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I'm back, did you miss me?

Welcome to the new joint. What? Looks just like the old place? Well, it's a new one, you'll just have to trust me on that since I just spent an entire weekend getting it up and running. If you cast your eyes over to the right and scroll down a bit... just a bit more... there, you will see that I have added an extensive new blogroll. It's all one big lump right now, but I think I will have to change that soon because it is a little overwhelming.

Thanks to all of you who made it easy (or at least easier) to get that monster up and running by signing yourselves up in Bloglines. If you signed up and don't see your link, it is for one of three reasons. 1) You are not really Dooce or Mimi Smartypants. Liar. 2) You have never left me a single comment or sent a single email. One email a year and a half ago to complain that my grammar sucked? You made the cut (and you know who you are). Never heard from you ever in my life? I pulled the link, sorry. If you want to complain about it, at least leave a couple of comments first. 3) I am an idiot. If you think this one applies to you, please let me know so I can correct my idiocy.

That is all. I never want to see another computer again as long as I live, or at least not until morning. Somewhere in Canada there is an entire tech support team drowning their sorrows in buckets of beer and complaining about me. I'm bitchy. Also, if it weren't for my husband I would still be sucking eight kinds of hell right now, and he doesn't even get to complain about he. He rocks.

No idea on the Firefox issues but I will work on it. I am using Firefox and it looks fine to me, so if you are having problems please try refreshing a couple of times and see if that helps.

Comments (84)

Testing my comments.

Testing your comments.

holy have a lot of friends :)

The new place looks awesome!

Oh, thank god I sent you that comment about Rufus. Now I get to keep you in my bloglines.

I'm so excited I got to stay on your blogroll! hehehe ~ I guess it's kind of hard to forget the woman who reminded you that someone had to be a taste tester for the product that promises sweeter tasting "chicken" :)

Wow - that's one monster blog roll!

Hi Beth,
Just wanted you to know the site doesn't work correctly for me. Your blog roll is all the way at the bottom of the page, and is on the left. It's below your most recent entries that show up in full-text on the main page. Btw, I'm using Firefox Thought you might want to know so you can bitch to the Canadian IT guys some more! I'm sure they'll love hearing from you again.

yay for getting things up and running!
boy, am i ever glad i can't seem to not comment. whew!

I totally missed you! LOVE the new site! Exactly what I hoped for...exactly the same! LOVE IT just as it is! :) I love returning to this pretty purple place day after day! :)

And, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! :)

Ditto on Firefox not working for me as well. All the right hand column stuff gets shoved to the bottom of the page.

I'm not on there because I'm an idiot. Not you. I kept meaning to go put myself on - I did. But then there were like.... five crisis and I just kept forgetting. Then you warned us and I *meant* to do it that night.... but ummm forgot.

I'm sorry. I suck.

Using firefox here too, and same issues as above commenters. :)


computerz suk!!!


Yeah, I'm all messed up in Firefox, too. IE is fine though.
Anyway, glad to be on your blogroll! I know I comment less's just a little more daunting when there's so many people around and I feel like I should have something really witty to say, and, well...I just don't. So you're stuck with me as is. ;-)

Well welcome back, I totally missed you and I LOVE the new look (haha!) Yeah yeah, it looks the same but I'm back in the blogroll baby so that's all that matters!!! :) And I totally belong to BlogLines and I don't even know what that is! AHAHAHAHA!

Dear Beth

I really love reading three blogs: sweety (helloworlditsme), mrsmogul and .... tratra... "sothefishsaid".

I like the way you describe your life and the adventures with your cute daughter.

Just want to tell you that and send som greetings from Switzerland! Keep on going like this!


P.S.: Unfortunately, my blog is written in german..

Holy Toledo - look at all those links!

I knew you were back cause I stopped by yesterday and peeked! LOL! And yes, I missed you terribly!

Well, I don't have firefox, and all is well for me ; ) And I'm linked! Whaaaaaahoo!

Love the new digs! How - familiar! Welcome to your new home.

Amy :)

Hi! Joining the other Firefox users to say something's amiss! Because, you know, you need someone ELSE to say the same thing! I'm a joiner.

I'm thrilled to be on your blogroll, but there's a tiny mistake in my name spelling... but don't worry... everyone spells my name wrong. We won't even tell the tales of the times that my own husband has spelled it wrong.

I did miss you. I'd get an RSS update, then click through and...NOTHING. The heartbreak!

Glad you're back.

like the way you re-decorated the place, although it's like i've been here before! (de-ja-vu?)

i tried to add myself, but maybe i'm an idiot and didn't do it properly. that is unless you forgot to add me on purpose (i know the shock! why would anyone want to do that?!?!?)

I thought I added myself to your Bloglines, but maybe I was an idiot and didn't do it properly.

Good luck organizing your links!

Looks great to me!

Although I have commented many times before.. way, way, way back, I did not submit the link to my blog, because it no longer exists, but I still visit my friends quite frequently! LOL, so there! I saved you a tiny bit of trouble at least!

BTW... There's No Such Thing as Normal, is me! :P

It looks so....familiar.... ;) So, after the trouble, is Chris going to let you mess with his?

My firefox is fine, in case you needed more comments to the contrary.

I leave comments, right?
And not mean ones, right?

I'm supposed to sign up at blogroll? what?

hmmm ... i'll look into this.

Looks great!! No problems here and woo hoo - I'm on the blog roll. I feel special now. ;)

I'm on Firefox and everything is working perfectly.

Congrats on not causing the internet to explode. I have this problem whenever I try to make even the simplest changes to my blog.

Looks rad.

You're pretty.

Color me disappointed. I was hoping that all of this talk of changes would result in a new site design (I have a new-layout-fetish)... sigh.

Also - not sure if I'm not on the list because you pulled my link or because of the issues I mentioned I was having with my feed. Care to comment on that?

I am so excited about being on your just have no idea! You are my blogging idol! LOL!

I am so excited about being on your just have no idea! You are my blogging idol! LOL!

Wow, I love what you've done with the place. It looks so... well you know. :)

And I'm really excited! You're the first person to blog roll me that doesn't have to cause they actually know me in person. I do believe I have arrived! Thanks!

Looks good to me. I forgot to add myself to your blogroll. :( If you wanna add me, I'm Lisa from Beantown Geek, :)

I tried twice to go and put myself on your blogroll but guess I didn't do it right since I am not on your friends list :) Yeah sure that is what happened I just didn't do it right...right?
Sure am glad you are back. Missed you terribly. You are number one on the hit parade of blogs.

I was using firefox and was having a problem. But I refresed, and now it's all lovely again. Hooray for your new goodies.

yay, I now have like a bazillion new blogs to check out that are BETH-approved. Or at least who KNOW Beth (still good).

Glad you are up and running again with your "new site".

Have a good week!

am on firefox here too - no issues that i see. looks good from this side. :)

It looks fabulous from here.

And, yes, as a matter of fact, I did miss you.

yay! up & running! Looks fab even here on my work computer which usually junks things up considerably! :)

Hmmm...on my browser, all the right column stuff is down at the very bottom of the page. But! My blog is on the blogroll, so what do I care? :D

Yay, new site! Congrats on making it to the flip side of the overhaul. I'm mad impressed with your internet technology skillz.

Yeah. What Sparkle Pants said. Everything is on the bottom of the page... YOU might care...but I made the cut! That's all I care about! (just kidding, it's probably just my great work pc)

Wait! Wait! I'm not the one that said your grammar sucked am I? I said using "pimpslap" would make your grammar Oxford worthy. And I sincerely meant that! ;p)

Refresh fixed it, yay! The comments window shows, just so you know.. Not picking just trying to help so you can get all the wrinkles smoothed out.

i've having the "firefox" issue, only in safari on the mac. USUALLY this just means you need a closing div tag somewhere.

anyway, if you decide to much with it, and i wouldn't blame you if you did not, let me know if you need beta testers. :)

Oh. My. I am going to have drop Harry on my husband for an entire Sunday afternoon to click through that blogroll! Thanks for keeping me on - I am shy about comments, but I do enjoy the blog.

I'm so taking back Clive!!! I'm not on your blog roll! Yep, hes mine now! I tired to submit it but the passowrd that you gave quit working a few days ago. Oh well! lol You still rock! lol

That is one extensive blogroll. Everytime I hear the word Blogroll I think of the Pilsbury rolls in a can.

If I ever get bored with the internet I know where to look for new ideas now!

LOVE what you've done with the place! (Hee-hee!) Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

okay...okay....nice blogroll. Good Job! Now, where is Mia Monday post no 42????

I am not on there and I comment and show love. Boo! Hiss!

Looks like a richer shade of purple. A definite improvement.


i tried to use that signup thingy you had us go to, but it was only taking RSS feeds or something and when i tried to submit my link, it kept coming up with errors. or something. so i think that I AM the idiot...but i tried to join. it's in your court. lol :)

That is one hell of a list. Congrats on getting it up there. But um...what happened to Mia Monday? ;)

Yay! Go you. That is quite a blogroll, lady!

I'm duly impressed. Of course I had to check for my name first and there it is (and the link works).

Great job (all 3 of you - I'm sure Mia was helpful).

Good gravy, that is one honkin' blogroll! Firefox looks fine.

Congrats on getting all of your changes made! BTW, looks fine in Firefox (2.0).


Wahhhh Wahhhhh, sniff...I know I have just recently de-lurked....sniff but I make comments, I swear it weren't me dat talked about you're badly grammor ;)

Ps...I agree with Linda, where is Mia monday...the only bright thing about monday imo...hmmmm

Refresh x 3 was the lucky number for me. It looks good!

The place looks great. Thanks for letting me hang out on your blogroll.

YAY! I made it. I think your blog roll looks great, Boy! you have a LOT of friends!

Apparently I missed the blogroll fun!! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that if people are having problems with firefox they may have the "no scripts" extension installed in which case they will have to click on the little "s" with the red line through it at the bottom of their browser window and allow your site. It did the same thing to me and that seemed to fix it!

hope that helps!!

I'm not at all sure how I qualified to be on your blogroll, but I'm honored!

Thanks, and I now have you added to my blogroll, which isn't nearly as exciting as it sounds.

I love what you've done with the place, it looks fantastic. That is one monstrous blogroll. I'll never complain about mine again.

Wow, now that's a blogroll! If we were back in high school, you'd totally be the popular girl at the lunch table that everyone wants to sit by.

I'm definitely looking forward to checking out some new blogs to read.

I've been inspired to do the blogroll if only I could find the time!!

Ummm...I dont see myself...I even added myself to your blogline when you'd asked us to...I guess I prolly messed up and am not in somehow...Just thought I'd let you know.

Thank you for deeming me worthy!

I like what you've done with the place. What is that, purple?

The pictures seem more vibrant. I am way impressed with your bloggy prowess. If there is a way to subscribe to your blog would you let me know please? If there is not save your fingers for better work.

We were going to have matching Picasso dove tattoos and you pulled me from your blog-roll lineup... *cry* *sob* *cry*

I've only commented a couple of times and they were all pretty unforgettable... I'm just not as funny as the rest of you.

Love your writing!!!
Keep it up!!!

Your new blogroll looks great. And what a great way to do it, making everyone sign themselves in.

Oh, and I still love seeing the purple when I come over to read. It's so cheerful!


Holy Crapoly! Look at that Blogroll. Is that what you had in mind? Also - I'm all for divvying it up. (How do you spell divvying?)

So if I'm not on there it means a) you don't like me any more b) you have forgotten that I do comment or c) because your directions on how to add myself to bloglines hurt my head, and made me cry uncle. Bah!

So if I'm not on there it means a) you don't like me any more b) you have forgotten that I do comment or c) because your directions on how to add myself to bloglines hurt my head, and made me cry uncle. Or I'm there and can't see it. Bah!

wow. you have a lot more friends than I will ever have. Impressive.

No, 'A Connecticut Yankee', hmph. Last pirate picture I'll ever send...

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