getting ourselves into. (Ok. I can't even type that with a straight face.)

Still. At least give us hints. Or is it nothing? That's it. You made us vote for nothing. And we voted like the blog reading lemmings we are.

Ahhhh! My printer is out of ink!!!!

I've been waiting and waiting for my chance to get one of those CD's, doggone it.

Oh well. Know that I would have done that in a heartbeat--the picture would already be posted--if I had the ability. :)

I hope yes is the answer you were secretly hoping for.

umm, i'm thinking that at least you could tell us what we all voted on and care(d) about?

Of course most people said 'Yes'. I think it was for the same reason the crowd starts chanting, 'Jump, Jump!' when someone is perched on the ledge of the 17th floor of a building. They're hoping for an exciting payoff.

And then again this could all whittle down to the eternal question, "How do you keep a dumbass in suspense?"

Which would be shame on you, naughty intriguer.

Damn. Missed out. BUT I would have voted 'no' because that is my next vote at the polls.

Attention fellow Wisconsinites! There are SOME of us who don't care if gay people get married. So there.

Sorry. Just HAD to get that out.

Now, I'm looking forward to finding out what this is allll about!

Wow, we are all a lot of sheep.

But it was fun even if we are a bunch of sheep.

Oh, dude, something to do tomorrow.

I know you told us "no further explanation will ever be offered", but I still wondered if you would cave and tell us, given the overwhelming amount of people who voted. I admire you. I can't keep a secret to save my life. (and I'm dying to know this one)

I seriously think if I were slightly less lazy I would do it.

I tried to visit your blog last night and I got a page cannot be found. And then I was like.. OMG... everyone voted yes and the question was "Should I shut down my blog?" and they don't reazlize what they've done!!!!

Oh the tragedy. Good to see that wasn't what the secret question was.

But since it wasn't hair related... maybe the question is "Should I start eating meat again?" To which I say HELL YEAH!

YAY! My vote won or was in the majority. And as always the person who asked for votes has failed to keep up the promises made during the election(promise of telling us what we are voting for)...typical... :P
Oh and I'll be right over for the make out. The smokin' ass will do for me (for now that is) :)

Oops! The make out thing was with regards to your latter post(the one with boob hurtage)!

The question was, "Should Beth and Chris tell their parents they have blogs", wasn't it? I voted no, but because of all these lemmings, I'm expecting things to become completely PG around here shortly.


Heh...look at my sidebar. Go on, click over. Looook at my sidebar.

Argh! My camera is broken!

Gee, I don't think I quite understand those instructions. Maybe you can affix the sticker to your forehead and post a picture so the rest of us lame-iacs can figger it out? Come on, I'll send you a CD...

I want a CD! Picture sent to gmail.

LOVE the sticker. I'd do it and send in the pic, but it takes me FOREVER to get a good picture of myself. And, it has to be good if you're going to post it....I'll think about it.... ;) it could be a good arts and crafts activity for the monkey and me....

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