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Cowbell is too obvious

Two unrelated items for you today.

Scene: Last night at dinner.
Chris: Shit
Beth: Glares and casts meaningful look toward the baby toddler.
Chris: I mean shoot.
Beth: Resumes chewing
Chris: Or shizzle.
Beth: That's it!
Chris: What's it?
Beth: That is, the way to stop swearing in front of the baby.
Chris: Ok. I don't get it.
Beth: We'll just speak Snoop! We can say pizzle and and bizzack and gizzo.
Chris: Brilliant! Also, you know an awful lot of Snoop slang.
Beth: I googled it later, obviously. Now we just need a translator. Do you think babelfish does English to Snoop?


Elaine and I are starting an all-girl rock band called Solidarity Sister. Elaine will be lead nose flute and I will play the kazoo. Obviously we need a few more members, so if you want to join leave me a comment with your instrument and the title of a song you will write for the band and I'll get back to you. Must be available for international tour demanded by massive fan base due to immediate fame and fortune.

Comments (31)

There used to be this great website called the Shizzolater that let you plug in any URL and it would translate the whole thing into Snoop. It was especially funny to plug in "...and the Shizz-enator would be all up in that bitch"

Sadly, it would seem that the Shizzolater is now defunct.

Ok, I really want to get in this band, cause i think it'd be wicked fun and hey, i rarely get to comment here without being number 59 or so, your mass following gets here first.
I want to play the spoons, please, and i'll write a song titled, shizzle my wizzle :) ok, i pulled that out of my ass, but whatever :)

here ya go, fo shizzle my bizzle.

I've been waiting for a venue to display my crystal waterglass technique.

I would love to join the band on! I do a great ink pen clicking!

I could play the saw. Put a little twang in the band. Let's see I could write a song and we could call it the "shizzle stick rag". They'd be beating down our doors to get us to play. On our first album we could put Mia in her cute little striped suit with hood. It would go platinum!

It is breast cancer awareness time.
Check it

I understand where you is spendin' from. mah bitchez, although old enough ta kizzy pusha is of tha mind T-H-to-tha-izzat they can repeat hustla i say . It's your homie snoop dogg from the dpg. this doesnt sit well wit anyone witin earshot, or they cracka fo` T-H-to-tha-izzat pusha gangsta style.

Hmm, I play several instruments, but I think in this instance, the band's sound would be best served by my mad skillz at "typing in time." Whenever I have music on the computer, I always type in accordance with the rhythm. So I'd make a killer rhythm section.
The song I'd write would be Tickle Me Not a.k.a Down with Elmo.
Yeah, that's all I could come up with. Sorry lol.

so... does it? do english to snoop?

Well, I wanna be in the band - and I think our first song should be titled "Bink-bonk-ba-bink" - (say it a few times fast) - which is the low sound that emminates from car speakers in the cit-ay.

I'll bring my station wagon and turn up the bass and you can call me the "bink-bonk-ba-binker".

Oooh, oooh! I wanna be in the band! I will play the air ukelele.

I'll also contribute such classics as "The Cracked Nipple Blues" and the "Hallelujah-She's-Potty-Trained Chorus".

I want to play guitar in your band...with my nipples...because I breastfeed and my nips are tough as nails! The song I will write will be called Ditch The Bitch And Buy Me A Drink Already.

Am I in?

I'd like to be in the band, and I will play the tamborine.

Ok, this sounds like so much fun. I really would love to be considered. I rawk at the accordian! And I could do many versions of any song 'polka' style. There is not enough polka in the world. The song I just wrote is called, If You Don't Do Your Homework Right Now I May Lose My Mind, Yeah Yeah Yeah. Too Long? I could shrink it down to just Do Your Homework Or Die Let me know if I'm in.

Electric or accoustic kazoo? I'm not into the whole "Indigo Girls" kazoo thing. I mean you can lick the carpet if you want, but I prefer my rocker women to be a little more ... ummm ... rocki-er.


Two unrelated items fo` you today.

Scene: Last night at dinna.
Chris: Shizzay
Beth:Glares n casts meaningful look toward tha babytoddla.
Chris: I mean shoot.
Bizzeth:Resumes mobbin'
Chris: Or shizzle.
Bizzy: That's it!
Chris: What's it?
Bizzle: Thiznat is, tha way ta stizzop steppin' in F-R-to-tha-izzont of tha baby.
Chris: Ok. I dizzon't git it.
Beth: We'll J-to-tha-izzust speak Snoop! We can say pizzle n n bizzack n gizzo.
Chris: Brilliant! Also, you K-N-to-tha-izzow an awful lot of Snoop slang.
Bizzy: I googled it brotha obviously. Now we jizzay need a translator. Do you thiznink babelfishdoes English ta Snoop?


Elainen I is start'n an all-girl rizzle band called Solidarity Shot Calla. Elaine will be lead nizzle flute n I W-to-tha-izzill pizzle tha kazoo . You'se a flea and I'm the big dogg. Obviously we need a few more crazy ass nigga so if you wizzy ta jizzy leave me a comment wit yo instrument n tha title of a S-to-tha-izzong you wizzle write fo` tha band n I'll git back ta you like a tru playa'. Must be available fo` internizzle tizzle demanded by massive fan base due ta immediate fizzle n fortune . It's your homie snoop dogg from the dpg. "

I'll be playing the comb...


Damn Grrrl

I play me some mean tupperware drums.....?

hk'S mAMMA

That's awesome.....speaking snoop is so much more creative than "shucks", "darn it", or anything of the like.

First time visitor from Chris's site via

How about one of those little wooden eggs with the beanies in it?

The title song credit goes to Daya, who calls it "AAAllliiieeeeee"


Ooh ooh I can play the belly-drum! Ok maybe that would decrease ticket sales :(
But Oops, I Hit it Again would be a killer song.

I'll play the accordion. The song I propose is: Shizzle My Fizzle. Like it? Am available for international tour, yes. Looking forward to the fame and fortune. Please pick me. ;)

I recommend a full re-creation of the instruments represented in Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas. I'll be on washboard.

i'm on board with the band thing. Plus, i have years of musical training in various forms of piano, flute and operatic voice, however i think my talents on the 10-gallon pickle tub would best suit this group's needs. That, or my talents at playing the ankle cymbols. You let me know what you need the most.

As for a song, it would be an instant hit around the world entitiled: chapstick hoes.

I think we could sell it...

Fo shizzle I want to be part of your band. I would play the maraca pen I got at our office Cinco de Mayo party. I'm not much of a songwriter, but I could pick out cool tunes for us to cover.

My contribution to the band is background zerbrt noises. Although Lil Joe's belly is the best instrument for the sounds, I can find a substitute for the time when we are performing kid-free.

I am working on "Because I Said So" and "Let Me Pee In Peace" for the first CD.

I didn't read the comments, but I can play this weird comb/wax paper thing. It's awesome. Be assured.

My title song? Probably "I'm Too White to Try to Dance on Stage". It will speak to all people.

A tour? I'm SO available for a tour. (I know this great little resort in Mexico where we can stay. *Wink, wink*)

I want to be in the band too. Traditionally I am a singer, but I can set up some beer bottles with varying level of liquids in them and blow in them for the band. You know - like hand bells but different.

(I thought that skin-flute, the boneaphone, or the male organ were too offensive for a nice upstanding website like this one here, but then I remembered the Snoop slang and all the drawings of your boobs and decided to include them anyway).

By the way - and empty Ice House bottle will play an F sharp. That is what I learned in college.

Crap. I forgot the song name.

I call this one "If I have to see one more episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse today, I'll Scream".

I just saw this and I'm thinking we have a kick ass band in the works!

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