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New record, obviously. Also a new visit to the hotty pediatrician, who did not smell nearly as yummy today, which was a great disappointment. After Mia sat in all of the chairs in the waiting room several times and all of the chairs in the exam room and wandered the halls waving at nurses and such, we found that she also has a new ear infection. Ta-da!

She slept - more or less - for 14 hours last night, got up and screamed for an hour, slept another hour, screamed another hour, and now is fast asleep again. I've been wearing the same pants for four days because they are always the ones crumpled next to the bed and therefore the easiest to pull on without putting Mia down, which causes her to howl and cry. The pants wouldn't be so bad except that yesterday I dumped an entire carton of yogurt down my leg (while trying to feed it to a screaming baby who is also on a hunger strike). Hey, maybe the hotty pediatrician saw me coming in my yogurt-encrusted pants and ran to the bathroom to scrub off his cologne?

And since I'm whining, sleeping under a cranky baby for the last two nights has caused me to pull something in my back such that it hurts to breathe, much less move, much less carry a squirmy baby everywhere I go. And I can't remember the last time I brushed my teeth.

Motherhood is so glamorous.

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Poor girl:( I hope she feels better soon. And don't sweat the yogurt stained pants, it's totally in style for mothers these days.

Wow, it sounds like fun times in the Cactus-Fish-Bean household. I hope she gets through it quickly and without too much discomfort.

May the force be with you.

He obviously wasn't expecting you!

Listen take care of yourself or you will be getting sick too.

Aww... poor Bean... Poor mommy too! Hope the germs go away soon.

Sending good health wishes your way! It's so hard to watch our little ones be sick.

Have you tried Emergen-C? It's a packet of vitamins that I take when people around me are sick. It often gives me a good boost. I think you need it - with a good beer when all the sickness is done!

Poor Girly. :( Hope she's better soon (because I'm sure there will be a follow up "make sure Mia is well" visit to the hotty ped. ;)

Maybe you can call them yoga-pants? hahaha

okay, maybe not

I feel for you re: the ear infection. We finally had to get tubes. Yuck.

I'm so sorry for Mia and you! yuckity-yuck-yuck. I hope the antibiotics work well and quickly.

Oh, man. Life sucks right now. But! The antibiotics, those are some of my favorite things: not only do they usually help the child to feel better, they also make me feel like I'm DOING SOMETHING TO FIX IT.

Also, I'm sure the hottie pediatrician just thought there was no chance you'd be in today, since you were there yesterday. I can see him getting ready in the morning, sighing and thinking, "Well, no point in putting THIS on today."

Here's a healthy helping of happy well-being thoughts for all of you ... y'all need it.

Somehow I'll bet this is all good for your hair. At least you'll have shiny hair?

Aw, it's hard to think of such a beautiful child as Mia being sick. Take care of yourself, k, Beth? Maybe get Chris to crumple a new pair of pants by the bed?

I'm sorry. Obviously it's just not a good week to go to the pediatrician. However, yogurt-stained pants isn't a bad thing - you're just saving the tasty snack for later!

Hang in there hon, Alexander Flemming is coming to the rescue!

Oh misery. Sympathy, sympathy. Hope she feels better soon.

You SO deserve a bottle of wine this weekend.

You SO deserve a bottle of wine this weekend.

and I mean that DOUBLE!

I can't believe how glamm you are. Hott! Love the new picture of Mia. OY! I hope your back and Mia's ears feel better. that sucks....If it's any consolation, my back hurts, too, from lugging my suddenly-clingy boddler all around Quebec City for a week....

Hang in there Beth!

From what I understand, yogurt is the new accessory...(At least I'm hoping, seeing that my black suit got acquainted with some yesterday!)

Hug the Bean...sometimes Doctors know what they're doing, but Mommys always know best!

Sorry your HP didn't smell pretty this time. He should really understand how he's the whole bright-spot-in-the-sick-kid equation, and live up to it.

Too bad that, once she started getting sick, Mia had to do it with such style. Ear infections are no fun as an older kid, as I recall, but I'm sure it's worse when you're too young to understand.

Do take your vitamin C, and any other cold-buster stuff you take (I like yin xiao, myself). I always find that once I've gotten everyone else through it, my body says "ah, now WE have time to get sick".

Just run with it, you're creating a "new look" and creating ripples in the fashion world. Yogurt-encrusted trousers are very hip.
I'm sure the "grunge look" was actually started by an underfunded, frazzled mom.

Hope she feels better soon!

Our youngest had the tubes installed - twice. The good news though is most kids outgrow those horrid infections while they're quite young.

Please take care of yourself or you won't be able to take care of anyone else.

I hope she feels better soon.

And don't bother changing clothes. Stick with yoga pants and a tshirt with a sports bra underneath; comfortable enough for both walking babies for hours on end and to sleep in. The sports bra's extra support will save your back and they're designed to stay 'fresh' during workouts, so you'll be okay living with it for a while.

I went through numerous illnesses and two surgeries (with hospital stays) with my daughter. I've lived in above outfit for a week at a time.

And she won't remember what you were wearing or what your breath smelled like, but she'll remember that you were there. ::hug::

Your pants sound like they smell SEXY!!

Have you tried giving her whiskey? I bet she'll pass right out then. :oP

Darnit Beth. Mia has been sneaking out at night & coming to kissy face with my Little. Could you please keep her at home til she's germ free?? She must like older guys, and that's cool, but lock your girl's windows so she's not sneaking out all sicky! ;)

I feel ya. I hate ear infections. We had about 9 of them before we got tubes (which are amazing and work great!). The only thing that helped my little guy sleep was sleeping kind of upright in a swing. Maybe try that with Mia? And lots of Grape flavored Tylenol! Hope your whole family is better soon!

Oh, how awful!

And to think I was going to complain about my little guy wanting to stay up until midnight the past 2 nights ~ of course that puts a crimp into my plans...but it's nothing like what you're going through. I hope Mia feels better soon and that you get some R & R. I'm dreading the first real cold that Nate gets. I'm sending healthy "get well" vibes your way!

Give her lots of snuggles and love ~ I'm sure she doesn't mind your stinky breath :)

How awful! My little guy use to get ear infections ALLLLL THE TIME!! Seriously in a 3 month period he had 4! It sucked!!! So at 1 year old we put in tubes and weve had 2, in 2 years!!! What a freaken blessing.

I know you'll get alot of advice, so I'm just gonna add mine to the heap! LOL but the one thing that helped Chase the most was a warm washrag that I dampened and threw into the microwave and got it all nice and warm, and put it on his ear as I was holding him. The heat soothes the ear, and it may not work constantly because of the warmth going away but it might help until the motrin or tylenol kicks in. Alternate those 2 is what my ENT doctor always told us to do. Ok gonna step back and be quite so you can get some sleep.........

Poor sweet Mia. And poor Mommy.

I have a hot pediatrician too. But he's a she, and really it's my husband who thinks she's hot. I think I need to switch to yours.

Good luck!

I hope when this is all over and your household is back to normal that you get a giant, huge enormous day of spoiling by the ones you have been taking care of. Have been there and it is hard. I hope Mia feels better soon.

Oh so glamorous! Get ready for your close-up!

Oooh, sorry.

Poor Mia and poor you. I hope you're both feeling better soon.

Oh hon. Sorry this is happening. Hope you are both better soon.

Poor Mia... The twins I nanny like the "Pedi-Pops" by PediaCare. They are give you electrlites you need to beat a cold, and a nice snack when you have a fever. Also, sucking on a pacifier, sucker, etc. Helps releive the pressure building up in the eardrum (The one perk to having an ear infection, you can get away with having candy in your Bio labs). :)

Hope Mia feels better soon.and you do not catch it. :)

oh man, i know ear infections well! aaron has been tubed twice. if miss mia will sit still, try warm-low setting on your hair dryer and blow lightly in or a warm wash cloth up against the ear. hope she feels better soon for your sanity.

I totally feel your pain. I was at the dr today with the baby and she had a temp of 102 and an ear infection too. Maybe we should get the girls together and they can be miserable while we sneak away for a you think they would notice?

Buckets, just buckets of sympathy to you and the Bean, Beth.

I'm so sorry everyone is sick at your place. Hopefully everyone but YOU, at this point.

Also, I hope that you got to change into some nice clean pants today. If not, just forego the pants and walk around in your underwear. That's my totally non helpful assvice, as usual.

Sending lots of orange juice kisses to Mia Bean. Be well, sweet baby!

I hope you're sleeping! I hope Mia gets that - Third day on antibotics I feel great thing going, your house cleans itself and you have nothing to do all weekend but lounge in the bubblebath drinking wine.
Or as many of them as are possible.
Hugs to you guys!

Awwwww, poor Mia! And poor mommy & daddy. I hope you all are feeling better today.

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