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Mia Monday #41: Pigtails Edition

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Oh please tell me they haven't developed an antidote for cuteness yet.

Because Mia's got a case that is terminal!

Such cute pigtails! :)

Who doesn't love pigtails on an adorable little girl? Made even more adorable by the stripey outfit, I may add...

Awwww...I love pigtails!

OMG! She is just adorable!!!! I can't stand it!!!!

pigtails AND the stripey outfit? you're trying to kill my screen with cuteness, aren't you!? ;)


wow... absolutely adorable in pigtails :)

oh she is so cute in pigtails!!!

Just LOVE the pigtails!

Pigtails are the only hair style Lady can pull off, but I'll tell you, they do wonders for the mullet!

In one of those pictures I can just feel you pulling that pig tail TIGHT - just like my mom did to me!

WAY TOO CUTE, though. I wish I could still pull off pig tails...

I just decided I absolutely must have a little girl next time around. I need pigtails in my life!

Too, too cute. Love the close-up! Those pigtails! Those eye lashes! Mia rocks.

Ack! Too! Cute! Dying...dying...*gasp*

that fourth photo is to die for. she makes my uterus hurt. :D

you already know how jealous i am...since Isabella's still super bald...and you had to throw those pigtails in my face???!!! they are sooooo cute!

Mia has pigtails???! Wasn't she just born??

Too too cute!

Oh my jesus god. I thought the one ponytail on the top of the head was cute, but I clearly hadn't understood the power of two.

I *love* little wispy pigtails like that! Queen B, however, hated them with a fiery passion, and used to shriek and rip them out if I put them in. I'll just have to enjoy Mia's while she has them.

Ab-so-lute-ly adorable combined with the stripey outfit!

CUTE! Those curls at the ends of the pigtails are killing me...

The cuteness!

She looks so much like a big girl now. She should be a baby model. She is far more cuter than most babies in ads.

Seriously - that is one adorable baby you have!! Can I still say baby since she said her first word??! Go Mia for saying Mama before Dada!

OMG, too cute!!! And I love the little lower-lip-in smile.

That is so cute it kills me. :)

I love the 1st and the 4th pictures..(along with the others.. they are just my favs out of this set!)
I just want to sqeeze those cheeks!

Oh. My. God. I want to eat her up.

Way too cute for words! I

Oops...that was supposed to say "I heart pigtails." Maybe one day I'll learn html so I know how to use one of those triangle bracket thingies the right way ;)

You have officially offed me with her cuteness. Mia in stripes and pigtails? Have mercy on me!

That smile! It's funny - for the longest time, I thought Mia looked just like you, but just since her birthday, she seems to have changed so much and now I'm not sure anymore who she looks like... But the pigtails! And the smile! So, so cute...

Oh my god, she's gotten so toddler looking. So cute. Love the pigtails.

love the stripes!! I heard mia said "mama" ..isnt that just the best sound you've ever heard?!?

Oh my goodness gracious. The cuteness is killing me!!!

so cute.

*WARNING!!* extreme cuteness ahead!

UGH! She's gets cuter by the day (I think I've said that before), but she is adorable in the tails!

OY, and that sweater is soooo cute on her. She's so beautiful (not just adorable). :) Makes me want to post pics of my little one. It's so hard for me not to. I wish I weren't (it's weren't, not wasn't, right?) such an anxious basketcase....

The first time I put pigtails in Lily's hair about a month ago, I thought I was going to die from her cuteness. It was that intense. Isn't that the best hairstyle EVER to make your baby look like a little girl? Oh, they grow too fast...

Where is your baby, and who is this mature young lady?

Oh my gosh. She looks so grown up!

I love the pigtails! So adorable!

I love this set of pics. The pigtails and that sweater look so great on her!

OMG, sooooo cute!

Hahaha! Cute. I am SO giving Tim pigtails. Who says it is just a girl thing?

Killing me with the cuteness, here.

Ack! The cuteness! Does she seem to mind the pigtails?

we here at vieux bandit approve of this use of pig tails. big time! what a cuuuuutie!

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