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Mia Monday #38: Sunday in the Park and Lettuce Edition

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I am so glad that Mia is feeling better! Not nearly as overjoyed as you must be of course, but still happy just the same. Looks like a fun Sunday!

Glad you didn't implode with lack of sleep.

Glad shes finally feeling better!

Chris looks like a teenager in that pic in the swing!

Looks like everyone is feeling better :) that's GRRRREAT news for you i'm sure. Cute pictures, how fun, wish we had the weather you guys did, no short sleeves here, kinda on the cool side :(

Wow, I wish someone would take me to the park. And then make me a salad.


Adorable, as always.

Glad to hear Mia's on the mend.

Now, go take a nap!

glad everyone is feeling better. ;)

p.s. look at the guns on mommy!

That first picture is my favourite :). She looks so cute.

I agree - so glad she's better! Also, these pictures are adorable. I am really amazed at how beautiful her hair is. It was always adorable, but now it's like beautiful little girl hair.

Look how grown up she is!!!! (tears) I love the pictures, Beth! Your girl is growing up so fast!!! Glad she is feeling better too.

Yay, looks like she is feeling way better.

Nice to see a happy, smiling Mia again. (And happy, smiling Beth and Chris, too!)

how in the world did you get her to eat lettuce?!?!?!?!? vegetables hardly pass aaron's lips. (she is too cute! hope she is feeling better.)

Oh the cuteness!
The first 2 pictures are adorable.
Looks like you all got to have fun. Glas to see that Mia is feeling much better.

Her locks are getting long too! Too cute.

Oh thank GOD the sickness has left the household! Too cute.

Oh thank GOD the sickness has left the household! Too cute.

Just when I think she cannot get even more breathtakingly beautiful, she does.

How does she do it?

Look at that happy, healthy little girl. And smiling parents as well. I think Chris is smiling anyhow.

I was so glad to hear that that lousy infection left as quickly as it arrived.

So cute! In pink! I'm working on a gift for a friend who just got pictures of her brand new adopted daughter last week and this gift is yellow and I was thinking, as I undid the gift because I messed it up, that Mia should have either a pink one or a very light purple one. Because...I'm weird. Also, I dreamed about Mia and you and Chris the other night. Bizarre.

Glad she's feeling better!

She is just such a beautiful baby!! I'm soo freaken glad to see her feeling better!!And I hope that you somehow got some sleep this weekend!

I can't believe how BIG your baby is. I mean, she was just born!

(I know I say that every week..but it just surprises me!!)

As always, She is beautiful! I'm so happy that she is fine again. You look hot Beth.

The baby cuteness overwhelms.

I had to skip blogs this morning, but I totally should've made time for Baby Cutness.

Looks like Mia is feeling better - so glad to see it. You are looking fabulous and well rested, especially considering!

Can you believe how fast they're growing up? Love these pics. Love Mia Monday! Who's the brave person who gave Mia the sunglasses? We were in synagogue yesterday evening (for Yom Kippur), and the monkey yanked off the glasses of the woman sitting in front of us. Oops!

Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad Mia is feeling a bit better. It's so hard when they don't feel good.

She has the cutest lil' face!

Ahhhh, she is getting so big. I am so glad to hear that she is getting better.

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