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Month Fourteen

Mia Bean,

You were fourteen months old a few days ago, but your father has been sick so blame him for this being late. We reached a major milestone this month - you learned to nod. I cannot begin to describe what a positive impact this skill has had on our everyday lives. You have been shaking your head in a vehement no since you were six months old, but now, now you can also say yes. I can ask you questions and you can answer them. Yes, you do want a drink, no, you are not tired, yes, you do want to go outside, no, you do not want me to change your diaper. It is so exciting that I am even willing to overlook your continued refusal to speak.

This month you also started practicing your own version of Zen Buddhism. You want me to pick you up and to not pick you up, you want to be on the chair and not on the chair, you want to eat the yogurt and not eat the yogurt. I admit it can get a little frustrating, but I just tell myself that you are imbedded in a deep, spiritual study of the dual nature of the universe and pick you up and put you down twenty times in a row until you decide to go with one or the other.

You are a marvel on two legs. You walk, you dance, you teeter around on your tippy tip tiptoes, you squat way down to get a better view, you climb, you climb, you climb. You can stand up by pushing off only the floor, and I am always shocked on those rare occasions when I see you crawl.

You sleep. You sleep, you sleep, you sleep, you sleep. You sleep.

Mia Bean, it started to seem to me this month that I might like to do something else once in a while, that I might like a day or two a week to be something else in addition to your mommy, that it might be time for me to get a job. It keeps popping into my head and I have been giving it a lot of thought, but then I will be out running errands longer than usual or you will nap a little longer than usual and I will start to miss you like crazy. I will realize that I want nothing more than to rush home or sneak into your room and give you hugs and kisses and watch you discover your pockets and pull your little finger out of your cute little nose and yell and talk into your cups to see how funny it sounds and make the sign for "refrigerator" and cover your whole face with your palm and start spitting in an effort to blow kisses. A job, just a little one, sounds pretty good to me right now, but I adore every minute I spend with you, and I don't know how I could stand to give any of them up.

I love you, little girl, so much I sometimes think I will explode with it.


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I can see how she could cause spontaenous combustion, whatwith the love she induces. What I'm discovering with the GBK is that I find myself thinking how much I like her, and how can it get any better? But it does. And I'm not even her mother, but the love leaves me speechless.

Happy 14 months, Stripedy Mia!

It really does just get better and better. And you will find yourself having days where you fall in love with your daughter all over again. It's a wonderful thing.
Hugs, Beth! Hugs, Mia Bean!!!

And yet another reason why you are one of my virtual mom-mentors as we careen towards the possiblity (POSSIBILITY) of procreating, I tell you.

Mia's a lucky kid.

I should have done signs with Button. She talks a lot but has her own language. And she expects us to learn it. It's like this:

her: (pointing) "Mah."
me: "That's a light. LIGHT."

And then she looks at me like HELLO IDIOT, THAT'S WHAT I JUST SAID.

It's been so much fun watching her grow just in the short time I've been around.

I've probably said that or something similar before. It's as true now as it was then.

Aw, what a lovely little girl.

One of my brothes refused to talk until a couple of months before he was two. He hasn't stopped since then.

Happy Month Fourteen, Miss Mia!

I wish I'd know about signing when my son was a baby. He refused to talk until a month before his second birthday and he had many a tempertantrum in trying to communicate with us. Of course, once he did talk there was no stopping him.

We had a little girl about Mia's age in our apartment this weekend and since I don't have children, it was amazing to see this little tiny human react to different things: strangers, my little stuffed gorilla that makes karate sounds, a soft teddy bear, electrical outlets...I thought of my friends who have kids or are about to have kids and it made me wish I could have one of my own, too.

Then I remembered it was time for another letter! I was bummed when I saw that Chris was so sick that you didn't have time to write the letter. Just a like a man.

I get you on the job thing. And the missing thing. I'm very very part-time working, with the benefit of not having to go more than a few hours without seeing MrMan. Still, I think about a more involved job, and then feel so torn because I miss MrMan so much even after a few hours.

I think I love her that much too. :)

Well, in a completely non-creepy, never having met you guys, Internet friend way, of course.

Awww. LOVE! Love this post. It's full and detailed and, as always, captures a lot of what I'm experiencing with the little also-14-month-old monkey. Thank you for making me laugh and think about and not take for granted all these little things.

Back to work, really? Will your or Chris's parents stay with her? Or, daycare? My mom takes care of the monkey for me every monday morning. It's great: I workout, grocery shop, go out for coffee. Sometimes, she takes her for the day -- feeds her lunch, puts her in the crib they have at their house....

She is so beautiful and your letters to her are amazing. Working a couple of days a week could be good, however, once she grows up will you wonder what you missed those days? Just something to consider.

I always love reading your letters to Mia.
She's such a beautiful little girl and your love for her just bursts off the page. Thanks for sharing those words with all of us too.

I wish I would have done the same with Drew. He's turning 3 in November and I feel kinda sad that I didn't. But I did take lots of pictures and video... so I guess that will have to do.

I love the monthly posts. It will be so nice for her to have these, when she's older.

Happy 14 months, Mia.

I completely understand wanting to be with the kids, and wanting something for yourself. I worked part time until my second was 1 but it got too stressful. So 3 yrs later, with three, I find myself freelancing at home. Not really the best of both worlds, but at least I don't miss anything and I get to have some money of my own again. It's really tough but you know what you will find--they grow up so fast--you will be so glad you were with her and looking back on the days she didn't talk with amazement.

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