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I am in the middle of upgrading my publishing software (to MT 3.3 from 2.6, for those of you who care about such things) and migrating to a new hosting set-up dealio. Actually, I already have the upgrade done, because I rock, and I only had to install MT three times to get there. What this means to you is that this site will be down at some point this coming weekend. I hope it will only be for a couple of hours, but I have very little idea what I am doing here so wish me luck. Once I finish my site I am doing the same to Chris's, although I may need a few of you to come sit on him while I take his site down. He gets a little tense.

As part of this whole "messing with my website and trying not to fuck it up too badly" thing, I am determined to finally repost my blogroll. I haven't had much of one since I stupidly forgot my log-in for blogrolling and they stupidly were totally unable to locate it for me. I mention this for two reasons:

First, I haven't updated my blogroll since before Mia was born, and I just don't have the time it would take to do it now. This is where you come in. I want you to go here and add yourselves and then thanks to a fabulous MT plug-in that I found I can import that list and voila, blogroll.

Feeling maybe a little shy about doing that? Here's the thing, I like big blogrolls, I think they are nice and friendly-like, and while I long ago gave up linking to everyone who links to me (because some of them refused to have any sort of interaction with me, not because I am so la-di-dah fabulous) I really like to link everyone who comments even semi-regularly. So if you fall into that category, go ahead and add your link please. Also, I do have a list of about 100 sites that I managed to salvage from blogrolling, so chances are good you are already there.

To add yourself, go here, click Log In at the top right, enter in the Email Address field and smokinass in the Password field and click Log In. Near the top on the left, click Add, enter the url for your site or feed (if it is different), click Subscribe, select the right feed if more than one is listed, and the scroll down to the bottom and click Subscribe again. (Don't worry about any of the other stuff on that last page.)

That's it! You are done and I am grateful. Oh, also, if this starts getting out of hand I will have to stop if and think of something else, and also also, if you are asking for a link from me and have your own 300 link blogroll well, it would be nice if you linked me too. (If you have a 10 link blogroll and I don't make the cut, I totally understand. Really.)

Are you still reading? Here's the second point, and where I need your advice. I see a lot of people who have their blogrolls divided into their mostest favorites and bestest friends and then everybody else and I don't really know how I feel about that. On the one hand, I like to be egalitarian and also don't like to hurt anyone's feelings so I am inclined to have just one big happy blogroll. But on the other hand, there are obviously some people I love to a really embarassing degree (to name just a few), and I would kind of like to highlight them so you can all go love on them too and make me look less like some kind of scary stalker asshole. What do you think? Should I separate the New! Improved! Blogroll! into the people I would tongue kiss given the slightest opportunity (um, I mean that metaphorically, really) and the other people who I merely adore and admire, or should I just leave it all as one big clump and let you figure it out for yourselves?

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I think it's okay and non-feeling-hurty to have a top section called something like "Blogs I Want To French Kiss" and then have everyone else in a nice melting-pot clump under "Blogs I Want To Make Out With."

LOVE your password, by the way...

I added myself.

My blogroll is divided into Family and Friends. I see no problem with putting your most-favoritist into a separate category. As long as you call it something cool, and the others get an equally cool category title, too.

I can't say what I think you should do, but I can say how I feel about it. That's close, right?

I, as a blogger, understand that I do not make everyone's A List. This is okay, because not everyone makes mine. Therefore, I am not offended if someone doesn't link me in the "Tongue Kissing" category. It does make me feel warm and fuzzy if they take the time to add me to their blogroll at all, even if they only come to my site a few times. I think that's neat.

I don't have very many people in my blogroll, so the list is short and therefore not separated, but if I did have 300 people in my blogroll, I'd probably separate them.

I gave up having my blogroll on my home page a long time ago. Because it was getting too long for the sidebar, but mostly because people get a little too interested in seeing who's on and who's off. So I moved it to a separate page.

I have two blogrolls. The first one is for the people whom I consider friends or who I have (some sort) of regular interaction with. That blogroll very rarely changes. and it takes a while for me to put someone on it, because, again, once they're on, they won't be coming off. unless they're mean to me and make me cry.

The second blogroll is constantly being updated. I use that as my 'hey, this site is kind of cool but you're a loser freak who can't ever remember anything so you'd better bookmark it" reminder list. Sometimes people are on there for a day if that.

At the end of the day, I think you should make up whatever system works best for you. The rest of us will just deal.

Happy Tuesday.

I am not shy, I added myself, although I think I was already there.

It is ok that you have an A list, as long ans I am on it. : )

Am I a total moron because I didn't even have an rss feed set up yet? When I set up my blog I didn't know what that was, so I didn't check that box. But, because I so totally want to make out with you, I went back in and checked the box. Now I'm on your list whoo-hoo.

Oh, and I have no opinion. I also have no links. I have too many links to my own kids pictures to link to everybody else. There's no room left on the sidebar. I'm working on making a list, but... um... uh... I'm lazy and haven't finished it yet. You'll be on it though. Twice


I used to describe my faves as '(Almost) Daily Reads' and I used to divide my blogroll up into foodies, crafty people, family, local people etc. Now I have a huge ridiculous long blogroll all in one and really should divide it up again...

I too feel weird about the whole blogroll link thing although the toungue kiss category is a good option.

Hi! I'm sort of new to reading your blog. But I've read all the archives already (now who's the stalker?)

I think dividing it up is good. You can't be expected to love everyone equally!

Lace Chris' sweettarts with benedryl (yep I went and read his latest blog entry), it will put him to sleep while you work on his site :)

Cute pigtails on the pigtails section (yep being lazy and commenting all in one place)!!!

Blogroll, you are mine because you are mucho interesting and funny~~~and when/if I become a mom, I hope I am half as good as you are (and I find a husband as good as Chris)!!! Ya'll are inspirational (yep that is my Texan coming out)!!

Have a great Tuesday :)

I don't see a problem with highlighting your favorites. That's how I found you! (Listed when Poop & Boogies went on vacation).

Added myself and found out how neat bloglines actually is - so I created my own account. Thanks!

Added. BTW The most recent pics of Mia, I think she is starting to really look like her beautiful Mom!

I added me... I don't have a blogroll on my blog - mostly because I am lazy.

I used to divide my blogs the same way, but some of my favorite people (aka my husband and my sister) only update their sites sporadically, so I decided to go with an alphabetical listing. If you want some blogs to stand out, maybe you could bold their links?

Also, because I am a blog whore, I will happily add myself to your blogroll. Thanks for the opportunity!

I added myself, but I think you already had me. Or someone does. I'm going to have to investigate more and maybe do this myself!

Personally, categories are fine, I think.

it's totally all good and normal for you to have a tongue-kissing long as i'm in it :)

kidding, of course. really, i think you should - especially if you are planning on having a gigantenormous blogroll.

If you want to highlight just a few special bloggery people, I say do it. It's your blogroll, dammit! You do what you like! I know, personally, I don't get too offended when I see that I'm on someone's general blogroll but not their Special Blogroll because, well, whatever. Is just the internets, you know?

Also, I've done the host switching thing a few different times, so feel free to call for help if you need it this weekend.

I agree that you should do want you want.

On a side note, Mia's pigtails = adorable.

I'm there whether you want me or not. I have Bloglines so it was simple. I'll be back in about 15 minutes to answer your other question. Taking two youngest to school bus now.

You've been on my blogroll for years baby, but I think you know that.

Now, this is just me, but I find the sectioned blogrolls elitist and rude. That said, I always feel flattered when I'm on them. Mainly I feel like playing favorites is assinine. I'm not sure why exactly - maybe because I never liked hearing "sure you're my best friend, but she's my BEST BEST FRIEND." (little girls are evil) and it's some kind of carry over.

But you do whatever you do, and I'll still love you. Just don't ask me to blogroll that way. :)

I added myself and I think I might have actually done it right. Possibly not though, but hey I tried!

I think you should categorize your blogroll however you want. Have it your way!

I have been wanting to redo my blogroll too. Currently, it is family and friend from real life and then everyone else I love.

I added myself; but I think I did it twice! I suck at these things. Sorry.

Kickin' password.

I think it's interesting to see what other people really read on a regular basis, and that's not possible if everyone's lumped together.

I use Bloglines to keep up with two blogs and new posts which means that not all the entries there are on the granny blogroll. I use it for news feeds too.

I'm inclusive. If someone comments (and sounds like they'll be back), they usually (unless I slip up) receive a short introduction in the next post and I add them. It's getting unwieldy but I like it. It wouldn't be practical for you - you'd never be doing anything else.

It's not separated, it's alphabetical, but I have a couple of other categories of websites that interest me.

I'm thinking about first sorting it geographically by country and then hiding it if I can manage to do it without zapping the blog again. I like the idea of people being able to find each other.

I'm so glad I didn't know the "rules" of blogging when I first started. Now I just say "my blog, my rules" which is what I recommend to anyone who might ask.

OK. I can't figure out the bloglines thing. Maybe that's why I don't have a blogroll. Sheesh.

I think it is fine to separate out your blogroll with those that you regularly read and those that you mught just check in on once in a while. Mine is all lumped together right now but I have considered separating them a little bit.


I have a fairly small blogroll, myself, as I don't add anyone to it until I'm sure they'll be a regular read (or were when I had more time to read). The rest I add to my Bloglines feed list, until I've had a chance to test-drive them for a while. Because of that, I don't have A-list/B-list on the site's blogroll, though I do have non-personal blogs separated out of the main list.

Given that you'll have 300, with all of us adding ourselves, I can see you might want to separate out the tongue-kissable from the merely smoochable.

Basically, I have nothing of value to say other than I'd like to make out with you as well.

I also never considered this problem, as my blogroll is pretty smallish (though ever-growing), because I usually only put the people on it that I want to French kiss. However, I will say that I love surfing other people's blogrolls - seeing what other people I love also really love (love! Let's say love again!) always gives me new ideas on people to read, some of them I later find that I want to French kiss. It makes me sad that some people are getting rid of the publicly listed blogroll, because of drama and "who's on it" concerns (which always confuse me! They aren't meant to be sources of drama! They are all love!)

I'm adding me! Hurrah, now perchance I will have a few readers who are not my husband (who also never comments so it appears as though I have no internet friends).

I don't know what to do about separating your blogroll. On the one hand, I LOVE to categorize and keep things neat and in their respective places, but I also have 10 people on my links list so it's not like I've really had to organize further than "links," you know?

great password, but last time i checked no one would want to smoke my ass. why thank you for the opportunity to add myself! i added you too on mine...for the 50 people that stop by!

Okay - I added my blog. Cool! Thanks.

And as far as categorizing your blogroll - I don't know. On one hand I guess it would be nice to know what your all time favorites are. But on the other hand - I'm not one of them (at least as far as the examples you listed here goes). So screw it! (Just kidding!!!!)

But really - I think you should just have one, big, alphabetical list. That way your audience can make their own, unbiased decisions on where to click to. That's what I think. :)


Amy :)


I find it interesting to see who people would leave their husbands for, so I say split 'em up!

whoops, I seem to have added myself twice-- feel free to remove one. I am afraid to mess with it anymore!

Woo hoo! I added myself to your blogroll. I really appreciate the detailed directions on how to do this, by the way. I'm sure I would have screwed it up otherwise.

And I have a (small, manually curated) list on my livejournal site of non-ljs that I read, and I just added you to it :)

Smooches, the feeling is mutual :o)

i don't separate my blogroll simply because i can't be bothered. obviously, there are some that i like more than others. but you know, i can't have a "best" friend either. even tho i am sure i do, i can't admit to it.

maybe what you can do is have a Featured Blog type of thing. and rotate out your currant, and new, tongue kiss candidates on a regular basis.

Although I added my blog to your roll (heh heh, just sounds funny), I don't have an opinion one way or another. It's your blogroll, do with it what you will ;p)
Personally, I only have a few blogs that I read on a regular basis. The list is short and sweet and on my homepage (including you!)

I have wondered about this, too. So far, I have an egalitarian blogroll, even though in all honesty, I don't read them all every day. I'm keeping mine that way, but more out of laziness than anything else.

I think you should split it in two. I like to see links on peoples blogs of ones they read the most often or are there most favourite, it gives me an idea of blogs that will be absolutely great to read. And then the rest, wich is usually were I fall, I know will be great too but maybe just not quite as exciting.

Honestly I think it is cool either way. I have it all in one nice list, but I am too lame to do anything else with it. Oh and you are on mine, have been for awhile.

I don't have a blog so...but in all honesty I feel like Autumn does, above so no need to state it all again. I did click each link above and read some of them if they came up fast enough (no time to linger today) so there is that(your favorites were really good)...and yes, its just the internet and who really cares, and it doesn't matter how you choose to separate your very own blogroll, but since you asked...I hate it when people are exclusionary. I really do.

I haven't had a blog for very long, but I've been coming here and reading for quite some time now. To be honest, I just never left comments because I sort of felt like a blogless weirdo. Turns out that I was really just a stalker instead!

Anyway, now I'm part of the club and I promise to be a little more vocal. I'm going to add myself to your blogroll, but I'll totally understand if I don't make the tongue-kiss cut. I never kiss on the first date anyway.

I added myself, but felt really odd about doing so. Is that weird?

And I don't know what to say about seperating the lists. Um, when you figure it out-let me know.

I feel desperatley weird to add me, but if all the cool kids are doing it, then well, maybe it's ok? And you said if we post to you, then do it...well, okay, if you really mean it...if you're like, really sure. Except, I don't have a feed, so I'm not exactly sure what to click...maybe you don't want me on there...triangle bracket thingies & feeds just mess me up ;)

I'm also not cool enough to have a blogroll, but I imagine that if I did have one, I would not have 300 people, so I probably wouldn't separate them. But since you are the cool kid, then you have lots of friends, so they probably need to be separated into the french kiss & make out categories. That works for me, it's your blog, your rules!

I think you should put my name in a category of it's own, something like "my favourite blog in the universe," or something. Other than that, I don't care what you do with your blogroll. But, I don't like it when people divide up their blogrolls -- too political for you and too confusing for the reader....

Beth, you are so good about this kind of thing. Sharing the love...I love it.

And I agree with all the others who say do what is best for you. Looks like you are going to have a ton of links, especially since periphials like me keep adding on!

You are good stuff, Beth Fish. Good stuff indeed.

You are so sweet to ask us. I feel it's all Jr. High, but that's just cuz I was never one of the cool kids back then anyway. I have a 10 person blogroll, and it has all the people I literally read every day, like you.
That said, your blog, do whatever you want. :-)

I totally understand the dilemma of separating into your favorites, that is a tough one. I think it is a good idea to have them separate; for people that don't have a lot of time, it is nice to see what is interesting to a blogger that they enjoy, helps them wade the waters a little quicker kwim?

And, have you and Chris ever done a he said she said thing? I love reading both of you and I think it would be interesting to have both sides of the story. :) (I am a nooB, so forgive me if you already do)

Commenting again just to make the link the right one...I moved my blog.

I'd totally divide the list. It makes it so much easier to read the blogs you want to read every day. I don't think it's a High school thing, it's just time management :)

Good luck with MT and stuff!

As someone who only just 'upgraded' their blog site to include a couple of group blog rolls and who hasn't managed to do any 'personal' what-blogs-I-read-regularly, I can only say --- it's your blog, do what makes you happy!! Besides, anything you love in particular for whatever reason will probably be enjoyed by those who read you regularly... ;-)


I have a blogroll that isn't up on my blog because god, too much damn work. It isn't divided into anything because if I do, invariably, someone will be offended by how they are categorized or how someone else is categorized and then they'll get all emo and email me about it and make me feel like a bad friend.

Okay, I'm in. But you do realize that I can now go in and subscribe you to gay porn and a bunch of myspace blogs written by 12 year olds, right?

Too bad I'm so lazy. That would be hilarious!

I love the Blogs I Would Kiss With Tongue and Blogs I Would Make Out With categories. Sweet. Go for it.

The first comment made me laugh.

"Blogs I Want To French Kiss"
"Blogs I Want To Make Out With."
and add Blogs I just want to feel up and / or blogs I would set up my friends with.


Very funny.

Nonetheless... I just put the blogs that I like to read figuring that if I like to read them, so will the 4 or 5 people that actually drop by and read mine.

Added, but how do I know which feed was the right one?

As for a blogroll, post 'em however you want. I don't have one currently posted on my site because of some people's competitiveness regarding being listed. I got nasty emails, really. So I'm working on another one and it'll be alphabetical and I will no longer care if anyone is offended. It's your site. Do what you want to do, I say.

I also added myself although it did feel kinda funny. It kinda felt like writting your own phone number on a bathroom wall! I am more of a lurker than a commenter but love to read both your blogs.

Yeah what about a list of Daily Reads and then all the others?

Your password made me laugh out loud in my office!

Wait. Does this mean I'm on your would tongue kiss if given the slightest opportunity list?

This no longer seems to be working, just FYI.

Hey! I didn't add myself but I see I'm over there. That's neat. Like I've arrived!

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