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Mia Monday #42: Mia Gives You a Kiss

Has sound...

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Hey! She talks!! Check that out!

Now THAT is cool.

And those pink little checks, gosh, they're so cute!

That was the best Mia Monday so far! She is so precious! And now I am dead because you totally killed me with cuteness!

That's a beautiful little girl you've got there! And Heather's not the only one that has been killed by the cuteness. I have definitely been slayed.

(Gah! I want a baby so bad! All the cute ones out here on the interweb are making it very hard to wait!)

I think I was just killed by the cuteness!!

That child looks highly intelligent.

You just made my day. Thanks.

What a cutie. Toddlers are so much fun!

Not that I have one or anything. But I hope to someday.

Loved this! She's even cuter "in person" than in pictures. What a beautiful, happy baby.

Oh! My! God! the cuteness...

That's pretty much how Anya talks. Only throw in a few "GAH!"s for good measure.

PS I just showed this to Ani and she nodded her head along with Mia and said GAH! when you asked if Mia could say Mama. Apparently, that is your new name. Or my new name. Or a request for a sandwich... it's hard to say.

DUDE! And now she just said umbrella!

OK, sorry, totally taking over your comments. But you made my kid say umbrella.

A request for a sandwich? Elaine, you slay me.
And, man alive is Mia adorable. She makes me all mushy inside.

What an adorable little person you have there. I love the way she walks. I mean toddles.

So, my monday is complete :)

She's quite accomlished at articulation, isn't she? Really, it is so cute it makes me miss my babies at that age. Of course, I don't miss diaper changes! ;)

That was so worth the wait. So freaking cute. I just want to eat those cheeks up.

The absolute best.

Mia is so adorable! And you have such a great voice.'s obvious I won't need to eat dessert tonight because that video is PURE SUGAR and I watched it three times. I'm not sure what gets me more. Is it the rosy cheeks? The nap-rumpled hair? The breathy voice? The slightly discombobulated words? Or...just all of the above. And I thought I was excited by simply making it onto your blogroll...though I'm definitely saying "YAY" for that, too.

Oh my girl talks!!! Yay Mia!!!!

I have died and gone to heaven...She is gorgeous...I love her soooo much and I cant believe I havent even met her...Thanks Beth!


I could just bite those cheeks! More vids please! She's too cute!

What beautiful big eyes she has... :)
That's just adorable! Really, I want to just eat her up! I can't get over how cute she is (I bet you aren't even close to being tired of hearing that!)

Thanks for posting the adorable Mia Monday I'm a little excited about having a baby girl.

Gosh, Beth, she REALLY is gorgeous. And so adorable. I think of Mia when my 4 month old is crying and fussy, and realized it will get better..

She is stunningly beautiful. She is my favorite baby girl in the world. I wish you had fed-exed her to me months ago.

Love the new digs!

If it's possible, she is even more beautiful in video than she is in pictures. Too gorgeous!

Holy crap that was cute.


...i love that.

cuteness overload... ovaries in pain....

You are now a serial killer. Killing all of these people with cuteness. She is so adorable!!! I have watched it 3 times already. Thank you for sharing. Will be watching for more :)

So cute. Thanks, it certainly did bring back a couple (or more) sweet memories.

Happy Halloween!

Holy crap, the cuteness killed me....

how can you resist not tickling her all day just to hear her giggle?! she is to freakin' cute!

Tell Mia thanks!!

Oh and tell her to have a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween :)

Oh yeah, she is just too cute for words! She'll be speaking in complete sentences in no time flat. Have a great halloween!

OMGoodness! How cute is she! I love this age... Thanks for sharing!

Too Cute.

wow this is so cool. I'm going to show it to Daya tonight, she'll love it.

I love how Mia says umbrella!


I love her. I want one of her.

Wow! When is she coming over to play at my house?


I just played this twice. Once for me and once for the little girl who stops by every day with her mom on the way to first grade. Destiny was kissing the screen.

Mia is just too cute.

Our youngest (Rebecca) turned 11 today. Her birthday is absolutely appropriate.

so.... cute! Queen B is fascinated by Mia and is making Kate play the video over and over and over...

I love how towards the end she's like "woman, I'm done with this now. turn it off."

You've slain me with the cuteness!

Queen B keeps asking to watch it again, and trying to show things to Mia. (She talks to her grandparents via video chat, and doesn't see why she can't talk to that cute baby on the computer, too.)

Absolutely adorable! I just want to kiss those little rosy cheeks!

Oh my god she's so cute! I think I just died from the cuteness.

that video is wonderful and amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

my favorite is "umbrella"!

She's just breathtakingly pretty that girl of yours. And she says umbrella! So cute.

OH MY goodness she is soo cute!!!!!

sooo reminds me of my baby:)

thanks for sharing that .. love love love it!!!

Didn't we tell you? Once she starts, she just won't stop. Welcome to the world of run-on sentences and never ending stories of nonsense.

Thank you for the entertainment. Gracie was mesmerized.

the cuteness of it all is kind of giving me a pain in my reproductive organs. I think an egg exploded ...?

Also? I'm saying 'umbrelalalalala' from now on, too.

I love that just awake look! And what a cutie... even here at work with no sound (yeah, they suck.) she's adorable. Now I'll have to go home and watch again...

I didn't think she could get any cuter. Holy crap. That's dangerous. You should've put a warning on that!

umbrella? i'm dying. too cute!

(she totally talks...i don't know what you're talking about...who needs a mama and a dada when you've got umbrella? that's much more sophisticated!)

Completely melting over here. How adorable is that?

Ian LOVES this.

(Oh, and I tagged you.

oh my that was cute!!!! Definitely worth waiting until Tuesday for Mia Monday! I loved it when she said umbrella! So cute!!!

I'm melting....that has to be the cutest baby video (and baby) I've ever seen!!

That? Was the cutest thing ever. Umbrella? PRECIOUS.

oh my, she is so beautiful. My uterus is aching...

*dies from the cuteness*

My 15yo daughter saw this and said "Please tell me I was THAT cute"

She also says that "umellallmella" is the best word ever....

Thanks for sharing!!!

She's breathe taking Beth, really.

This is off-the-chart adorable. I love the learning to talk stage! And Mia's got gorgeous eyes!

She should get the cutest baby award, or SOMETHING. What an absolute doll :)

Oh my: I do that "say mama" thing with my cats! (and I swear the two youngest ones can do it - though never when I request it!)

Damn your little girl is cute!

I love your laugh. It's just beautiful.

And Mia's eyes are SO expressive.

HA! Your cutie gave me a good chuckle before going to sleep :)

OMG I'm dying over here... You killed me.. with the completely cuteness of your baby girl. Seriously Beth... I'm not kidding... She's is soooo adorble... I love that baby voice, lol

This baby is so delicious I want to nuzzle her neck. But she would squeal instead of say bahbuu.

I had to wait until Friday to fully experience 'Mia Monday' this week (blame the asstards at work who deny us sound), but it was beyond my wildest dreams in worth-it-ness! I don't know what I expected, but this was so much better -- no, SHE is so much better than I imagined. And your little giggle when she says "Mama" is just priceless. It was well worth the wait, is all I'm sayin'. I just wanna *squoosh* you both!

Lord have mercy, she's adorable.

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