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In the past week or so, Mia has learned how to:

- make the sign for "refrigerator." Actually, half the sign for "refrigerator," but we know what she means.

- arch her back the second I put her into her carseat such that it is impossible to fasten the straps.

- feed herself yogurt. With an actual spoon. Mostly.

- raise one fist in a Baby Power salute.

I'll give you one guess which of these I do not find charming.

Um, I promise I'll come back with something interesting sooner or later. Vacation seems to have rotted the portion of my brain used for blogging.

Comments (19)

Have you tried a good tickle to combat the carseat back arching?? Used to work for me.

Do we win a prize for guessing? Sorry, had to ask!!! I'd say the yogurt feeding is not so charming, or maybe the arching back carseat shannigins. Smart girl you have there beth, i like the sign language idea, she'll be smarter for it in the end.

gAH! Noah used to do that (car seat thing). Now he just insists on buckling himself in (booster) and it takes FOR-freaking-EVER.

This is experiencing talking... the one you are least happy with is the back arch. I agree with Traci's tickling method. Used to work for me too.

That or bribes with a cookie. Sometimes you have to pull out all the stops.

What is "back arching" Alex! Oops, still in Jeopardy mode. I hated when little a did that.


Well that's one talented baby you got there. I'm going with the group and saying that the arching of the back at carseat time is not your favorite.


Even eleven years later, memories of the carseat with my first child still cause my eyes to bleed.

For the record, I guessed "back arching" BEFORE I read the comments so I'm not copying off of anyone's paper. I did it myself. Honest.

Yeah, that's gotta suck.

ummmm maybe there's a way to make the carseat
"cool" again? Like detachable little stuffed animals or something?

This is a little off since I only have pet-mom mode; do they make kongs for toddlers?? "Sit . . . . Stay . . . Good baby! Here's your snack-filled chew toy!"

The yogurt is probably a challenge but I'd go with the back arch. I have them almost leap out of my arms backward with that little stunt.

he. this was the first thing i thought of when you started talking skills...

yeah, i can see how that baby power salute would totally be a downer =P

Hope the carseat struggles are a quickly passing phase...

All I know is that I come to your site and get swallowed up in the new sidebar picture of Mia EVERYTIME. And I die all over again. Ka-chunk, dead.

As a dead person, I would go for the tickling to combat the crazy back arching. Can you get her interested in buckling her straps? Like, make her think that she can help you? Or maybe she is far too liberated for that, whatwith the baby power salute.

My daughter wasn't much older than Mia is now when she went through a phase of not only arching her back but also...screaming at the top of her lungs: "STOP DOING THIS TO ME!" over and over again while we tried to get her strapped into her carseat. She half made me feel I really was torturing her in some awful way--I wouldn't have been surprised when the social worker came knocking at my door.

WTG, Mia...especially on your big effort with the yogurt!

WTG, Mom!

I never found that back arching crappola to be humorous. Tickling never worked for my twins. I found I just had to wait it out and when they were good and ready (and momma was good and pissed), then we were able to go about our merry car ride. Just wait til she learns how to undo her carseat straps and gets out of her carseat while you are driving - on a highway - doing 70. Oh the fun! And then........wait til they want to buckle themselves in by themselves.... I feel your pain.

Editing my last sentence - brain does not work in morning without coffee.

I feel your pain. We're going through a new round of carseat fun, with Queen B as well.

You use your brain when you're blogging?

hmm ...

Good tip!

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