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Month Fifteen

Mia Bean,

You were fifteen months old a few days ago, and on that day you finally gave into the pressure and said Mama. (You said Dada too, but he has his own blog.) I think my heart skipped several beats when I heard you say Mama and slowly realized that you meant it, you meant me. Second only to your amazing laugh, it is the most fabulous sound I have ever heard. I can hardly wait for you to learn more because I am dying to hear what you have to say.

We have spent a lot of time outside this month. You have befriended several of the neighborhood kids and like to follow them around for as long as they will put up with you. If there isn't anybody outside to play with you set off for one of the two playgrounds in our neighborhood. You know the way to both of them on your own and I find myself nearly jogging along behind you as you beat a very determined path to your beloved swings. On the way home, we always stop at the house behind ours to wave at Luke Doggy. Luke Doggy is very old and just wants to sleep, but I think we are growing on him. He seems to smile these days when he hears you shrieking at him.

You are a very particular child. At the playground we always swing, climb the stairs, go down the slide, sit on the bench, and then leave. Always in that order and god help anyone who tries to get in the way. One day a week or two ago you forgot to sit on the bench before you left the playground and once we were a few steps away we had to turn around and go back so you could do it. The only problem with the playground is that sometimes you get your hands dirty, and you hate having dirty hands.

You communicate very well, nod yes or no and usually mean it. You know and use a number of signs, some that you have taught yourself. As near as I can figure, you sign eat, drink, more, all done, down, shoes, socks, swing, star, refrigerator, apple and flower. It's a pretty limited vocabulary, I admit, but it is better than nothing.

You have gotten very interested in imitating people this month, and every move I make I can turn around and watch the pint-sized version. You love to sweep and vacuum, to wipe the floor and the countertops, and to brush your hair and teeth (with my brushes). In the mornings, you steal my face cream from the counter in the bathroom, carry it over to the toilet, and then pretend to put some on your hands and rub it on your face.

I was a little amazed when you started pretending, I just assumed you would need to be a little older than you are. You have lots of pretend games that you play though. My favorite is when you give your dolls or stuffed animals a taste of your drink or your snack and make eating or drinking motions and yummy noises while you do it.

You were sick a lot this month, an ear infection, a cold, a sinus infection, a new molar, and a pile of books dropped on your head by Mommy. Sorry about that last one. We spent a lot of time at the doctor this month. At your well-check a few days ago, he told us that in another couple of months you would be able to follow directions, like "go get that book and take it to Daddy." He was a little surprised when we told him you had been doing that for months. He also said you were "really a pretty girl" and he sees lots of babies so I am going to take that as an expert opinion.

Bugaboo, you are such fun right now. I have always enjoyed spending time with you, but now I really look forward to the things we get to do together each day. I love to run around the neighborhood with you and I love when you go get a book and climb into my lap so I will read it and I love when you wander off to play on your own and look annoyed if I interrupt you. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to be with you, it is by far the greatest thing I have ever done and the most fun I have ever had. Thank you for being wonderful, beautiful you.

(Mama, that's me, you said it.)

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My, how quickly she grows. She sounds very much like me when I was little: doing things in a certain order and hating getting dirty. I hope, for her sake, that she learns to deal with those things early in life because I didn't, and sometimes I find my own antics annoying. :o)

That is so sweet! I wish I would have written letters like that to my babies--it is sad how quickly they progress and those little things fall out of our minds. Mia is one adorable girl! :)

Awww. Every time I read one of your newsletters, it makes me so excited about the "next stage." Well ok, except for the whole molars part.

You know what? I had a dream that I was holding a luscious toddler in my arms last night...and it was Mia. It was a really sweet dream, too. Even with the teething, etc, I'm betting it's been 15 months of heaven.

Since she's already figured out how to vacuum and clean the countertops, I think it's about time that you spend a lot of time in front of Mia doing the laundry and paying the bills. Maybe she'll pick that up, too. And do you think this same technique would work on husbands?

Oh so cute! I'm totally going to do this for my babies (presuming I have them one day). You sound like such a great "mama"! And congrats on Mia saying it!

It seems it was about that age with G that everyday got just a bit more exciting and then she hit 2 and everyday she said something new or did something totally amazing and it has been that way every since. It just gets better. G is the same way about routines though and let me tell you it will get way worse. She has to have everything and I mean every little thing...done the exact same way same order every day. If it changes she will not stop screaming until you start the entire routine all over again. But we think she could be a little OCD. Anyways, I love that you are getting to this part that is so exciting and fun where they begin to seem like an individual real live person and not just a babbling blob. Its the best!!!

I think it is so cool how they think it's fun to follow directions - the GBK was her own dirty diaper runner for such a long time. Hey, you praise them enough and they'll do almost anything, right? Happy fifteen months to Mia Bean, who is the cutest Stripey Girl in the known universe. (Hey, maybe I've found a great name for her future blog - Stripey.)

Also, how sweet is it that she said Mama? I can't believe it! I remember before you were born, kid, and now you're TALKING? For real?

Of course he said she was a really pretty girl. We (the internet) said so, and we are always right.

I remember when my son was that age. What a darling!

She *is* pretty! It's the truth! I love that she has a particular order to her playground routine.

I hope you're keeping these posts for her. It's a great age.

What a lovely post Beth. Yes, your little Mia Bean is a special girl. Not only does she have her two wonderful parents who adore her, but all of us as well!

They grow so fast. Aaron just told me I needed a wedgie. That's right, I'm being threatened with wedgies by my 2 year old. I wonder what the sign is for that?

I love that 'refrigerator' is one of her signs. So charming!

This period (well, from 9-18 months) was always my FAVORITE! Love it! Reading this brings back SO MANY memories. Thank you!

I love reading these because she's around the same age as my Pumpkin... of course, my kid looooooooooves dirty hands (especially hands that get dirty while putting food in her hair), so I'm admittedly jealous of your clean-bean.

i'm in love with your charmer.

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