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So much fun I could just vomit

Our third trip to the pediatrician in five days has landed us the the diagnosis of a viral rash, to add to the cold and the ear infection.

Mia only screamed for six hours last night, which was a definite improvement from the twelve hours the night before.

I did finally manage to change my pants and even put on makeup as I looked like I hadn't slept in three days. Now I look like I haven't slept in three days and am wearing makeup. Am fairly sure I have brushed my teeth in the last 24 hours, but I wouldn't swear to it in court.

My kitchen is full of half-empty yogurt containers and hard, dried chunks of cheddar cheese. There are cheerios and goldfish crushed into the carpet in every room in the house. Mia keeps telling me that she is hungry and then refusing to eat. Good thing that is not at all frustrating and that I am so well-rested that I have deep wells of patience upon which to draw.

I just paid our bills. It will be fun to see next month whether I sent the mortgage payment to the phone company or simply neglected to mail it at all and instead balled it up and bounced it off the ceiling in an effort to entertain Mia and stop the screaming for a few seconds.

I swear to god, if this whore of a virus and those goddamnedfucking molars don't stop torturing my kid but pronto I'm gonna, I'm gonna, well, cry probably, and I'm trying so so hard not to cry in front of the baby.

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Awwww...thoughts, prayers, hugs hugs hugs to both you, chris and mia bean. I too hope this passes swiftly for you, it must be just torture. You sense of humor seems to be holding though, that's a good sign :) Hang in there, you can do it!!!

It won't go on forever; it just seems that way. Repeating myself; please try to get some rest. The carpets can wait and so can everything else except you and the baby.

Go ahead and cry. And have a glass of wine. I swear it will be better soon. Can you send her to the grandparents for a few hours this weekend?

*huge hug* You poor thing!!! You need a day at the beach as soon as Mia is better. That's an order!

Oh, poor sweeties! All of the colds and viruses that Mia never got in her first year have come to party. I always feel like it will never get better when my son is sick and somehow one day, they are just better.

Introduce her to the magic of popsicles and jello. And make some jell-o shots for yourself while you're at it...


I'm totally serious...if you lived closer I'd trade babies with you for the night, so you could get some sleep and a decent meal.

It sucks major donkey balls when your kid is sick or hurting and you can't just make it all better. :-(
I know she's a bit of a picky eater, but you might try some low sodium chicken soup (I'd slap myself if I even suggested making some from scratch right now)...those noodles and carrots slide down with virtually no chewing (does tossing out the chicken bits make it vegetarian? Probably not, huh? lol). Popsicles are good too, in case she has a sore throat. Hang in there...she'll be over it before you are!

Oh that is horrifying. I am so so sorry. I am sending patience reserves...

Oh Sweetie, you need a break. I hope that this does not come in the form of you getting the virus. If you somehow manage not to get it, then I want to know what you eat, what vitamins you take and if I can somehow get my genes changed for yours!

Oh you poor thing! I'm sorry you all are having such a rough time. I sure hope Mia gets to feeling better soon!

poor you. i know it feels like it will never end, and then one day, it will, and you'll forget. but in the moment, it's hell on all of you. i wish you a moment's peace and some reprieve for Mia.

Blessings of healings to the whole Fish/Cactus family. I know it is so hard seeing your little child be sick but you are holding up well I think. Just hang in there sweetie for this too shall pass.
Blessings and Hugs,

Hang in there! I hope you all feel better and get a chance to sleep well this weekend.

Bless your bones, and bless little Mia's baby heart! Get thee away, mad germs, leave her be!

I'll second the popsicle suggestion. They seemed to help Piper out a lot during the teething. That, and the bourbon.

Aw, I'm so sorry. Sick babies can be *hard,* no matter how cute they are! Hang in there...

I hope she feels better soon. And that Chris is well enough this weekend to act as reinforcement.

Just to be clear, I can't catch this stuff from reading your blog, right? Now that I'm thinking about it, I think your husband's blog gave me a virus once.

What about yours?

I'm so sorry. I wish I could do something to help. I really do! All I can do is give you a virtual hug and hope that Mia gets better real soon. >

Your husband owes you big time for bringing that virus home! He ought to take full duty over the weekend and send you to a hotel for some bed rest!


Hang in there.

Poor Mia. And Poor Mommy!

Hope you both feel better soon.

If anyone could heal a child by an outpouring of sympathy, it would be your blog readers. I keep looking at Miss Stripey Cutie Pie's picture and saying, "Get better NOW, little miss!" I second Sheryl's suggestion of handing her over to the grandparents. If only to give you a little breathing room. It's really okay, Beth, if you cry - I promise.

Big hugs for all of you. I hope she's all better soon.

Oh, it's okay to cry. Well, I cry in front of the monkey. I cry in front of her when I think of Simba on rainy days....I just smile at her and tell her "mommy cries too sometimes -- see how quietly?" ;) Oy, I hope she feels better soon and that you can get some rest and some sort of break....

Oh Beth, that is miserable. Let me tell you a story which may, or may not, make you feel better. When the Princess was smaller, she seemed to be sick all the time and I was constantly traumatised. And when she was sick, she vomitted. She was one of life's great vomiters (sp?). Anyhow one night, when my loving husband was away (although his sister was staying with us - this becomes relevant, bear with me), she vomitted all over her cot (my baby, you understand, not my sister-in-law). I brought her into the parental bed and she vomitted all over that too. So out we hopped and I put my screaming baby on the floor while I stripped the bed and put the bedclothes in a pile. Then she vomitted on herself, so I put her pyjamas in the pile. Then she vomitted on me, so I put my pyjamas in the pile (the standards I had back then, now, of course, I would just let the vomit dry out on us). So there I was naked, with a naked screaming baby and a pile of bedclothes in the middle of the bedroom in the middle of the night. Then my sister-in-law put her head round the door to ask whether she could help in any way. See, it could be a little worse. Really hope that Mia is better soon.

I'm sorry to hear that Mia is still sick! Poor baby, and poor mama -- what an awful couple of weeks you've had!

Feel better soon, both of you!

HUgs mama, I hope MIa keeps recovering and is back to her usual self ASAP. Gi's scik this week too - ear infection, viral throat infection, nose-that-won't stop running...

Perhaps you should consider this Mia's way of forging a stronger relationship with the hottie pediatrician??

YOu need a few drinks. And a good night sleep. Oh and some quiet. I hope Mia gets well soon and you get what you need too!

Oh dear...very sorry about it.

BIG BIG BIG HUGS for both of you...

Well, after reading all 31 comments, there really is nothing i can add except i hope you both feel better soon.
And if you need to cry, go ahead. although i try to keep it to a minimum, my kids HAVE seen me cry. it's good for them to know you're a person, too, not just a mom.

I'm so glad she finally got better on Sunday. Or at least mostly better. Here's wishing you another 15 months before the next illness!!!

I remember the trying not to cry in front of the baby. Ah, yes, thanks for the memories.

Looks like you are feeling better though, Thank God.

Poor mommy!! Well I wish i could have given you a few hours of peace and sat for you! Those times are soooo freaken miserable. Your pretty strong because I would have already cried half a dozen times!!

Experts agree that teething might cause mild gum pain, but "not enough to cause crying or interfere with sleep." Aren't you glad to know that? Doesn't that make you feel infinitely BETTER??


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