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Hi, sorry.

You are dead now.

I just administered a fatal dose of cuteness. For those of you who have developed a tolerance for cuteness and may be desperately clinging to life, here.

Too bad, really. It was nice knowing you all. Mia mourns your passing.

(Now, who wants to use their final burst of strength and make their last action on this planet nagging my husband to finish fixing the damn wall already? Mention how embarassing it is that I have been forced to publish pictures of our bespackled wall on the internet. Tell him Sparky sent you.)

Comments (49)

OMG She is SO SO cute, in a weird, prison-break way!!
Or is it break out from playgroup?
Wall? who cares? too much cuteness!

Good thing I had a will already written!

oh, she's painfully cute! i can't take it. fading fast...

dying from all the cuteness over here.

way too cute for most mortals. i, being surrounded by cuteness daily, am still standing and alive, although my knees are buckling a little. you need to put a video up with her giggling. that would kill off the rest of us still standing.

She is reminding me of The Cat in the Hat.

This is from beyond the grave. I'm glad I was killed by cuteness and not by some terrible disease. Can I ask where you got that from? I must buy one.

oh my...picutre number two is so adorable. She's completely learned how to pose for the camera and I can picture her in that same pose years from now...

I just love her smile in the second picture! The cuteness is overwhelming! I think I need to go home from work early do to cuteness overload!

Also, didnt even notice the wall until you pointed it out. Silly girl, Who looks at the wall when you have the cuteness right next to it?

I'd be dead except for the fact that cuteness is my lifeforce so you've actually just given me a triple shot and I'm suddenly feeling like I can take on the world.

My god. The profile shot is all shades of precious. You are one lucky woman. ♥

Man oh man. I am SO glad I was vaccinated for cuteness. I would totally be dead by now.

Shame on you, Chris! Sparky wants that wall fixed!


Too damn cute!

Dude, what's up with the wall there? lol

I think it's sooo funny that you don't even notice the baby belly until that 3rd pic... wonder if I could hide my chub behind stripes like that... LOL...

Didn't even notice the wall until you said something. What's up with the Sparky?

Also immune to the cuteness, otherwise I'd never be able tell my own small one no.

As for the wall wasn't there a post from you recently about not giving in to gender sterotypes? So, um, if you're that tired of the wall . . .

Unless of course the wall is really about some lesson that Chris needs to learn about finishing what he started or some such . . . and then I say, "Fix the wall, Chris."

Not normally one to comment on the cuteness of the child, I usually sit back and enjoy the view. But really? So cute it's almost wrong. Thanks.

with my last dying breath, that child can not get much cuter........(fade t o b l a c k)

And so artfully cute. I mean, the contrast of verticle and horizontal? Just accentuates those chubby little cheeks!



I am using my last bit of energy to tell you that photo numero dos needs to be flipped out with your sidebar photo :)

What better way to go then from death by cuteness, man oh man, that smile lights up a room and oozes with adorablness. One cute child you both have concocted there, you should really try for another, populate the world with cute cactus/fisheees.


Falls to floor. Dead.

Holy hell that child is cute. I didn't know such a thing was even possible. Words inadequate.

oh my! too cute for words! i just discovered your site and am so enjoying the posts and the pictures of cuteness - thanks for sharing!

And if Chris doesn't fix the wall, I can send my handy BF over to do it. He bakes cakes too!

Just looking at her makes me giggle, she's so adorable!

She looks like one of those oompa-loompa things - if only because the name oompa-loompa is so damn cute.

Yes. Six feet under. Pennies on my eyes. Taking the dirt nap. Joined the choir eternal. I am no more. I am the late Wordgirl. The is fatal.

I am slayed. The red and white bandit has stolen my life with her smile.

SO CUTE. And the teeth! Look at the teeth!

She is sooo freaking cute. But the stripes kinda remind me of "Labrynth" with David Bowie. Is she in line to be the Goblin Queen??!! :)

Tell Chris it's either fix the wall or buy you the complete version of Photoshop!
As for Miss Mia Cuteness! I didn't think it was possible to be smiling so much with this rotton headache, but Mia has all but cured it now!

Madeline is asking where she can find those jammies!

Don't you love when you get the most perfect picture of the most perfect child?

oh crap.

and i was going to have a good dinner, too.

now i'll miss it.

because i'm dead.

...ded from teh cute... :)

She's just posing her little stripey self like a little stripey super model, isn't she? So funny! And so freaking cute :)

Wow, that baby belly is great! I love how horizontal stripes on a kid are the cutest thing ever, when they make the rest of us look like we ought to be wearing a "wide load" sign.

I feel like I missed something, I mean "Sparky"? When did that happen?

Now lets just see if I can get myself off thefloor after that near fatal dose of cute.

you're right. so cute it hurts!

Love the outfit AND the cuteness within it!

It was touch and go, and then I saw the stripey diappey butt.


just curious, where did you get that outfit?

So what is she going to be for Halloween? Can't wait to see those pics.

How come shes posing so sweetly? Finally you've turned that cute baby of yours into a model...BTW I'm truly dying of cuteness here...and out of gree I'll say, please put a close up as well if possible.
And how did the name "Sparky" come about for you?

That's brutal murder you realize that, right?

Wow, is your kid already in prison? I have a good wall story coming up. Hopefully today. You won't feel so bad about that patch.


Dude. Tell him that wall is taking away from Mia's cuteness. You can't be having that.

Oh my gosh, she looks like a 14 year old. The really do grow up fast.

So adorable!

(Mia, not the wall.)

That certainly was a large dose of cuteness. I'm still smiling.

I just love the jammies. I'd like to have a pair just like them for me. I'll bet they'd make Don smile.

I am dead. Dead and gone.

I do think I just died a bit. So freaking cute. Where did you get those jammies?

awww.. that outfit looks so cute on her :)

Please don't attack me with a spanner because I'm so late getting here.

She's adorable but you seem to have a jail fixation?

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