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Odds and Ends

Hi, welcome to Random Day.

I forgot to tell you that Mia and I met Sarah and the Goon Squad. I meant to, and I even have cool pictures of Mia and Shepherd and Ian and Claudia of Goon Squad fame all lined up on the couch, but I can't figure out how to get them off my phone. Because I am dumb. You can see a picture here, aren't they cute? Anyway, yesterday Sarah used my open Bloglines account to subscribe me to something called The Beef Blog. Oh, and also to gay porn, but come on? The Beef Blog? You all wish you were that funny, and so do I. Oh, and don't bother going in to sign me up for crazy things now, it's been done.

Speaking of, please keep on adding yourselves to my Bloglines so I can get you into the Fabulous! Exciting! Blogroll! set to reappear next week, if I don't totally fuck up my site trying to do this migration. Directions are here. I am going to leave that open through the end of the day and then will close it down so I can actually get everything moved over and checked out (am not stupid, shocking I know, but true) and posted over at the new place. With any luck, you won't even notice the change, but if things look a little strange over the next few days cut me some slack, yo.

Next, I adore this idea, (more details and pictures here) so you should all go send Wordgirl pictures of your front door or post them on your own blogs with a link back to her. Here are mine:

Front door, explanation of the sign taped up there is here.

View from the front door, Clutter By Mia

Ok, that's it for now, but I may be back as I think of things. Oh, no post for you tomorrow, I have a huge hell of a lot to do to get ready for the big thrilling weekend of breaking my website to serve you better. Send cookies.

Comments (25)

The beef blog and gay porn were the only two you found?

Granted, those were the funniest two, but there is more.


Loved the pictures!

You can buy a cord and software to take the photos off your phone and move them to your computer, but that's rather expensive. The easiest way is to e-mail them to yourself. Call up each photo individually and select "Send in Message." Instead of a phone number, type in your e-mail address. My carrier charges 10 cents for each photo e-mailed, but you can send a lot of photos for the cost of the cord and software. HTH!

I love the colors of your living room SO MUCH, I am in full copy-cat mode, thinking, "WE need a purple sofa! And WE need a green chair! And we have to redo our floors that color! And then I need to find that picture above the couch that so perfectly matches the coffee table that so perfectly matches the screen in the corner!

Way to decorate, Decorating Genius! You never breathed a word of your talents!

your house looks so beautiful. :)
hate you.

I use my phone to send the pictures to my Flickr e-mail address (it counts as a "multimedia message"). Will your phone let you create a contact called Flickr with the e-mail address for your acct? Then it should just be a matter of sending the photos out. In theory.

clutter? you call that clutter?

You were BOO'D!

I added myself to your blogroll.. now that means that uh.. well I'll have to update my blog, knowing that people might actually read it!

WHERE IS THE CLUTTER???? I see it not...

That is too funny! I got Boo'd also the other night--it happens every year in Utah...hmmm and all this time I thought it was a mormon thing. Good luck with the cut over!

I can send you some pictures of actual clutter and you'll feel so much better.

Would I be a total suck-up if I sent you chocolate mousse instead of cookies?

I'm back to say these people are right. THAT is no clutter.

Ok, I tried. But Bloglines apparently has no love for me or just knew that I wasn't you and kept trying to log me into my own account.

OK, I suck and have been super swamped at work and home and never went to update myself on your bloglines. Tell me you haven't deleted me forever!

will pumpkin chocolate chip muffins do? i just made a batch and they are almost better than getting a full night sleep.

I love the painting on your wall, and I think we might have the same rug. Isn't that just squee?

um clutter? i see no clutter. we create more clutter and we only have two cats.

also - i've read the post you sent me to, but i still don't know what the sign on the door says. perhaps it's because it's friday and i've not yet had my coffee?

oh, and also. Totally jealous that you got gay porn ;) nobody loves me enough to mysteriously sign me up for gay porn LOL

The Beef Blog = comedy GOLD.

So... what does the sign on the door say?

Love that picture over the sofa! We have the same color scheme: yellows, purples, reds, greens... Love it.

Clutter, my ass. You want clutter? I'll give you clutter.

What kind of cookies do you want?

Thanks for sharing those pics. The only thing is, I still don't understand what that sign is on your front door. I assume it's related to your BOO gift, but what does it say?

I love what's behind your front door...and the door itself. And your furniture is better than mine. Plus, you have a baby. *sigh* I miss it.

Well, clearly, if you ever come over to my house I'd have to have a cleaning service come over to work for a week first. If you think your house is cluttered, you'd take one look at mine and run!

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