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Huge Loser. Huge.


Did. Not. TiVo. Survivor.

Am despondent.

One of you has it, yes? And will send it to me?

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I have it.. and I would be happy to send it soon as I watch it.

Let me know

I think that makes you some kind of hero. That show is so lame, says the girl who can't get enough Project Runway. We all have our vices, I suppose.

I. Didn't. Either!!! ACK!

Oh no! I was out the door before I realized I forgot to tivo it too! Thankfully my older son was home and I got him to do it for me! I'm wondering if the eppie will be available for download tomorrow? So many shows are doing that now...

Have your techie husband download it via a bit-torrent. I would say more, but I'm dead thanks to your last post.

i have it.
would be glad to send. can always download it. would be much quicker.

btw - i love the new mia bean photo in your sidebar. :)

i have it.
would be glad to send. can always download it. would be much quicker.

btw - i love the new mia bean photo in your sidebar. :)

Whew! I just had to check and make sure Hubby set the Tivo here. We're good. I was totally freaking for a minute though.

Try going to tomorrow and seeing if you can just watch it via the website. I don't know if you can, but you could do that for Big Brother and I had to do it once. It's worth a shot.

make it easy on yourself. first, ask chris to get you UTorrent (i think it's if one of you doesn't have it already. then. go to
search for Survivor Season ... (what? 13?) Ep 01. in a day or two, it'll be there and as a quick easy torrent. will probably take you less than an hour to DL. :D

PS - i found the camera thingy. Chalk as a marketing device coming soon. ;)

I have never watched Survivor, or any reality TV for that matter. Will I be kicked out of the "new" millenium, do you think?

Reality shows are sooo stupid. Except for the one "Who wants to be a superhero?"

I watched that thing from beginning to end for some strange reason. OMG, I am such a wanker! LOL

Survivor started?!!?!!? Oh, shit. Oh. My. God. Where have I been? I was dying to see this social experiment...what were they thinking putting different racial groups against each other? Will they reair it on Sunday? That's what they usually do I think.

I simply CANNOT believe that Survivor has begun and I didn't know! I am slowly losing my identity to a 15-pound set of cheeks. Oy.

Update: I just went to to see if they were going to reair it, and it appears that you can watch the entire show right now, online! For free!

Too bad I'm a work. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze it in on lunch. Or while I pump! I get to use my boss' office (he's on sabbatical) and I can totally fire up his computer.

Life is good.

I haven't had a television in 10 years.

I love love love not having one!

I'm glad other people had it, as I don't have Tivo, and don't watch Survivor, and am therefore absolutely no help to you.

you mean, people still watch survivor?

I didn't realize that people still watched Survior.

I also didn't realize that this is season 15 (or something). Has it really been on that long?

Well I hope you get it. I actually watched, for the first time, EVER. I didn't TiVo it though, sorry. Don't worry, I see some people up there are willing to help. Good Luck :)

I'm not a Survivor fan, sorry, although I am curious to see how their "social experiment" turns out. I do enjoy myself some Amazing Race though.

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