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The title of this post is the current high-temp record-holder for Mia's fever. Yup - sick baby. Yesterday was ok because she mainly slept all day and when she was awake mostly just wanted to lie on my chest like overcooked pasta and whimper gently. Today was not so good. Today was more about refusing to eat or sleep or be put down for a second for any reason.

Right now she's asleep in my bed after slightly less than an hour of cooing and patting and singing and sticking her fingers up my nose. I managed to escape, although for a while there I thought I might have to chew my own arm off at the shoulder to manage it and am compulsively running down the hall every five seconds to make sure she hasn't rolled out of bed or smothered herself with my pillow or started a small fire in the bedroom from the heat waves rolling off her forehead.

The silver lining is that yesterday we journeyed to see the hotty pediatrician and he was all good-smelly and concerned and Mia was so miserable that he let her just sit on my lap while he listened to her lungs and stuff which meant I got to spend several minutes in very close proximity to his good-smelly geeked-out hotness, and that was nice. Not as nice as it would be to have a kid who was not sick or screamy or hot enough to melt steel and getting two new molars to boot, but still nice.

Anyway - anybody have any advice on how a 5'6" woman can sleep comfortably in a crib? Mia is taking up my entire side of the bed and there is no way I'm going to risk walking her and besides, it is totally Chris's turn to deal with her.

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it can be done...

i'm the baby, btw.

Certainly you have a guest room? Or a sofa?

Hopefully Mia will feel better very soon. And hopefully you won't catch her cold. I seem to catch everything, and I do mean everything, that my kids have. DH could be sick sick sick and I'm fine, but just let one of those boys sniffle and I'm down for the count.

So how is Chris doing with your invalid?

Poor little gal. It's bad enough to be sick when you know what's going on.

Forget the crib and take the couch! (even the bath tub is a better choice) Hope your baby feels better. Mine is starting teething and crabby.

I hope she gets better soon - and that you stay healthy!

Poor sweetness.

I find it more comfortable to pile quilts up on the floor and sleep there.

I hope everyone feels better. Poor Mia and sleepless mommy too! Take care of you don't get the nasty sickness as well.

I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope Mia feels better very soon.

BTW, Beth, don't forget to get some vitamins so you don't get sick, too. Ok?

The son of Riana, my fellow editor, is also not feeling well.

Glad that both the kids have wonderful Moms to take care of them.

Oh, how awful to have a sick baby. I constantly take Nate's temp. because I'm always sure he's got a fever...he's never made it past 100.1 though.

I hope Mia feels better really soon ~ and that you stay healthy and get some sleep somehow. I kinda liked the quilts on the floor idea ~ if you have enough quilts.

Awwww, baby. Feel better, honey.
Tell Chris to get up and stop being such a baby and help you! Oh men! They are such bad patients!!

Awwww, poor little Mia (and poor little parents!). I hope she feels better soon so you can all get some rest.

take the crib mattress out and sleep on it on the floor. that way, if your limbs fall off, they aren't banging on the side of the crib.

Baby colds suck. We've avoided the feverishness, but the coughing and the snot and the whining are things I'm very familiar with. Fortunately, Bennett loves taking medicine so we had that going for us. I have no other good advice.

It's going to get SO cramped in there. Just make a pallet. At some point you'll be so exhausted you can sleep anywhere.

Poor Mia!

One of my friends used to put a mattress on the floor when a baby was sick: she could sleep next to the baby without worrying that the baby would fall (far).

Sounds like you are going through what I just experienced. We thought our feverish, drooling child was just teething. Turns out she caught hand, foot, and mouth disease which produced nasty blisters on her tongue and a rash from the waist down. She also refused to eat or drink, wanted to be held constantly, and was suctioned to my head at night like an octopus radiating immense amounts of heat.

Hope Mia is feeling better soon!

I, too, vote for the couch.

Hotty Pediatrician time is nice, but I'm sorry about the poor sick woogums.

No advice on how to sleep in a crib (although what is parenting if not adapting to new situations on the fly?), but I have perfected the art of sleeping while clinging to the bed by the tips of my fingers so that a very sick Lady can sleep sideways between me and Sweetie (who is comfortably sleeping on his entire side of the bed).

Poor Mia! Poor Beth. I hope that fever breaks soon!

Oh man, that sucks! I would recommend the couch or the floor. Hope she feels better soon, and hope you don't get it.

Poor Poor Pumpkin! Ok so mom you need to sleep huh? LMAO!! ummmmmmmm yah good luck with that! LOL Couch and make sure shes got lots of pillows so she doent fall off the bed! Good luck mommy!!!

I hope everyone feels better soon.

Sleep? Forget the crib. Get a bunch of pillows and blankets and sleep on the floor. :)

It doesn't help you, but I'm really glad that I'm not the only one who has a child who finds it endlessly amusing to shove fingers up my nose. I'm not sure why, but it seems to comfort him. It drives me absolutely batty.

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