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Things I've forgotten

There's a really excellent chance that this post will disappear at random sometime today, and an even better chance that the pictures will disappear causing me to have another exchange with my host like this:

Me: Dudes, you broke it again.
Host: We didn't touch it, we have no idea what you are talking about.
Me: So, it's a complete coincidence that two hours after I opened a ticket about the last problem, that problem is fixed but now something else is broken?
Host: Um, could you send us an email header, or something?

Anyway, someone asked on a post that has since disappeared along with all it's comments about the pile of books on my nightstand. The thing to know here is that the pile of books on my nightstand is only a group of possible things to read next. I have several hundred unread books lying around to choose from. However, for whoever it was who was curious, here is the current stack. (I even arranged them all nicely by height before I took the picture, because I am that anal.)

Next, for whoever asked whether the large blue plastic thing in my nightstand drawer was a flashlight or something of a more adult variety, it's a flashlight.

If it were other than a flashlight, it would certainly be stored in a drawer out of reach of my child. Hypothetically, naturally.

Finally, it turns out that Mia likes spanish rice, which led to this discovery when we were changing her for bed last night.

Yes, that is an utterly delicious baby potbelly with a single grain of spanish rice nestled therein.

(Um, if I haven't responded to your comments lately, it is because I didn't get the emails and then the entire post disappeared and then my head exploded from the sheer force of the bad words spilling out of my mouth. I still love you, you should come over and we can make out.)

Comments (33)

That belly pic? Adorable.
And Stephen King's "On Writing"?? The last thing written by him that I actually enjoyed reading.

I'm in - hey it's better than work, and then we can take a walk to the firehouse...

That's an utterly delicious little big potbelly. I wanna do butterflies on it(the one in which you blow on the baby's belly and make funny sounds...dunno if its really called butterflies?)...I bet you do the funny sounds on her belly all the time!

Count me in!!! Your hot ass AND hot firemen? Oh yeah baby!

Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott is a favorite. I haven't read Bird by Bird yet.

Love in time of Cholera I read but can't remember if I liked.

Hey Nostradamus. Coupland always works for me. If you haven't read All Families are Psychotic, well, it is just too funny and too poignant and too Too!

Thanks for showing book pictures. I think of myself as a book peeping tom. Whenever I come across someone reading I try to surreptitiously (sp?) catch the title of the book. This was so much easier than that!

I'm also throwing in a vote for Traveling Mercies. I bought Bird by Bird and then gave it to a friend so haven't read it. But her Operating Instructions is seriously one of the funniest books I've ever read.

Aw, she was saving the rice for later, as a snack!

Bird by Bird is a great book. I love Anne Lamott!

Mia was just saving that piece of Spanish rice for later in the night when she got hungry.

AH! Cute belly!! :)
And I laughed at the first pic: I totally get the rearranging of the books...I would have done the exact same thing.

I lovelovelove the rice in the bellybutton pic! Thank goodness my office door was closed because I laughed out loud before I could catch myself.

Thank you for satisfying my curiousity about the blue thing in your drawer. I knew in my heart of hearts that it was a flashlight. Do you use it so that you don't disturb your hubanz while you read from your big ol' pile of books at night? It couldn't be that you are afraid of the boogie man. Because you are brave. Brave and hot.

I love the picture of the rice in the belly button! ha! For sure you can list this as one of those "I never thought this sentence would ever leave my lips" lists. One of the entries on my list is, "No, the house is not peeing."

Definitely read Bird by Bird next. And then Love in the Time of Cholera. Magical Realism, w00t w00t.

Anne Lamott = TruLuv4evah.

I have a funny post (no, not mine) for you if I can find it again. It ties in with your flashlight nicely.

um, I'm totally agree w/ ku nkiko, I *heart* Anne Lamott. (remember that keys joke I told you last week? Her kid... her keys... her filthy words pouring out of her childs mouth... classic stuff). I'm trying to read a book now, but having NO luck, as my brain is fried, and I can no longer handle cognative thinking. or something like that. Oh, and if I don't make out w/ you when I come over next, it's because I'll probably be making out with Denzel on your TV. So, don't be dissapointed. :)

I wondered about your books on your bookstand, and thought about asking about them - and wahlah! Yay for books! I need to reread Love in the Time of Cholerea - and Bird by Bird? Rocks my socks off. You know I how I feel about my Anne Lamott...

And that is the most precious picture of Mia's belly! Delicious!

I went through a Raymond Carver phase in college... love him.

And have you looked in her ears yet? I'm guessing the matching bean will be found there.

I'm the one who asked about the books on your nightstand and I'm so excited because now I feel like I'm somehow not just a stalker, but a real part of your blog...NOT. (That comment made me sound MORE like a stalker.) But if I was a real stalker, I wouldn't have to ask about the book titles, now, would I?

I have that exact same copy of Love In The Time Of Cholera. It's time for me to read it again - good stuff.

You mean some people might *not* have reorganized their books by size before taking the picture? Or, you know, hypothetically kept them stacked that way in the first place? Um, not that I do that.

I love the grain of rice, too. And that is sooo a belly that begs to be zerbited.

I'll come over and help you beat up the un-helpful tech support people. Then we can make out. Maybe some firemen, too, as Laurie suggested.

I totally have Eating Crow in my list of to be read books stacked on my table!! How cool is that?! HAHA...

That's pretty cool. I never knew they made ones with a light in them.

I would take a bite out of that adorable belly even if it didn't have a grain of rice in it! I never say LOL, but I really did laugh out loud so, well, yeah. Snack for later and all that. Har.

Ahh, what an awesome little belly! I hope you gave it a big raspberry. Babies rule.

Hey, I moved to

Come on over and check out my new look. Fancy.

The spanish rice in the belly button is a hoot! The picture made me giggle!

Spanish rice served on Mia belly? Mmmm. Sounds delish!

Yummy spanish rice. That picture was so cute.

I am like you and Chris with books. We have nine million here. I have read a few on your list. The Jon Kabat-Zin one is great. I would recomend you throw the baby sign language one back....she is too old, she should be working on real words. Just my opinion. I think sign language is great, before they are learning to talk and after they hit two.

Rice in the belly incredibly adorable!!!

Great book collections...cute flashlight, (I like the color!)...and amazing rice in a bellybutton...

Yeah, great posting it is!

BTW, I found out that reading has a great connection to health. Well, looking at your book collections, I thought you want to know.

BTW, again, I linked you up. I think the picture of your book might be inspiring for my readers...

Thanks & CHEERS!

Bird by Bird is an awesome read. :)

Love he spanish rice photo. Edible. Simply edible!!! (not the piece of rice, the baby pot belly!) OY!
And, nice to see Love in the Time of Cholera first in the stack. Again, one of my faves. Enjoy!

oh my, that grain of rice has a story to tell it's friends. how many hours did it travel in there? ;)

I have a stack of ideas about reading books. Not even a stack of books. But I think about them with glazed eyes while playing with puppets, etc. Not complaining, just commenting. Some day I'll have time for those books and my kids won't have time for puppets.

I would read Eating Crow next. I thought it was great. Still do as a matter of fact.

Is posting this very sad?

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