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Mia Monday #34: Swingers Edition

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Very cute.

Both of them ;-)

wow. she's getting tall. still adorable though. but this you know already.

Wow look at how tall she is! Those chubby legs are getting longer and longer! Wow!!! Thank you, Beth. I needed my happy Mia Monday fix!

Oh, God. The preciousness! I am digging on her hair.

In the next to last picture, Chris looks like a bad man who is sneaking up on Mia. She is TOO cute.

My monkey loves the swing. It makes her giggle.... :) Great pics. I can't believe how tall Mia is!

I love the smile that emerges through the sequence of pictures. And the top-of-head ponytail. I wish I could rock that look like Mia.

She's so tall and those front teeth are just adorable, she's so saucy for the camera. Who does she get that from? Chris looks like he's having a great ol' time.

When did she turn into a three year old?

I don't think that child can get any cuter!

Wow! She's getting to be so big! I love her little outfit, too.

What a doll!
I love your "things I learned on the Internet" series.
Really good stuff.

Visit me sometime.

Look at those legs! *sob*

And I miss her crazy hair - but she's so precious and all little girl now. Great pictures of Mia and Chris, too.

Last picture - perfection!

Oh my goodness - her legs are getting so long. Looks like both father and daughter had a good time with the swings, and I'm sure mother did too!

Happy girl! Oh, how she makes me smile, as do you for sharing her with us, without a word.

I was fixated on those chubby knees. She is adorable.

So cute. I love the new hair style.

aww. don't you just wanna eat her up!?! :) look at those teefies, too!! she's adorable. :D i love the progression: #1: "umm, what the hell are you doing?" #2: "i'm not too sure about this..." #3: "hm .. i think this is fun." #4: "*insert baby giggle here*" :)

We're back, and Mia looks like she's suddenly turned 13 overnight. Also? on our trip? I swear Shepherd said "Mia". Forrest even said something about it. But that Mia? Is cute as a BUTTON... I can't wait to see you guys again

oh my gosh! she's turning into such a - dare i say it??!! - toddler!!

she's adorable, as always.

Great Pics! Was it her first time on the swing? She seems to like it. Also an observation I made is, in the last picture, Mia and Chris have the same EXACT smile on their faces. Thats just so cute!

She is such a little hottie already!

She has to be one of the most beautiful little girls that I have ever seen! What a little doll baby!!

I love the pictures. Imagine the google hits you will get from the title.

What a grin! That last picture is my favourite.

Your little Mia is precious......

That last picture is especially cute.

Happiness is watching one lovey push your other lovey in a swing. And then watching them both smile with delight...

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