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Mia Monday #40: All the World's a Playground Edition

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The world is a playground isn't it!
Love those pictures.... still need some pictures from you.... wink.

Sweet back profiles of Ms. Mia :) Chris is a really good photographer (as are u if u took any of those) Looks like the weather is gorgeous.

Looks like you folks had some gorgeous weather this weekend. perfect for playground play.

love the last's like, "is this all there is?? where the rest of it?? I want more playground and now!"

I swear! Every picture you post just shows how quickly Mia's growing up. It's scary!

Look at how blue the sky is!

hate you and your nice weather.

it's totally winter here right now.

Looks like you guys had gorgeous weather for the playground visit!

What a beautiful day and a beautiful girl!

She's so cute!

Daya wants to know if Mia will come play with her.

No baby swings for your big girl. Just look at her - she obviously owns the playground.

Great pictures!

I'm having trouble getting Baby Boy to look at me to get any good pictures. It looks like Mia is kinda giving you the same deal ~ but sometimes catching them looking at the rest of the world is just as cute!

Those are so cute. I love her jacket. Wonder if they make it in my size?

What a beautiful park! And, the BIG GIRL SWING! She's on the big girl swing! What a big girl!!! ;) Love that shadow pic. How very existential....

Sometimes when I look at my baby pictures, I think - look at Mom! She's so beautiful and young! And one day - and I say this with the utmost love - Mia will look at you and say "WOW!" Because you are so beautiful here.

I also really like the shadowy picture.

She is so cute! And her hair is getting so light!

Glad to see the Cactus-Fish family is enjoying the outdoors while the weather is still nice enough to do so!

As beautiful as ever, Thanks for these!

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