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Mia Monday #37: Who Needs Pants when you have a Camera Edition

Now, last night, someone, someone who I had just spent three days caring for and cleaning up after and babying and whose favorite dinner I had announced my intention to prepare, that someone told me I was a pain in the ass. Which is true, but you have to admit it was impeccably bad timing. I am currently accepting nominations for the appropriate punishment/penance, to be exacted once someone is feeling better, of course.

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Sick men are a pain in the ass. And, on another note, I love that colour on Mia, particularly in the last pic. Her hair's all wild and wispy and wonderful. :-)

No pants! Such fun. Ally spent the better part of summer with no pants on. no diaper either. Much better potty training capabilities. Only downside: I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to. Everytime she'd do something cute and I'd want to get the camera, I'd notice she wasn't wearing pants. There are only so many n@ked 2 year old pictures you can have on your computer before you become labeled a perv.

Oh I just love that last one! She just gets cuter and sweeter and more adorable, every day!!!

Don't wait. Take away his Nyquil now. And don't let him watch the Love Boat. ;)
Mia is adorable. Love that she knows what to do with the camera too.

wow. look how she's stretching out. one of the things i liked most about seeing my friend's kids grow up were the growth spurts. one month they'd be pudgy, the baby fat just hanging on for dear life, the next, all tall and lean. rinse, lather, repeat. amazing.

One of my mom's friends had gone to a lot of trouble to bake her husband's favorite apple pie, and while it was in the oven he said something unwise. She let the pie cool on the counter, filling the house with deliciousness, and then when he was sitting at the table all ready for a slice, she frisbeed that pie right out the french doors.

You know the funny thing is that , he didn't even mention it on his blog, what a rude cactus!! He should be over there beging for forgiveness. Well I love the MIA pictures, shes so beautiful! Since you have a rude ass living in your house, I'll let u keep Clive for another couple of days, sounds like u might be in need of some of his lovin'! LOL

I agree with Mia, life is better without the pants.

I -love- these, especially the first two where she looks like she's setting things up just so.

Yeah...Mia's going all Annie Leibowitz on you trying to get that flash just right. She's serious about her photography, that girl is.

Meahwhile, I'm thinking about an appropriate punishment know...the invalid in your bed.

It does amaze me, how they can act that way when they are sick and you are doing nice things for them and expect? the nice acts to continue. If you can think of an appropriate punishment, let me know. I like the pie example above, and shall remember it.

Like pearls and the perfect little black dress, you can't go wrong with the basics: replace the toothpaste tube with a tube of Ben-Gay, short-sheet the bed, stretch some Saran Wrap across the toilet...

Oy. So cute! My monkey LURVES our camera. She throws such a tantrum if (she manages to get it and) we take it away from her....

So, you missed me how much when I was away?

...I'm waiting...!

Hmmmm...a time out which includes no access to techno toys/music/TV/TIVO/books...NONE

Since one someone isn't vocal yet, I presume you mean your invalid.

I'd love to come up with something but I can't top the apple pie frisbee except to suggest that he wear it the next time.

Forgot to say how much I admire your budding photographer.

Um, the pie frisbee is brilliant.

Is he a pie-man?

I understand that she has learnt the camera handling from you does it follow suit that no pants when you have a camera thing is also learnt from you guys? LOL!

Ha! If pain in the ass means "fulfilling the vows of in sickness and in health," well then! Ungrateful boogerhead!

Mia, who needs pants indeed? They are so cute when they start "taking pictures." The GBK simply directs me to what pictures I should take, or says, "MY TURN!"

So maybe it's better she's not talking quite yet.

Sick men are a million times worse than sick kids. Hmmm....make him give you a massage and then um...cook you dinner. Ok, I'm lame.

I live how much Mia loves the camera. Takes after you guys.

because writing about it on the internet isn't punishment enough, I suppose ...

(heh heh)

Sorry, I gots no clever punishment. I was just thinkin' life is short, why not just do something fun instead. Like go to the beach.

sweet pictures...

I like the pie frisbee idea, but it does seem like lot of work, doesn't it?

arsenic? kidding.

a wallop over the head? laundry strike? or an old fashioned have it out.

Pants are highly overrated!

Timing is everything - He hasn't got it.

I do like the apple pie frisbee thing. What an awful punishment.


oh yah I almost forgot punishments? I think that the fact that he got Mia sick is enough punishment! LOL

Cute :-)
I love her hair!
Careful w/ her using your camera to play with... I let my son Caleb play with mine thinking "oh he cant hurt it... hes sitting on the soft sofa!"
Well he played with it and some how messed up the camera zoom.. I ended up having to mail it in to get fixed.
Thankfully it was still under warrenty ;-)
so since then I got him his OWN camera haha. Toy of course.

Hi ~ I was just nosing around and came across your blog and had to tell you how adorable your little girl is! What a great smile in the pic under World's Most Beautiful Child - I do think she's beautiful...but my little Nate would give her a run for her money on that title. ;)

Hope you don't mind me stopping the way, a pet duck in the bathtub sounds like tons of fun, especially with a little one around!

Mia is adorable as ever. As far as a just and fair punishment for calling you a pain in the ass, I'd say take it to the next level. Be a serious pain in the ass... and not just a figure of speech. Wear his hiney out.... unless he likes that sort of thing, and then... well, y'all go more serious issues... :)

Pants are so last season.

Love the pictures of the budding pantsless photographer.

And as for appropriate punishments...hmmmm...How's about something on the pie dimension, but also good karma? Cook his favorite aromatic foods (or bake, or whatever) and then take the food over to a friend's house to eat it, leaving the pain in the ass at home?

i love her wispy hair. ;)

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