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What I Learned from the Internet: Episode 3

Today the internet taught me that my utter cheapness and miserliness and penny pinching moral stand against insanely expensive cosmetics is the absolute right way to go. So take that, snotty aestheticians who give me facials and snort about my skin care "regimen."

Am too lazy to post the whole story again - scroll down to get details and play along.

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Dear one, for some reason I'm having trouble loading your feed. Is this happening to other people or is it just me?

Now I really feel famous. WOAH. and THANKS!

See the death white look is the way to go! :)

your girl is adorable.
My baby's name ist mia too!

I never buy expensive cosmetics either. My great-grandmother and grandmother only ever used Noxema on their faces and they both looked fabulous for their ages. My grandmother died when she was 80 but she could easily pass for 60! Stay out of the sun. Gentle cleaning. Thats all you need!!!

I feel so much better about my Aveeno moisturizer now!

OOOH! I like this ride.

Verrrry fun having you as my guide.

I will stand by my Purpose soap and moisturizer no matter what! Sometimes I will splurge and buy the Body Shop, but the expensive stuff? I will save my money for something else, like Chanel or Louis!

I'm a fan of Oil of Olay. I like Dove, too.

This is really, really fun, going on this blog tour with you.

I'll say amen to that! I use to do the whole nine yards skin "regimen" dealio but now I hardly remember to wash my face each morning and my skin looks exactly the same.

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