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Seven plus one

I meant to get back to mention this yesterday, I really did, but it just didn't happen. Largely because I spent Mia's only nap making Chris's favorite dinner. (Stuffed peppers, which I always thought was his favorite dinner, but then last night when I served dinner I said I had made it because I loved him and he said he would eat it because he loved me, so maybe I need to rethink this one.) Anyway, yesterday was our seventh wedding anniversary. When I mention that, I always feel the need to add that in January, we will have been together for 14 years.

We've now been married longer than we dated, and in honor of that I have decided to answer some of the most common questions I get on the subject.

Q. Why did you wait so long to get married?
A. None of your goddamned business.

Q. Why did you wait so long to have a baby?
A. None of your goddamned business.

Q. Did you smear that cake all over his face? Did ya? Huh? Huh?
A. Yes, but only a little bit. And I made him go first and he was all nice about it but then I knew I was in the clear and could do whatever I wanted without fear of retribution. And it was too late, he had already married me.

Q. Gosh, is it just fabulous being married to such a _______ guy? (Fill in the blank with funny, cute, smart, handsome, weird, immature, etc.)
A. Yes, nearly always.

Q. How do you have such a perfect marriage?
A. We don't. We work really, really hard at keeping it good. Except sometimes we don't work really, really hard and it gets pretty crappy, so we go back to working really, really hard at keeping it good. Marriage is making the effort every single day, and then forgiving each other for the days that you don't. Oh, and dancing in the kitchen, that's important too.

Oh fine, fine, here's the mushy bit.

BB -

Thank you for seven years far more good than bad, for being my soul-mate, my kindred spirit, for laughing at my jokes, and for always letting me know when I'm being an asshole.

All my love for all time,

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Awww. Now, I am going to sit here and wonder what the hell BB is.

Ditto what Jen said.

I was at a wedding this weekend where the bride and groom fed each other very nicely. Then they turned around and smushed cake in the faces of the maid-of-honor and best man. Very unexpected

Happy Anniversary - hope it was wonderful and that you both enjoyed the dinner! ;) Sometimes the quiet anniversaries are the nicest...we're hitting 6 this year and all I want to do is curl up with the hubs and relax over it.

Thanksgiving/Fall weddings are so common these days. My brother just got married on sunday and my parents wedding anniversary is today. Congrats to you both on 7 years of wedded bliss. Here's to many many more :) ya, what does bb stand for? hmmmm...

Awwww, shucks. This makes me REALLY miss my hubby.

Hey, my husband and I also dated for 7 years before we got married. There was no cake smashing though. I told John if he smashed cake in my face, I would pitch a fit that would make him regret marrying me. He had the same rule about anyone trying to do the electric slide at our wedding. It worked for us. :)

BB stands for 'Big Booger'. Hopefully not 'Blue Balls'.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

happy anniversary!

you must post a picture now...since Chris did
(and can i just looked STUNNING at your wedding!)

Its lovely to see that peole can still stay together for that long. Waiting seven years to actually get married obviously did you two good :).

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary!!! (late by 1 day)

Awww... Congratulations!

awwwww. anyhow, if you said it was perfect that would be a really, really bad sign.


Stuffed peppers ... you should get laid for that.

Congrats. Liked what you said about working on marriage.


Thank goodness we are going away for our anniversary - no home cooking will be expected!

I admire your marriage because I know you guys work hard at it and love each other very much. You two are golden, a great team, and so funny together. Funny in a good way, of course. Not to mention you created the world's most beautiful child.

My husband and I will have been together for 12 years in January, and married for just over 7. We celebrate our wedding anniversary of course, but the anniversary of our first date is more important to us since we've been committed and in love since then. That's the one that's really special to us. And we have a one year old too, so you guys didn't wait too long!

Happy Anniversary ! Marriage is hard work but so worth it :)..On our 10yo anniversary hubby gave me a beautiful ring with seven little diamonds on it. We joke that even though it was our 10 anniversary the 7 diamonds represented the 7 "good" years..Enjoy the adventure !

Thank you for bringing a smile to my face, Beth. I'm having a crappy day. Really, you did it. Thank you. And, yes, marriage is definitely work. So true, no matter how fabulous each partner is. happy anniversary!

Who the hell's favourite dinner is stuffed peppers? Aren't they, like, soooo boring? If you actually have an exciting recipe for them, tell me! or post it!

Okay, you made me smile and chuckle. Chris's post today is INSANE (in the hilarious sort of way). The two of you, together, have just totally perked me right out of my bad mood! kudos and thanks!

Should have read this post first. I wouldn't be asking silly questions about menus.

Love the bell pepper misunderstanding. Sounds like our house.

Awwwwww. And I'll eat stuffed peppers any time! You know, in case you have any leftovers

And I bet Chris actually named BillyBob!

Is... *is* named. The "post" clicker is faster than the prooreader. :P

heh and the "prooreader" just proved it.
Congratulations, again, on fourteen great years. Thanks, also, for being realistic about how marriage is, in fact, work, but being an example of just how "worth it" it is.

Actually, I really appreciate hearing that marriage is hard work, so thanks. My parents aren't a good example of a typical marriage because they're too damn happy. Living up to that would be impossible!

You got me all teary eyed in just those 2 sentences of mush. Its good to know the truth about marriages being hard, more people need to be made aware of the fact that its something you have to work at. Even when it is rockstars such as you and Chris. Happy Anniversary!

Congrats you you both.

My husband and I dated for 7 years before we got married a couple of months ago... but I hope and pray we don't have to wait 7 years for a baby since we are wanting one NOW!

You are the purple beneath his wind; he is the wings beneath your ChapstickT. Happy Slightly Belated Anniversary, Ms. Fish!

congrats on 7 years.. :)

I've always loved the questions..

We were living together, (96), Engaged (97), Married (98), and baby (99) rather quickly so we never got the when are youg getting...? questions,

But we have three girls so the obvious one is "Are you going to try again, for that boy?"

None of your goddamned business.

Oh my gosh - I love it! I just came here through the link on rudecactus. A huge high five to the "none of your business" answers. I think I am verbally raped by these questions weekly. It is just the "marriage" question and if I will have another. People forget to think outside the box often. What if I can't have another right? Hmmmmm.... That usually stops them.

Mia - is a DOLL!

Right on, Beth (about things not being anybody's Goddamned business) and although this is late, Happy Anniversary!!

I hope you guys had a great anniversary.

(and thanks for admitting that marriage is hard and that you have to work at it. I think too many people forget to say that. Marriage IS hard and you DO have to work on it. I feel better just saying that from time to time!)

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