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Oh come on, we haven't talked about my boobs in ages

Sweet leaping porkchops, people. My boobs hurt. Enough that it woke me up all night long and kept interrupting my Alias/Anne Heche/Trapped in a Local Mall dream. Actually, that dream sucked anyway because there was no making out going on anywhere. Booooring.

This whole procreating thing has been a two year slog of not being able to sleep on my stomach. First there was the boob hurtage and then the huge bellyness and then the flat inability to roll over due to being cut open (and then sewn shut again, obviously) and then the trying to sleep with a small person who I preferred not to smush chewing on my boobs and now again with the boob hurtiness. I may refuse to ever have another child just so I can sleep on my stomach again. (And no, that is not what you voted on. I love you guys and all, but you do not get to decide that.)

Anyway, this is just a long intro to telling you that if you are going to send a picture (which I will post, keep in mind) to win a cd, you had better hurry it right up because they are just pouring in. Ok, trickling in, but I still recommend all good haste. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, scroll down.

Happy Friday, all. I would invite you all over to make out, but my boobs hurt.

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You had a dream invovling a bisexual and didn't even make out with her? Damn you do having boring dreams! Sorry about your boobs...I wish I had a remedy for you but I'm coming up short. Maybe the pediatrician could help you out?

The whole stomach thing? That part sucks. When I found out I was pregnant the SECOND time, I spent every second possible laying on my stomach, because I knew how much I would miss it later.

I never tried it, but I've heard that cabbage leaves on the boobs (tucked in the bra I guess??) are supposed to get rid of the soreness.
Of course, I could just be smoking crack too, but just to show that I'm not,,3x57,00.html

cabbage leaves do work, as long as you don't mind walking around feeling like you belong in the produce section of your local groery store....

cabbage leaves do work, as long as you don't mind walking around feeling like you belong in the produce section of your local groery store....

sorry about the boob hurtage. There have been a couple nights, when Bennett didn't drain me before sleeping all night, that I got up in the wee hours of the morning just to pump off for a minute or two to relieve the pressure. I know that's counter productive to your current situation, but I just wanted to know that I sympathize with the exploding boob feelings coupled with weird dreams.

I'm sorry about the hurty boobs, and all, but "sweet leaping porkchops" may be my new favorite non-profanity-containing phrase.

Hey, let me know when that boob hurtage stops so I can come over and make out. :)

Only a vegetarian could come up with Sweet Leaping Porkchops!

I had completely forgotten about not being able to sleep on my stomach and I only stopped nursing a year ago. How quickly we forget those moments!!! Warm showers relieved some of my boob hurtiness I hope yours goes away soon. :)

Sorry about the boob hurtage. I hope that gets better. I would be unhappy to if I couldn't sleep on my tummy. Have a good day.

Sorry I missed out on voting. (Stipud work and their stupid "no internet" rules!)

Um...sorry about the boobies. This is why I still breastfeed...I wouldn't know how to quit if I wanted to!)

Talking about your boobs will not make us forget yesterday's post. What did I vote on??????

I HEAR you! Give it a few days. massage them in the shower. That helps. Then, they're supposed to start shrinking. Hello? Why haven't mine shrunk, yet? They don't hurt anymore....and still humungous. Sooo not happy about this! :) Happy Friday to you, too!!

Dude, if I wasn't heading out of town tonight, I'd bring a head of cabbage over for your hurting boobs (heard it helps, not sure if it does, worth a try?)

About your boobs, well I can sympathize (not because of baby reasons of course) because mine are still extremely sore and they are 3 weeks old today. I'm still waiting for the pain to subside, didn't expect it to take this long.
Ok, I think I may work on that sticker thing...I like to play. Hey, if I stick it on my kids head and send it in, would that count? :)

I believe I already have a cactus CD. printer has crapped out. AND my camera in the trailer...stuck behind the bbq.
And also? I'm not having a good hair day.

otherwise I would've TOTALLY played along.

Damn. My printer waas out, when I tried to print off my stickers. I was planning to make pasties out of mine - doesn't that count for something??

And, um, weird dreams and boob hurtage - are you trying to tell us something? (Remember, I've had six kids - I know a bit about both issues....)

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