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Mia Monday #36: Fabulous Personal Style Edition

Many, many (seriously, many) more available here.

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Seriously - the sunglasses? Priceless.

Oh yeah, man, those sunglasses! She sure is her Daddies girl! Love the pictures! A great way to start my day!!! Hugs, Mia!!!


The sunglasses are perfect.

when my daughter jocelyn puts on sunglasses like that, she exclaims, "I'M A MOVIE STAR!"

Mia makes a GREAT movie star!

Oh! Stylin and Profilin......

holy smokes those glasses are great. love the hat too. she's a little fashion diva!

If that isn't the most precious baby ever I don't know who is. Gosh I do so enjoy your sharing her pictures with us.

too cute.
i really can not handle how total toddler Mia is!! ;)

Oh, the sweetness!

The whole look is just too much!

I love overalls on little kids. She's adorable.

That last shot is so VERY Jackie O!

Accessories are nice and all, but who really needs them with a smile like that?

Precious. Those sunglasses are a riot. That's very Paris Hilton of her. Only, you know, Mia's not a drunken whore.

I'm not sure if those glasses are more Jackie O or Anna Wintour, but they're great!

She just keeps getting cuter. How is that possible?

hehehehehe! She truly is a sight to behold. Squishy, squishy squeeeeeee!

BAH! She's perfect.

I know those teeth were such a bitch, but they are beeeyooootiful!

Too cute as usual! I always love when my little guy wears our sunglasses, they look so huge on him. Kids are so adorable at this age!

I bought my first girl present over the weekend. Seriously? I was giddy. It was so much fun!

It looks as if you're both having fun.

cute pictures.

She's so cute! Oh I love the last one with the glasses! That's funny! Kinda going for the bug eye look there.

Holy crap! Has it really already been a year?

Oh my gosh...why when I saw the sunglasses picture did I picture Mia at age 16 shopping for expensive things? lol

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