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Mia Monday #39: Seventh Anniversary Edition

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Happy anniversary. Mia looks like she's having a blast with the hat.
Saw the pic on the hubby's blog and I have to know - did you smash the cake into his face or were you nice?

Good question Traci.

Happy Anniversary Beth and Chris.

May you have many more.

wow, Mia's 7 already!? Time sure goes by fast!! she doesn't look a day over 1 and a few months! ;) eheheh just kidding..happy anniverary! :)

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the wackiest couple on the internet! Love the pics of Mia, she is such a little doll!!

Attack of the Killer Yellow Cowboy Hat!!!

I'm guessing it's your anniversary? In that case, happy anniversary! Pic #2 is my fave.. too funny.

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more wonderful years to come.

Happy Anniversary!

Is that a Paddington Bear hat?

Happy Anniversary!

Mia looks like she's practicing hiding from the paparazzi in those hat pics.

Aaack! She's not a baby anymore - that's a little girl!

Congratulations to you and Chris on your anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to you and Chris! Hope the whole day is filled with love.

Hey! Is today your 7th wedding anniversary?! Because today is my and my husband's 7th wedding anniversary! Wow! Very cool. Happy anniversary. I missed reading you when we were away last week, so I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Have a wonderful day.

Amy :)

w00t! Happy Anniversary to the coolest blogging couple I know.

Here's to many, many more!!

And also? Yay, for love and happy marriages. Two of my favorite things in the world.

Happy anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary Mia! You sure have aged well! ;)

(Add me to the "did you smash cake in his face?" camp!)

A new and novel way to eat cheerios!

Happy anniversary, and congratulations!

Happy Anniversary!

I'm totally thinking Curious George now.
Happy annivesary guys, and many congratulations. Oh, and I too want to know if you smashed cake into his face heh.

Happy Anniversary!
Mia's too cute, as ever!
Love the hat. Is it the man-with-the-yellow-hat's hat from Curious George? Reminds me of it!

That. Is hilarious.

Happy Anniversary!!!

I never tire of Mia Mondays. Just when I think she couldn't be any more adorable she goes and proves me wrong.

Happy anniversary to you and the hubby!

Happy anniversary. Gah, the cowboy hat. The overalls. Just smoosh.

Happy anniversary. Hey, I've been married longer than you. ABout 6 months. ;)

As usual, love the pics. No more high chair, huh?

Mia's hair is looking positively reddish!

Happy anniversary to a kick ass wife!

(Also, the cake smashing! Love it! How could you resist?)

Happy 7th to you both!!!

Happy anniversary to you both, and many, many, many more!!

Adorable pics ~ love the Mia Monday idea...too bad there isn't a day of the week that sounds as cute to go with Nate...any suggestions? I love showing him off...I'm sure I could do it! :) I've already picked out a ton of pics to share when he turns one ~ 41 days and counting!

I'm so getting one of those chairs for Nate ASAP...he's such a wiggler in his highchair and both his grandparents have those and he sits in it nice as can be.

Oh ~ Happy Anniversary! Hope you did something fun! I'll have to check out your husband's page to see this cake pic. :)

Love the hat! And I hope you and Chris have a lovely anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

de-lurking to wish you a Happy 7th Anniversary!

It looks like Mia is eating up the Curious George Hat. And her hands are so cute...chubby wittle arms...

Umm... that hat is eating the baby's face. I thought I should let you know.

Happy Anniversary!

Gushing with cuteness!

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