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Sick husband, teething baby, etc.

For those of you who care about such things, I'll get to the letter. Just not tonight, because instead I'm going to get to a bottle of wine. You understand, yes?

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The bigger the bottle, the better when dealing with such things. Is Chris whiny when he's sick? Because my husband is THE biggest baby, and everyone tells me it's just a guy thing.

It is a guy thing. So, the wine? Make that a girl thing...and get to drinking.

yep, been there. But wine may not be strong enough. Mine involved both husband and baby vommitting on me. That was fun!

It's almost 11 where you are and I hope this finds you blissfully asleep.

have a good night.

Wine = remedy to all bad things. In moderation, of course. I had a little too many glasses last night myself, so proceed with caution!

Dude, everyone is sick. I've got a killer cold that's got me awake at 2 in the am. My son's got it too I think. Thank the good Lord that my husband hasn't got it yet (he's so whiney when he's sick... is that a male thing???) I hate being sick... BLEH!!

My 16 month old just spent the past week with a cold that mostly showed itself in a constantly running nose. Think faucet. It didn't slow him down too much, though; just made him a bit fussier than usual, especially the first couple of nights due to stuffiness issues. Of course, now I have the dratted cold. Damn back to school time - all the kids at playgroup are sharing a fresh crop of germs1

I understand perfectly. Enjoy the wine. You can have my share too since I can't drink. Theres your excuse if you even need one.

i was all confused wondering what letter you speak of, and then i realized the date.

i hope the wine was excellent. i had almost a whole bottle of wolf blass yellow label last night myself...

Rock on sista.....

I hope your day is much better today. Me? I'm at work on a Sunday. Fun.

Yes, and now that I have a baby who smacks when frustrated, I wish I could find a nice bottle of wine too. Sigh. Well I can find it, but for some reason holding the bottle is not the same as drinking the bottle.

Remind me that making people is a very good reason to forgo the wine?

Well you will probably ban me from your blog if you read Chris' blog comments today. Sorry sweetie just trying to make him feel better...LOL Now just remember when you catch his cold he has to take care of you and the "bean"

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about the sick hubby and teething baby. Better that than a sick baby and teething husband. Can you imagine? At least teething babies' complaints are proportional to their discomfort level.

In any case, I hope everyone feels better soon and that the wine gave you a few moments of much needed relief!

splitting headache, moaning, pissed off hubby, and Excellent doggie Greta! That's my day!

Ohmygod, wine. I know this is a few days after the fact but I was just trying to decide what to make for dinner when you mentioned wine. Beth, you're a genius; grapes for dinner!

And since I'm being late: Happy Birthday, Mia! Feel better, Chris!

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