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What I Learned from the Internet: Episode 2

Today, the internet taught me that cancer sucks. Click that link, would ya? For me.

Mia is not the only cute kid in the world.

And purple fauz crocodile can be hott. Oh come on, admit that you love those shoes.

Still touring the blogosphere and loving hard on all you people. Want to join the tour? Click this link and leave a comment there and I'll come by. I'm starting to catch up, guys, gimme me some more links. What can I say? I'm a glutton.

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You are so sweet to come by blog and comment. I'm a total fan of yours as you know, and, when you comment, I think to myself: "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!" No, seriously! Thought I should let you know.... ;)

I love cruising the blogosphere too. I've met some really great people.
Like my cyber granddaughter, Mia Bean!
Oh, and her parents too!!!

Hi Fish. It has been a while since I have commented but I read everyday.

I tried to send this yesterday. Your mailbox was full!!

Your mailbox was full. trying agin

Rochelle seems to make everything work, no matter how bizarre it seems
to me. You may end up with one of those too. Everything tossed out
of the closet looking for the perfect ensemble.

She can actually make orange and yellow look good with her coloring.

Thanks for visiting granny.


I think you're approaching "black-belt blogger" status, you've got quite the following! *grin*

mia? absolutely adorable. the picture of the kid you linked to? freakin' cute! but- have you seen a picture of my kid? this world is filled with such cuteness!

and if i could, oh yes i would wear those shoes.

Wow! Thanks for visiting. I tried replying to your comments but both my mails bounced back from your inbox and gave me a message saying your inbox is full. Well, your tour seems to be very educational and fun as well.

Thanks for coming over, Beth.
We sure appreciate the free pimpin' for our good cause!

You left a comment on my blog-I have finally arrived!!!!

Thanks for keeping me laughing Beth! I have been lurking for quite awhile now and always get a chuckle from your posts. Motherhood provides such rich content, doesn't it? Your little one is absolutely adorable, btw. come you always pick baby girls to be the vute kids in the world?? I'm not feeling the loving for the sweet toddler boys over here...

Oh, am I too late to join the tour?

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