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Mia Monday #35: Busy Sunday Edition

Happy Monday, everybody. We are on vacation this week, so expect things to be a little quiet around here. If you are desperate for Cactus-Fish related material, head over to my other place for a week's worth of posts written by members of my family.

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Love, Love, LOVE the hair in the first picture! Last picture is of her being a silly little cutie, I assume. Thanks for posting the pics early. :)

Have a great vacation.

I can't wait to read the posts written by your family!

Have a great vacation! Love the pic of Mia with the angry face--what did Chris do to make her mad?

oh boy did she not like whatever Daddy said in that second picture. The third is all, "whatever, man. i'm not talking to you anymore. but can i have another popsicle?"

love the hair.

My peanut has the same pink hat. It looks just as cute on Mia! Enjoy your vacation!

She looks happier today. Is her hair getting lighter?

I hope you have lots of fun on vacation and we'll miss your posts.


Thank you for my Mia Monday! (I know you do this just for me!) I was worried that you wouldn't get around to it while on vacation. Just love the last picture!

enjoy your vacation.
i'm so envious :)

(and envious of the fact that you are still wearing's FREEZING here today!)

For your mil - your other blog was being cranky about comments.

From one mil and granny to another, great post.

My youngest son, now 33, laughs when I put my arm out to protect him as we're crossing a busy street.

I laugh too but some instincts never leave.

Never mind. I went back one more time and it worked.

Have a good vacation.

Oh, she's as beautiful as ever.

What a sweetie face. Her hair looks a lot lighted in that first picture, were either of you blond as kids? Shorts? Must be nice, i think its all of 15 celcius here right now, brrr fall. Chris said something mean there for that face, or she just wanted down to run around. That last picture is certainly frame worthy, what a face to capture, you guys are great photographers indeed. Happy Vacation :)

You took Mia to a horseshow--or you went to a park and there just happened to be a horseshow going on? Either way, you have just flirted with danger! Now it's gonna be "I want a pony, I want riding lessons, I want a new horse, I want a trainer, I want to show horses!"
Well, she'd have to start talking first, but you get the idea!

Good lord! Adorable child! She looks so grumpy in the third picture. Classic. :)

wait a second.
YOU'RE on vacation?

Hmmm... Yes, my daughter puts on that same grumpy face when we tell her she has to wait a while before we'll get her her own pony.
Happy vacationing!

Miabean looks so...grown up in that first picture, honestly. It's amazing!

She is just too dang adorable!

these pics will definitely keep us satisfied until you return! ;) SO ADORABLE! Were you at a dressage show? My mother rides dressage. Joey loves the horses.... Have a great vaca! :)

That last picture looks like right when Mia finally understood that hilarious joke that someone told 10 minutes ago.

By the looks of the top picture she's going to be talking any day now. Have a great vacation!

Oh Mia is so cute with the hat...

She's so adorable.

Enjoy your vacation! Wow, Mia looks so much more like a little girl and less like a baby in that first pic. Growing so quickly!

Is it me or is Mia's hair getting lighter every time I see it? Great shots.

How adorable!!!! Love the grumpy face and the last picture the most....:)

Mia - Bringing The Grumpy, Breaking Hearts All Over the Internet.

The last picture is so goofy and fun. Have a wonderful vacation!

Oh my goodness. I'm a little behind here, but my God, your Mia is a little girl. These pictures have confirmed it. You do not have a baby. You have a little girl.

And she couldn't be any more beautiful.

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