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What I Learned from the Internet: Episode 8

Hi, I love you. Also, I am finally. finally done, and dude - that was a lot of blogs. If I missed you I'm sorry and please let me know because I had trouble with a couple of sites but will be happy to try again.

Anywho - you know what really chaps my ass? You. You chap my ass. Was it good for you? The thing is, a lot of you said "oh, my blog is so boring" or "oh, my blog sucks" and that really pisses me off. It pisses me off because, if you think your site is awful, why do you do it? I mean sure, blah blah, I write for me, blah blah, but since you are publishing to everyone with an internet connection, you are therefore writing for an audience and if you think you suck you ought to stop.

Who are you trying to impress, anyway? Me? I'm just some chick with a kid and a website and you don't even know where I live or my last name or frankly, that much about me. Trying to impress someone else? Why? Who are they? Nobody you should care about I am almost positive. Does your site bore me? Maybe. But, why do you care? Does it bore you? If it does, then stop. If it doesn't, then stop calling it boring.

And look, I am all for the "say something bad about yourself before somebody beats you to it" thing, in fact, I am a charter member of that club. But if you don't like my website, you can suck it and not read it. And if I don't like yours, the same goes. But please, please, stop knocking yourself down. Because I love you guys, because you keep me sane, because you are my real life friends, because anybody who knocks you down has to answer to me, and because being able to say what you think is a beautiful thing, and none of us should ever apologize for that.

And it takes courage to publish yourself, to put yourself out there, to be open and vulnerable. I admire that in all of you. I want you to admire that in yourselves. I want you to stop apologizing for yourselves. I want you to stop apologizing for yourselves, to stop making excuses, to stop hiding. I have learned over the last week that you are all, every one of you, fabulous and unique and trying, just trying. I'm just trying too.

I've really enjoyed this week. You are all so different, so varied. You are all facing different things, living different lives. I've liked getting to know you a little bit. I like that we are all here together. I like that we are all such different people and still friends. And I want you, yes you, to stop disparaging yourself. And I? Will go first. I rawk.

And so do you. Now own it.

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I love this post! I totally think my blog rocks. Because of my blog, I have met some of the coolest and nicest people on the internet. I don't have a lot of readers, but the ones that do read are awesome and they love me and that's all that matters.

u do rawk. And so do i. ;)

I don't have a blog--don't know if I will ever, but I enjoy reading them--and it's new to me over the past few months. I found my first one by accident(Amadahla?) looking for the maker of the big black purse "Helen" carries in "Raising Helen." Another first, trying to find something used in a movie. In any case, it's fun to read what other people think, which has always been my very favorite thing about reading. Meaning, in person, most people don't talk about the things they write freely about. So, maybe we don't know much about 'each other,' but it seems more personal than the sort of things people talk about at, for instance, a block party. I do not care about what a person's real name is or where they live, it's just getting a different view of life that appeals to me. Those are nice thoughts, anyway, that you wrote.

Amalah, it was. Pardon.

First, you rawk -- even if my e-mail reply to your comment was rejected by your mail server. :(

Second, I'm F**King amazing -- in lots of ways. I may not be the be the best writer out there; but I'm wonderful. I'm proud of myself, my choices, my blog, and my life. I'm thrilled to hang much of it out there to world -- even if it does come with some level of risk (ask me about my stalker someday, go on and ask.) But I do it. You know why? I do it because everyday it proves to me that I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not afraid of who I am, of anyone who will judge me, of the blank screen, of anything. That's why I rock -- I blog because I'm amazing.
Lastly, if you read me, I think you are amazing and you rock. If you don't read me, you may still rock, but I won't know it. So come visit or not -- your call. Don't stalk -- that's icky.

That must have been quite an exhausting tour de blog indeed!

And yes, you rock, and not just because you visited all the sites but simply because you are you, with the chapstick and Clive and all that.

To me, blogs are this amazing view into someone's world. You see and learn things you would otherwise never have known. It makes you understand people better, at least I like to think so.

And I love the little details you find out about everyday life in a different country. For example, Tivo. Never heard of it until I read about it in your blog.

The best thing though? The fact that we are all pretty much the same all over the world, same worries, same desires.

Now if those bloody people at the top would also realise that we might have less wars.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

Have a nice Sunday!


Delurking...awesome post! I need a good swift kick in the ass sometimes. I just recently started writing on vox and I get so discouraged sometimes, then this morning as I came home from work I realized who am I writing or someone else? I should be writing for me, because I enjoy writing but I let every little thing get me down or I always worry about what others think, well no more damnit.

How funny I came across this post...makes my day.


You are so great. And encouraging. Thank you for this post. I do believe I just might link to it. Also, if you want, and you tell me what color scheme you've got goin' on for the Mia-bean, I would like to make a ribbon mobile for you if you think she'd like it. Just email me (under my profile on blog).

I write for me. I write because I enjoy doing it. I try to allow myself to come out of my shell. (believe it or not I am dreadfully shy. I know, you don't believe it, right?)
Blogging has helped me to be myself and see that I'm really okay.
Love Granny Princess

oooo, I meant to stop in and invite you over, but then Sweetie took a bunch of days off in a row and we actually did FAMILY STUFF! Anyway, we're all back now and so stop by and check out my site, it's a book club! Tar dar, original!

Well, I haven't started the new book yet,'s going just like an actual real life book club where no one gets around to reading. But also, since I'm making another person, there's no wine, so it's not all that accurate and real life. But come see!

Yep, my blog is fabulous. It is so fabulous that I have myself on Feedblitz. Your blog? Love it. Thanks for the kick in the pants that I don't need---but maybe someone else does!

You do rawk!

I do too, only a week late, but wait! If you drop by...there may be a Chapstick in it for you. :)

I write my blog because I have been unsuccessful in keeping up with a writen-format journal in the past (even though I am a writer). The blog has also been a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and family that no longer live near me...

Like anything creative, there are posts that I may think aren't that great and others I think totally rock. Depends on the day and my mood...but, irregardless of what anyone thinks of it, I love it and I love writing it and it makes me happy. Besides, sometimes life is boring and what may interest some will not interest others...fabulous.

Well said, Beth.

You're so sweet ;) I think you did catch mine on a more boring day...not that my kids' artwork is that boring, but I've posted more intersting lol. You are so right, though. I do write for me; it's nice to be recognized, but I think I do rawk in my own little way. So thank you, Miss Fish, for the reminder! :)


For the record?
I totally know where you live.

Amen, sister!

Amy :)

Whah? You're not gonna keep reading all our rawkin' blogs, like, daily?

Hmmm...was I having a pity party kind of day when you stopped by?? Well, when your husband is unemployed and you're a stay at home mom, pity parties are abounding!!

But...I do love site, I think I keep a pretty damn good site even if everyone stopped reading!

Alright Beth, or as I call you Nancy since your early pictures remind me of Nance McKeon from facts of life. I want you to go talk to the other mommys at the pool and make friends.

I love you too.

It's always a red letter day when you come by my blog - I know your time is precious and I hold up your comment like an A plus spelling test. Seriously.

Thanks for your bossy, sweet words. I am proud of my blog, honestly, because it's something I've STUCK WITH for TWO YEARS. Me, the girl who never finishes what she starts. I've never been able to keep a journal, until I found a journal that talks back. :)

Here's to many more happy years of blogging!

Originally my blog was a way for me to keep a journal without putting pen to paper. It's turned into a way to keep my friends up to date on what's going on in my life. I find it cathartic to keep the blog which is why I continue to do it.

You rawk for reminding us that we rawk. Thanks for the boost in self-esteem!

We all rock in different ways I guess. I spend far too much time worrying about my blog being boring to others.

On the other hand, I do have a story to tell that's a little out of the ordinary and the blog is my way of doing it.

So I guess rocrebelgranny rocks.

I want to read through all the lovely people's comments, but I am too tired. Therefore, I admire you all the more for your tour. I appreciate you coming to visit.
I know my site is probably boring for lots of people, but it's a good way to keep me connected with my family, wherever they may be right now, and to just keep a history for myself. I guess what I'm saying, is, mom likes my blog? ;-)
I love the sense of community, and I like that I can "open back" to all the wonderful bloggers who've opened their lives and thoughts and feelings to me and the rest of the internetblogosphere.
So, you all rawk. Even me. heh. *hides from Beth*

I think what people mean when they say "my blog is really boring" is "my blog is probably boring to everyone but me" which I think even the best bloggers have feared at some point, since most of us tend to write about mundane things.

I think people who blog and read blogs just like ordinary stuff. I do.

Hu-what??? You came by my blog? When? What day? Was I even around? Jay-sus...I hate it when I miss stuff.

I am jenorama, and my blog rocks.

Oh, I feel so much better now.

You rock, Beth!

It has been awhile since I've visited. And it looks like I've missed out on a lot of funny stuff!

So "Hi" and hope you are great and can't wait to read more of what's in store for ya'll....

Wow! You rock, Beth. I'm totally going to go update my blog now and feel good about it! Well, maybe not right NOW, but after work tonight.

I rawk too! Thanks! And YOU do in fact ROCK!

You are awesome. :) Thanks for the encouragement. I often have that thought: "We all just Try." And that, to me, rawks the most.

Yes your blog does rock.....and I think you made a real good point... I love blogging and I can say I have friends all over the world....It is such fun to read about different people lifes. And it is good for the soul....

I missed this post, for some reason! It's a great post. I don't think my blog is boring. I think it has it's moments. But, I LOVE sharing, and I LOVE writing. Love it. So, I do my best--for myself and for my readers. And, I read you everyday because you totally inspire me. I don't read everyone's blog every day. You and your husband are two very excellent bloggers. Thanks always for the inspiration and for teaching me (by example) what good blogging is. :)

Well, I tried to leave a comment on that other post but it said the comments were closed. My comment was about the fact that I can totally relate to the blog binge after having been away for a while. See? I'm so tardy that I can't even comment anymore :(

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