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More about semen, I just can't stop.

Last week, when I posted about semen, Swistle left a comment talking about how it (the taste of semen) was a topic of great interest in high school because it was a sex topic within the experience of both the girls who were "doing it" and the girls who were "waiting." That made me think, wow, was there really all that oral sex going on in high school? I never knew.

It also got me curious, and so I decided to ask you. I mean, I've already asked about both your public toilet and your dirty underwear habits, so I figure I can ask this too. I would dearly love it if you would all leave me a one-word answer to this simple question: "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" For our purposes, and for reasons which are very amusing to me but which I shall decline to explain, the "chicken" shall be the illustrious blow job, and the "egg" shall be sex of the intercoursal variety.

And to be fair, I will naturally give my answer first. Egg.

And now you. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Comments (171)

Egg first!! In high school I really thought the chicken was Ewwwwwwwww!! But now I realise the power of the chicken and have been know to use it as a bargining tool. My husband has no complaints yet!

Is it bad that I can't remember for sure? I *think* it was the egg. I have TMJ which means my jaw hurts when I have chicken.

p.s. I was thinking about your sweeter tasting email the other day. Why would it need to be sweeter? The taste buds for sweet are on the tip of your tongue, not the back.

chicken, but even that wasn't until senior year. egg wasn't until freshman year of college.

The rooster.



It was the chicken, it was in grade 11 with a guy named Julian. He convinced me it would be FUN and everyone else was doing it.

Yea, Julian and I broke up shortly thereafter. And for the record I sincerely believe chicken tastes like olives.

Totally the Egg.... b/c lets face it ladies... its not the most appealing thing to grasp the concept of ... well... you know...

Chicken. I had to really think about this one, it seems so long ago!


Chicken. We saved the egg for marriage. Something new, you know?

Egg. I had to read a book about chicken technique

Chicken--Like KFC used to say, Finger licking good.

Definitely the egg. I even convinced my husband that he could get through the rest of his life without any chicken from me. So, now when chicken does come into play, it makes it that much sweeter for him (ha! "sweeter").

Egg, because chicken was a mysterious concept that seemed disgusting. Like Michelle posted though, chicken is now a powerful bargaining tool.



Egg, but wouldn't it be funny if someone answered chicken salad with hard boiled eggs?


Chicken, but not until college.

I can't believe I am answering this, and rest assured that I'm blushing furiously. But? Egg.

After all, to quote Bree Van de Kamp, "I don't do that! I'm a Republican!"


Hmmm, that is a really good question and honestly, I can't remember whether I chickened or egged first. I do know that I was chickened before I was egged... (heehee, that just sounds funny) which was what made the guy my first egg. *blush*

Lordy, people, didn't she say one word answers?? Heh.


Egg! But tons of talking about the chicken. (Hardly any of us are obeying you about the "one-word answer." We're so unruly.)

Chicken. In college. Egg followed with a different guy about six months later.

I think it highly likely that the chicken came first, although it was so long ago that I can't be sure. Sad, really. It was such a big deal at the time (either way, chicken or egg) and now I can't remember!!

What is wrong with this picture? My Tell Me Tuesday question was Do you carve your pumpkins into happy or scary faces? God I am such a NERD! I guess I should answer your question... Lots of tequila and then some chicken.

Chicken, by about three years. I was an "almost anything but" girl for quite a while. I said ALMOST.



One word? That SO isn't enough.

Egg, in college, after I turned 18. I was a good little Lutheran girl and never went past heavy petting in high school. Once I crossed the line, though...I made up for lost time, that's for sure.



chicken. but the egg came along shortly afterwards.

Bawk, Bawk.

oh, and of course this whole thing reminds me of a joke I heard...

"There's a chicken and egg sitting in bed, and the chicken is sitting back, enjoying a cigarette. The egg, with arms cross, in a huff, says, "Well, I guess we answered THAT question"


Egg. I just...well, I just couldn't do the chicken until I'd done the egg. It seemed (and still does) more personal to me than the egg, and a hell of a lot more involved, not to mention bloody taxing.

Oh my - I hardly remember. I remember the first egg but not the first chicken. So I'm going to go with egg. Is it bad that I don't really remember? Should I? I guess it wasn't that memorable. Ha. And, it was all after high school. :)


Definately egg. Still don't like the chicken...would rather wring its neck off and watch it flop around the yard. Oh we aren't talking about the real chicken huh? LOL But yes definately egg.



Sorry Beth and everyone, I was so excited just thinking about egg and chicken I didn't see that I just needed to leave a one word answer. I just can't handle chicken coop talk that early in the morning!

Egg...and it's so not cool to read someone's comment about doing it to a guy with my SON'S name. Ewww.

(Damn, there are a lot of comments already.)


My husband hates "chicken"- go figure.
(Fine with me!)

(This was supposed to be one word, wasn't it.)


Wait, no, egg. I got confused as to which was which. Let me look again...Egg. Yes. Egg first, then Chicken.

Definitely egg.



Chicken. In high school.

I can't remember. Is that bad? I'm guessing chicken but I'm just not sure.

Damn Chicken!! Left me gagging on the taste of the "feathers"


funny. i made a joke about choking the chicken just this past weekend and now here you are. are you spying on me?

LOL @ the explinations behind everyone's answers, lol. Love this lil poll Beth, lol.

Ok for me it was Egg.. and not until I was almot 17. Most of my friends had their egg's by 15. I always warned them not to bust their egg's, but alas, they never listened, lol. Back then I thought Chicken was gross and nasty till my husband and I decided to explore... which, most of you might be suprised to know... was at my request, not hubby's, lol. But he doesn't complain at all if I decide i'd like a lil chicken now and then, lol.

Grilled cheese.

The Chicken. By about 3 days.

The Egg. It took me a while after that to do the Chicken.

Chicken. You couldn't get pregnant from chicken.

Egg. Over Easy (ahahahaha...sorry.)

Many times the egg. Oh the sluttiness of the egg.


Egg, then chicken in the same day.

Darn I forgot that egg meant sex.
OK Chicken came first.
First year in college
Egg happened last year of college

Egg but my question for you is - is chicken really chicken if you never swallow? Because if that is the case, it could be said that I have never let chicken cross my lips.

Egg first, but Hubby does love my chicken. He says the eggs are really good, but my chicken is the bestest in the world. And he surely wouldn't just be saying that so he could have more chicken...would he???


Well... lets see. I had some chicken with a side of egg. ;) Yeah, I was a little tramp way back when.


I wanted to perfect that before moving on to egg....

egg first, a few minutes before the first chicken. poor thing got stage fright and oh-so-mature high school me decided I knew just how to fix it. First chicken that I was the recipient off? Lord, that was years later.

Egg. 'cause chicken? Ewww. I still suck at that. (heh heh heh)



techncially, egg, but later on in the same evening, some chicken. because i'm a naturally curious girl.

Using the chicken as a bargaining tool? What's wrong with you people? You can't withold the chicken and expect any in return. That's just not fair.

For the record: Chicken, and from the looks of things, I'm one of the few who enjoys chicken just to enjoy chicken.

what i find so humorous is not so much the question and it's form, but the fact that 81 plus people comment on it. :)
oh, and egg...chicken? in highschool? I was lucky to even get close to like ummm, egg salad?

you know you could have just stayed with the tried but true 'running the bases'

EGG. Totally, definitely egg.

But I do enjoy chicken!



The Incedible Edible Egg.




The egg. But I do know people who were having chicken in HS.


egg. Though chicken followed VERY closely.

Chicken. Two - no! Three! full years of chicken before egg.

Oh! And I have TMJ too, which made chicken a bit of a thrill on occasion. My jaw actually got stuck open once and I had to manually pop it back into place so it would close.

Or was that too much sharing?

I egged before chickened, but they both happened on same occasion.

And TO me, I got chicken before egg, but again, both happened on the same occasion.

So, in short, it was:
1) Chicken to me
2) Egg
3) Chicken from me.

And, there you have it. :)

chicken first. i'm one of those whores who did both in high school :P (chicken came two years before egg though, and i've only um.. egged with one person)

A whole flock o' chickens. I'm 30 and still not had the egg.

Egg. Good grief yes.

I should point out, because some people have filthy filthy minds, that the "whole flock o' chickens" became a flock one by one, and not all at the same time...

Okay ~ this is too funny...but I was having a discussion with a large group of friends at a very crowded, loud bar one night about (ahem) chickens. (okay, not know...) Apparently, most of the male friends I have do not consider it "sex". I asked one of the male friends to define "sex" for me. He used the word "penetrate" something along the lines of it missing during the oral version. I proceeded to yell across the table to him (just as the jukebox stopped and everyone else in the bar got quiet) "But if I do that, I'm getting penetrated!"

My face turned beat red and I wanted to crawl under the table. I became quite popular at the bar, however...everyone wanted to buy me a drink!

To answer your question ~ Egg first...I'm not a big fan of the chicken. :)

Egg. Did neither in HS though. Ewww. The whole "dairy" thing freaked me out in HS.

2nd comment, sorry but even now, married and in my 30's - there will be NO chicken AFTER egg. Challenging enough to deal with chicken... um.... gravy (?) without having to deal with what the egg has been marinating in. I'm very surprised (in a total non judgy way) how many people were able to chicken for the very first time after egging (sometimes, also for the very first time).

I'm hungry but I think I'll have beef. I mean a taco. I mean - forget it, I'll have ice cream.

And you didn't even mention your boobs Beth. You've been doing good on your pledge.


Egg. I think. I've just been sitting here and trying to think back and I can't remember the first time chicken happened. I'm sure it was a huge deal at the time, but I really can't remember! There haven't been all that many egg or chicken partners, so you'd think I could figure it out.

Whoops, I just realized we were supposed to give one word answers. Sorry. I'm bad at following directions.

Ummmm, I know for sure I got chickened before I got egged...but I don't remember if I gave away the chicken before the egg!! God, and it wasn't even 10 years ago!!

chicken. senior year. but i knew girls who had had lots of chicken by freshmen year. some even in 8th grade. and this was a catholic school!

Chicken. Totally chicken first -- but then again, at that point I was waiting for eggs -- but I don't wait well.

I know I chickened first, then I was chickened, then I was egged -- did that make any sense?

you know, i think its a generational thing. i bet the *ahem* more mature ladies will say egg. and the younger gals will say chicken. you should look into that.

Egg. But it was college before I had either.


Ha ha.. this is killer... so many comments about chickens and eggs....

I'm with Kara too... I like chicken cos its chicken.. and its just so gooooooood...

And as for the "bases" that would confuse anyone... I asked a colleague after a date if he got to first base but she indignantly replied "No... but I gave him a blow-job"....

Bawk-bawk-bawwwwwk! about three years. I was waiting for someone to say "both" word that would convey a whole lot more...hehe.

I'm never going to look at the phrase "to choke one's chicken" the same way again. So thanks!




Okay, first of all, I want to know how the hell you got SO many comments. Is there a chicken/egg website out there that I don't know about?

For me, chicken. And I like chicken.

Chicken for quite some time before the egg.

To my mind, chicken-only meant I was still a virgin. Kinda gives new maning to "chickening out," huh?

Egg, Deviled.


Chicken! Bahgah!

Egg for me. The chicken came much much later!!!

Egg. Chicken didn't even occur to me until a year later. Now that I think about it I'm surprised I wasn't asked for chicken.

(for many years I was afraid of chickens)
(I'm totally over that now)

I have never enjoyed reading comments more! What fun! LOL.



Chicken. I love me some good chicken!!!!

Chicken. Age 15 with no prompting. Just seemed the natural thing to do. Think I scared my boyfriend to death. Reverse chicken is good too.

PS: I thought you said "illustrated blow job", not "illustrious blow job." I wasted alot of time looking for the illustration.

good god, it was egg then chicken, all in one night.

egg first.
and i was way, way too young, haha.

P.S. my boyfriend thinks that chicken first is a newer phenomenon...


A lot before the egg. HA!


I think I'm sort of vegetarian? heh. Til I get married, anyhow.

Chicken, but egg just a few days later.


Hahahahahahaha! In Europe people tend to think people from the US are prudes. But ofcourse they did not read this post.

But to answer your question: I can't remember. How bad is that!

egg, girlfriend.

And there's a lot more I could say about that but you asked for one word and I'm way over my limit.


In fact, in high school my best friend and I referred to the chicken as "The Fiendish Thingie" until many years and a serious boyfriend later, when I discovered the chicken had merits of it's own. :-)

Shoot. Make that "had merits of its own."

Darn apostrophes.

Chicken. Bok bok bok!

Egg. Cause in High School? OMG EWWWWWWW!!But now that I know the Chicken is a more effective tool for getting things my way, All hail the mighty chicken.

Okay, so I know you said "One Word," but... these comments are awesome!
And, for me it was chicken first, but not until college.

It really tastes like egg?

Wow, popular topic.



Holy cow...this is a HOTT topic. Wow.

Um...I'm not sure I can remember. But I think the "egg".


geez. Comments much?

Egg, but not till college

Chicken. For sure chicken. Chicken doesn't lead to babies.

Chicken. Way before egg.

Chicken. Then egg shortly thereafter.

But it took forever to catch on that getting chicken was the truly best meal - now I insist on being served chicken before my egg.

Chickeeeen, bock bock bock bgaaah!

One chicken to rule them, one chicken to find them, one chicken to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

So are you going to do a final tally on the responses you've received? This is quite an impressive feedback you're getting!

Oh good God, I just remembered it was chicken. Damn, I thought I was a heterosexual virgin. Gag!

Awesome post!

Chicken! :)

Egg and even that took for bloody ever. In high school I held my books under my chin and stared at my shoes all the time.



For me: egg. I told my 15 y.o. sister that she shouldn't try egg until she was comfortable with the idea of chicken. Until then she's not mature enough. ;o)

The egg. My long-term boyfriend thought that any girl that did the "chicken" was nasty and skanky. I didn't even THINK of doing the "chicken" until we split up and I was dating someone else. Of course that "chicken" didn't happen for MONTHS, during which time he valiantly tried to convince me that he wouldn't think I was trashy for doing said "chicken".

Chicken, lots and lots of chicken! ;o)

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