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Check out the crib, yo

Hey there, sportsfans. I have a case of the creeping blahs today, so, like, check out my kid.

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Can I PLEASE eat those cheeks!
Was she crying? In the 3rd picture, she is laughing and crying both. She is so beautiful. Lotsa of love to Mia.

I meant lotsa love. Silly Me!

Wow, she's definitely *your* daughter in that last picture. Hooray for little girl smiles!

cuuuuuuuuuute jammies!

She has the same chubby chin as my daughter--I love it. Hope the blahs lift.

aw. poor doll baby in the kiddie jail. that first picture is just so pathetic. look at those eyes. like she can't believe you'd actually dare put her in there. the nerve. has she tried climbing out yet? or is too early for that? i forget.

Oh my... that poor little thing in the first one... she's so sad and pitiful looking... I love little baby pouty faces. She's such a cutie.

That crib is totally MTV-worthy.

Why are babies so cute when they're crying? I mean in pictures, not in person. OK, sometimes in person, but in person, it's all about getting them to stop crying, but in pictures? Precious.

Did that make sense? Basically, Mia's adorable.

That first picture? Scoopable. You just want to grab that kid, hug her and kiss those little sad cheeks. My four year old can still do this face.

Well hey, what better substitute for you and your awesome boobage chat than your cherub-cheeked cutie. You know we will all forgive a lack of post as long as you put up photos of Mia! Have a great weekend, a blah free weekend!

how can that not lift the mood? just looking at that cutie is making me smile :)

Did the mood magically change when she realized she was having her picture taken? Wow, the power of a camera!

Oh those are so adorable. I love the first one. She looks so sad, and then!!! Mamama!!! And Happiness!!!

Okay, in that last picture, Mia looks just like my cousin did when she was that age! Precious.

Have a fabulous vacation!!!!

Don't worry sweetie, I'll be down to post bail in no time.

That first picture? Please don't do that to me! How can Mia be sad? Of course she ends up smiling but still those little eyes, oh, it's terrible the things she's doing to my heart.

Hope your blahs have crept away like her sad frown.

Photo One (Those eyes, they'll kill you with the pout!)
Woe Woe is me - Mommy put me in here and I don't WANT to take a naaaaaaaap.

Photo Two
Hey, is that that infernal flashy thing?

Photo Three
Maybe if I look cute, she'll get me out of here!

This has GOT to be the most adorable child in the world. So full of expression!


what a cutie.

Are the "creeping blahs" anything like the "Fuckits"? Cuz i get those an awful lot.

Just take a look at that face and the creeping blahs should vanish instantly.

Sorry bout the blahs. But dam cute pics.

Very cute! What a dollbaby!
That smile could cheer anyone up!

Precious. How dare you leave her to cry in the baby jail! (*snort* ~ you know I'm kidding, right? I wish I still had a baby jail! LOL)

Every time I scootch over to show DH a Mia picture, he asks me, "Is that The Guppy? She's soooo cute!". I have to remind him ~ every. single. time ~ that's it's NOT The Guppy ~ it's the Cactus-Fish! So, I'm submitting his "name change request" at this time. ;)

Hope your day got better ~

AWWWWWWWWW!!! I LOVE her!!! ;) She and my little monkey would be soooo cute playing together.

Awwww. Those sweet little smile. Love those cheeks!

Hate the blahs. Hope your weekend got rid of 'em. If not, I'm sure pretty little Mia did.

The many moods of Mia! :)

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