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Best. Naptime. Ever.

During Mia's morning nap today, I started watching this. It is not a very good movie. Oh, except for the parts where my pretend celebrity boyfriend is wandering around without benefit of pants - those parts are very high quality. I plan to try to finish it this afternoon, although am seriously considering just going back and watching the good parts.

Anyway, those of you who have expressed an interest in taking over my pretend celebrity boyfriend when I am done with him may want to check this out, strictly for artistic reasons, of course.

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Alexander (from Galaxy Quest) without pants? BREATHTAKING.

Um...Clive's character is doing his sister???

That's really gross.

With or wothout pants.


eh...Clive doesn't do it for me.
even pantless.

I'll have to check out Clive pantsless. And please keep me in mind when you are done with him. I'll take him as a hand-me-down. I'm not too proud for that.

Yeah, I can't see anything hot about a guy and his sister having sex, so I think I'll skip that one. Feelin sick and having enough trouble keeping food down as it is. :-P

Testing server error.

ummmm I'll take Clive when your done. He's my ex so I'll take him back when your done!!! LMAO!! I'll take him for another spin!!

Wait? Your Pediatrician (hot doctor)is in a movie.

Ta Daaaaaa!


I saw him in "Inside Man" last weekend (on an airplane blah).
And he is SUPER hot in that movie.
He's even a little unshaven at some point.
Nothing is sexier than an unshowered criminal mastermind.

While your Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend is quite nice, I'll stick with Mister Firth, thanks.

It is a pretty rubbish film isn't it? It was quite contraversial when it came out here, but it's just a bit blergh really.

I *want* to find Clive really hot. I do. I almost do, but something about him strikes me as slightly...pedophiliac, kind of like Jude Law. Which is one of about a frillion reasons that "Closer" was an odd sort of nightmare for me.

Yeah, Inside Man was super sweet.

But him banging his sis? No thanks. If I want a movie to absolutely make me hott, then I watch a certain 10 minutes of Last of The Mohicans. Oh, you know the scene. Yum.

No Mia letter this month? :-(

Sorry for being off of the bandwagon here- but I was just reading the comments that your readers left regarding death and how we cope with it. I want you to know that your readers are caring, articulate people. I think you know this- but it also says volumes about you. Sorry to hijack and back to our regularly scheduled ogling of movie stars.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of it when you've seen the whole thing. It looks like the kind of thing I might like--but on the other hand it sounds like it might leave the viewer feeling sad and depressed.

No pants. No NOTHING!? i.e., NOTHING? do tell. And, do tell: does his character do his real sister? Sounds ew!

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