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What I Learned from the Internet: Episode 1

Today I learned from the internet that a whole lot of you were weird little kids making out on the playground when you were five. Also that I'm not the only one whose first real kiss experience was some loser guy who slipped you the tongue and it was really gross and then he turned out to be gay, possibly in response to your negative reaction to his slimy tongue intruding upon your person. Ok, so the gay part is just me, but the tongue thing happened to a whole lot of you.

I also learned that anyone who can work Grimmace and kugel and assless pants into the same post, well, they're ok in my book.

I'm doing the Blogland Grand Tour this week. If you would like to be one of my stops, leave a comment with your link on this post. Not this post as in the current post, you understand, this post as in the one I just linked to, like this.

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HA. Thanks, man! But dude, I totally would have made out with you anyway.

I was tickled to see you came by this morning. Too bad it was such dark material. I'm not always such a downer, swear.

first kisses are never good. i don't even remember mine. lol

You can blog-tour me, but what I'm more interested in knowing is what prompted the end of nursing? Was it your choice or hers? Is it hard? Are you sad? My girl is nine months and I keep wondering how long she'll go. I haven't decided to wean or not but just reading that Mia was done nursing made me sad because I remember reading when she was tiny and I hadn't even given birth yet and now it's all so long ago. *sigh*

Nevermind, I just read about it and how you didn't want to talk about it and now I feel like a knob. Sorry:(

Thanks for stopping by my site - sorry the most recent post is so old! (Note to self: Must update more often now that Beth knows my blog address.)

where exactly is all this free time coming from, Beth??

with...what is it...170 or so blogs to visit from yesterday's're going to be one busy lady. :)

Well, if it makes you feel any better, the best kisser of my entire life (met at 40) is now dating men...GAH!
My first kiss was at 8 with the boy next door--through a chainlink fence, no less! Oh, and he had chapped lips.

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