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I didn't say fuck in front of Mia once today, but I did say shit 148 times. I seem to have a ways to go.

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Way to fucking go!

baby steps...

Well, as far as the 'bad words' go, I'd consider fuck alot worse than shit. So I'd say you're on the right track. Now just change shit to, say, hooey, and you'll be all set... ;-)

Well, if you want Mia to talk, cursing is the way to go. You keep saying shit and I assure you, she'll say shit. Keep up the good fucking work, no one's perfect:)!

I tripped once putting my son in his carseat and proceeded to say, "Fuck." And from the little voice in the seat I heard, "Fuck mommy."

Yeah, Mia will start talking just when you least expect it.

You're doing better than I am today. Button could sense my agitation at the day's events, so she got incredibly fussy when I got home (very unlike her), which didn't help at all.
We're usually pretty G-rated around here so I think I might have confused/worried/frightened J, as he tried to sheild our daughter's ears from the onslaught of nicknames I now have for the local municipal court.

Hey, it's progress! Baby steps, yo. Baby steps.

My Southern Baptist former mil said shit on the average of once or twice an hour. Had a real problem with damn though.

Long-time lurker coming out of hiding to share this:
Last night my 5-year-old daughter said to me, "That new bus driver drives pretty damn fast!" Trust me--they hear every word. And use them appropriately too! Guess I should be proud, huh?

As long as she uses it properly I think you will be okay.

If cursing is a sign of bad mommihood, I am in soooooooo much trouble.

"I don't swear for the hell of it. Language is a poor enough means of communication. We've got to use all the words we've got. Besides, there are damn few words anybody understands."
-- Inherit the wind

Try to make up a curse word, and really MEAN it - of course said stand-in curse word is best discovered after at least three glasses of wine!

I'm so proud! At least when Mia says shit she with at first use the th sound (most kids do and it will sound like thit. One can always adapt that to sit.

My ex used to purposefully swear in front of his niece and then try to get her to use the words. She knew she wasn't supposed to (she was 6). So, you know, at least you aren't doing THAT. :D

You definitely want to focus on the positive here. No "fucks" and you kept the "shits" under 200, which is HUGE. I say you get a gold star for progress.

Yes, but if you changed 148 poopy diapers, I'd say you were using the correct wording.

Good work, every little step counts. I've gotten to where I can just say "Bleep!" Any of the pseudo-swears, like "shoot" are just too close; it's too easy to slip in the heat of the moment.

I am particularly fond of "Bleeping bleep of a bleep!" It's very good for stubbed toes.

try shit in another language (ScheiŠe, shite, merde, dritt). That way you're expanding her horizons and you don't have to feel guilty.

okay once again, here are my baby/toddler cuss words.

fluff- what the fluff are you eating? fluff off, fluff you, etc.

shark- I ain't buyin your shark... you scared the shark right outta me.

dingy- especially useful when saying god-dingy in church.

spirit fingers- this term is shouted instead of actually flying the bird (after our two year old was flipping people off in church).

bite me- this takes care of most of our other needs for cursing, telling off or when nothing else will do.

hope I've helped.

way to go. lord knows i'm still trying. i'm suprised that aaron has never said fuck once, esp. because he repeats everythign i say!

Way to go! One step at a time. Today, maybe you'll try saying shit only 147 times....

i have such a hard time not swearing in front of my kid too. he's starting to talk as well, so i know i need to step it up and really watch my mouth or next thing i know we will be in the store and he will be screaming Fuck!!!

Yeah, you know, my four year old has repeated (properly, of course): "God dammit!" Uh, oops.

Our words are: cluster-flugel (instead of cluster-fuck... clusterflugel almost sounds like some german pastry, doesn't it?)

Flibbertigibbit - which is really a word, and really has a meaning, but to us, it's a stand in for that other f-word. And you know what? When your toddler says it, people think it's ADORABLE. (This is like if you drop a pan on your toe and are only mildly in pain, and "with it" enough to censor your self).

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