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If you are going to use the nose-sucker on a child who does not want to have her nose sucked, you should definitely put your hair up first.

Now, does anybody know if I can find a wig for just one side of my head?

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Ouch. Nose sucker = tool of dooooom! Maybe you could wear a hat all, you know, sideways. It'll be sassy. Jaunty, even.

I miss that little blue booger-sucker. I actually was sad the day I threw it into the garbage. Another thing that my children didn't need me to do for them.

thats the nasal aspirator, right?

sorry you're still using that. you could wrap your hair in a towel before aspirating....

Oh I'm laughing - sorry. You poor thing. You guys are just having some rough times these past weeks! Wait til you have more kids and they learn to share - their germs!!!! Round and round, everyone sick for the entire winter. Oh the joy!

I think that the Halloween stores sell that hair that you can glue onto your body.. ya know .. if you wanted to be wolfman or something.. I am sure you could find something to patch the bald spot!

I never could use that thing on my babies... I was afraid I would suck too hard and get something that I didn't want... like brains or something.

I never got anywhere with nose suckers. I don't think they actually get any snot out.

how the heck do you get that nose sucker thing to work? i can never suck anything out. do you use the saline drops with it? i bought them but am too scared to put them in my son's nose.

YAY! I'm not the only one who calls it a nose-sucker! I loooove our nose-sucker (never thought I would say that before). And yes, I don't have any hair on one side of my head either.

I hated those things. I never thought I cleaned it well enough??

All I can say is EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Oh, it was a happy day in our house when Queen B finally learned to blow her nose. It used to take one of us to hold her down and the other to use the nose-sucker.

You could get a funky Halloween wig? Say that you're celebrating early.

That sounds painful. :-S

You don't need a wig. You're just rocking the latest punk style. Just call it your ode to CBGB.

Ohhh Ouch!!! Sounds like Mia won the battle

I remember being really embarassed for my little brother when he had to have his snot sucked. God, he was so incompetent when he was 1. Whereas I was a worldly 4.

Ouch! Thanks for the advice. I have yet to introduce Aeralyn to the snot syringe of doom, but I can tell you I'm definitely not looking forward to that day.

perhaps there are conditioning properties involved??

Isn't the correct term for that item a "booger snatcher"? At least, that's what I called it. It totally rocked. I had the one the hospital gave us when my son was born, and that thing would snatch boogers from 3 years prior.

I heard that bilevels were coming back into vogue. You might be fine.


Y'know, I never once used a nose sucker on either of my children. Seems like EVERYONE is using them now.
Hmm...I feel like they've really missed out on something in the up bringing. Y'think their too old now?

I never needed one either or maybe I did and just didn't know it. We did use a tiny syringe when they were little. They all hated it.

Don't have kids but the same rule applies when trying to clean a big dogs ears (when oh when did my dog get to be 80 lbs)!!!

You know, I don't even think I've ever seen a nose sucker thingie. Do they actually work?

They can be good at defending themselves when it comes to the nose sucker.

OH, that is hilarious. I don't know any wigs like that. But, maybe a beret?

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