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Speaking of weddings

That's my garter from my wedding. I got it two days before the wedding at Hallmark because I had totally forgotten about it and my officemate said I could find them there. She was right, too bad it was so cheap and tacky.

Oh, and that's lotion on Mia's face, not snot. Although it would not be unusual lately for it to be snot. Poor ittle wittle baby has a runny bunny nose.

And finally, a picture Chris is going to hate, but I wanted to show you my awesome backless dress. Also, all the other pictures from our wedding are depressing because I was so thin.

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OO! WEDDING PICTURES! I love wedding pictures. And pictures of Mia. But really, wedding pictures. :o)

LOL! Why would Chris hate that picture? (I repeat, LOL)

Gorgeous backless dress. How fashion-forward of you! I was depressingly skinny at my wedding, too....

And, omigosh, Mia with your garter -- I haven't the words....too adorable! Love her little tummy! Joey has a buddha belly, too! ;)

1) Little baby squirrel suit = awesome.

2) I am a bottomless pit for wedding pictures.

First, A belated Happy Anniversary.
Second, Mia looks precious!
Third, Too thin? I was born too heavy! Yikes!!!
I love the wedding pic, really. I'd love to see more!

Yes more pictures. I would love to see more. You looked like such a happy couple and beautiful bride and handsome groom.

Mia is killing me with her cuteness and thos hair. Those curls at the back which I have mentioned one too many a times.
And you and Chris make a gorgeous couple. Belated Happy Anniversary!

Adorable Mia pics ~ love the bushy tailed squirell suit, too!

Garter = headband ~ Brilliant!

What a beautiful dress you had ~ plus, I love your veil. :)

I had a friend (co-worker, really) who would try her wedding dress on every year for her anniversary. She's been married close to 15 years and it still fits. Now, she has no children...but it still fits. I tried mine on last year (before giving it to mom to make Baby Girl's baptism gown) and it didn't fit. It was my 2nd anniversary ~ Now that's depressing!

yes! More wedding pics ,please! I adore wedding pics!

And Mia with a garter on her head is priceless! Too cute!

Happy Belated Anniversary! And I second (or third, or fourth) the call for more wedding pics, please.

I LOVE the garter as headband! It looks perfect on her.

my my... what are you going to do when she's a teen and refuses to dress up for mommy's blog anymore (let's face it, a 13-year old with a garter-headband will not be quite as cute - especially with an exasperated look on her face that says "mOOOoooOOm!")? (the obvious answer is pop a new cute baby, but is that a sustainable solution, i ask you? nah - so you should probably make us all beg for those wedding pics, and release them sloooooowly!) that the 9 month mark has hit...I find myself looking at my wedding pictures and feeling like bawling, I was so thin. I really should just take them down for a few more months.

Chris isn't exactly Mr. Chubby these days, but he looked so skinny!

Happy Belated Anniversary.

And Mia is precious, as always.

Are they real flowers in your hair? If so, what are they? I noticed them in the picture Chris posted and was wondering. Thanks. And, y'all are cute. =)

Too much cute for one entry! My head is exploding! ;-)

OK, Mia is adorable, as usual.

Love the dress!

And why does he hate the photo? At that angle, he got a bit of the Johnny-Depp-circa-21-Jumpstreet look to him, and that is NOT a bad thing!

OK, Mia is adorable, as usual.

Love the dress!

And why does he hate the photo? At that angle, he got a bit of the Johnny-Depp-circa-21-Jumpstreet look to him, and that is NOT a bad thing!

Yeah, I'm not sure how I managed to post that twice - sorry!

Oh and happy (belated) anniversary!

Like the backless dress, of course, but *love* the hair! That is like the platonic ideal of wedding hair to me, what with the flowers and the veil placement and the cool knot thing you have going. Two thumbs up from this Internet stranger, 7 years after the fact.

Also, I can't figure out if you're depressed because you feel like you were too skinny back then, or because you think you're so not skinny right now. Either way, it is my civic duty to point out that you are on crack, and that you were beautiful then, and are beautiful now. Nyah! So there.

Great pictures, all around. I don't think anyone stays as skinny as they were at 25, kids, or no kids. OK, except for my mom, which is semi-aggravating.

Anyway, great pics, I don't see why Chris doesn't like that picture. Very nice dress, plus the garter makes an adorable headband for Mia.

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