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Too busy

I spent hours upon hours yesterday running around the neighborhood with Mia. She has discovered the joys of outside and the joys of following the neighborhood children around begging them to pay attention to her and that is all she wants to do.

When I am not chasing Mia around, I am spending most of my time assuring my husband that talking like Snoop does not mean that he gets to have hos. (Hey, is that how you spell that? Also, am I a total loser geek for wondering how you spell that?)

Finally, I went to a pseudo-playgroup type thingy this morning and I need to go lie down for a while to recover, so while I do that, I need your opinion on something. I have had this here website for, um two and a half years or so and have made virtually no changes to the design. Is it time? Or actually, is it well past time? Or does everybody read via RSS so it doesn't matter? Whadda ya think?

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let you in on a little secret...I rearrange my lving rm every fall, to make room for the use of fire place, and a christmas tree. So i took it a step further and changed over my site too. I just have to learn how to use it before i go public.

I am a creature who LOVES change. I change my house all of the time amd I can only deal with the same blog design of my own for about a week before I am itching for something new. I don't read in RSS because I love to see other people's designs, mastheads, etc. I say go for it!

I think the fact that you updated Mia's picture in the sidebar can be counted as a design change. I'm clearly not qualified to provide input since I use a lame-o blogger template.

As somebody who reads your blog on her lunchbreak, I'd love a design change that was a little less, "Hi! This is in *no* way related to work!" But that may just be me....

As long as they don't happen too often and aren't too major, I love see design changes on blogs. Keeps things fresh. :)

P.S. When I said not too major, I meant not making major changes so often that I can't remember whose blog I'm reading. Not major changes in general.

i vote for the change.
i just got a whole new website facelift...and i feel prettier all over. :)

I will dissent and say that I like the purple and the stability of knowing what it looks like all the time. Quick and easy to read. Too much change confuses me...

I'm of the "dont fix what ain't broken" school of thought. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to update my site.

I get bored easily, so the colors and patterns on my blog need to change a bit, too. A little change is good. Go for it.

What is RSS? Am I the only loser who doesn't know? I know I have it on my site, but, huh?

According to a girl who recently updated her blog, changed the format for discussion, and then accidentally deleted the blog and had to re-design a new one...I say, sure! Why not? Redecorating is fun.

I'm a new reader so I don't know any better. I've only had my blog for 3 months and I already want a new name. Bottom line is that change is good from time to time. I like to read the actual pages than on Google Reader most of the time.

I think a change would be awesome! This coming from the girl who has no clue what to do with her website, runs screaming at the site of html code, and blogs through blogger because that's the only blog host she can figure out. *sigh* So I guess I will just live vicariously through your changes (assuming you make any).

I use RSS feeds to let me know when something has been updated, but I always click through and read it on-site. I kind of like your design the way it is--but probably would not fall apart if you changed it.

I would love if it you changed it up. Change is good! And one little thing I would love to recommend if you don't think I'm an ass for saying it... I don't like how when I click on another commenters name so that I could maybe look at their blog it only opens up in the small comment box and not in a regular sized window that I can navigate through. Just a thought! Don't be mad! Just my 2 cents!

I like the purple, and the current layout, but I would completely understand if you feel the need for a change, too. I seem to change mine every 6 months or so.

I use Bloglines to see when everybody updates, but I like reading directly at the site, as I really enjoy seeing the designs.

Change wouldn't be bad, I don't think. Not that what you have isn't good, but change is nice. Maybe once a year or so? But keep that fish around somewhere--I like that fish.

I love the purple. And the fish.

Wow, I am so used to the purple and the fish that it is synonymous with Beth.

But I change up my blog all the time, mostly because I can't seem to keep my hands off it.

What do you want to do?

I move my furniture around frequently here. Just seems to spruce thing up more when I do that. If changing the look of your blog floats your boat then I say..."set sail girl" Maybe something autumnal? Just so long as you keep picture of that cutie pie smilin at ussins.

I don't know what RSS is, either.

I am the type of person who never moves any furniture around, because the couch? obviously goes where I put it the first time. The bed, too. All that moving around of furniture is just crazy.

You know I've been reading your blog since the dawn of blog time and I love your little purple space very much. Whatever makes you happy, just whatever you do, keep the fonts big enough to read. I can't take tiny fonts! I am 27 years old people! What are you thinking?

And also, please pretty please don't take away the picture of Stripey Mia.

I think a change will do you good. And Sheryl Crow agrees.

Ok - covering my head in embarrassment - what is "hos" and what is "RSS"? Stop laughing. I say change it....change is good! But I do like the purple -

Um, ok - now I get it. I was reading it sooooooo wrong. Ok, so, is it too early for wine????

I love seeing design changes on people's websites. J says I'm addicted to redesigning my own. But it's fun. So I say, go for it!

Change is good as long as you have the time for it. Personally, I'd rather just take a nap.

it's only time if you really feel like making a change. otherwise, why mess with something that ain't broken?

also, if you let chris have hos, you get to have ballers. it might be worth it. i'm just saying.

I am of the opinion that if you know how to do that sort of thing, then by all means, change away ;)

i do my blog reading thru RSS feeder if the entire post is included. often it's not. but that's not the point. the point is, i change my blog design all the time. i finally created a design which allows me to change color schemes and banner themes quickly. so that i can change whenever i want, without a major redesign. i am currently working a breast cancer month pink thing. and then a halloween thing. and then maybe a NaNoWriMo thing, and then it's xmas of course...

i think i should point out, the reason i do these redesigns - it's usually procrastination to avoid housework or work-work. :)

Should I admit that I still don't know what RSS feed is, or what I would even do with a RSS?!

I love your site. I think it looks good. But if you want to change it...go for it!

I sort of know what RSS is but I'm afraid of it for fear of never getting anything done. I like the elegant simplicity of your website, so if you do decide to update it don't go too crazy please.

For all the personal websites I read for fun, I visit them only, no RSS. It's more about the experience rather than reading posts with 50 billion other posts I have delivered via RSS.

I vote for change. And make sure it reflects your creativity. I know you are more than a fish. Do I need to take a picture of a sticker on my forehead that reads: I voted for change?

This guy develops a mean website. Be forewarned, he likes black and white and his a little glib!


I have been waiting so long for you to ask this question.

Yes. The change is long overdue. I make my living designing websites, and while yours is very attractive, it drives me batty that it's always the same. I have said nothing about it because I rarely change mine, and you have an excuse. Hello - chasing baby? Big time commitment!

I think it's sad that so many people read via RSS and don't get to see the prettyness of everyone's websites. However, I think that it's important to redesign because for those of us who DO visit individual sites, it's like coming ot your house. It's an extension of who you are.

I think that was four cents rather than two cents. :o)

the way I see it, it's *your* blog, and you can do whatever you want to it. if you want to change it, go for it. if you don't, then don't. :)

i generally read via bloglines.. but sometimes i click over (like, to comment) or to see the Mia Monday stuff :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what RSS is.

I'd say if you feel like its time for a change..then change. I must say I do like the purple though.

Now, don't get to excited but, I was actually thinking about your blog design today--weird....kismet....Anyway, I was thninking how much I LOVE IT. I love coming here, love the purple, love the fish, love the purple with the yellow fish. It's really lovely! That's just my humble little opinion.

And, yeah, I think that's how you spell hos. It's my initials, so I should know.... :|

A slight change would be nice, but don't do anything you don't want to do. :-)

Purple, purple, purple.

I don't believe I've ever seen ho written in the plural. It looks strange but hoes would look even stranger.

I like your blog's appearance; but I also understand needing a change now and then. So go for it!

I wish I was computer literate. I use blogger because I'm not; hence, the lame template. Maybe someday I'll find the time to be a little more creative. ;-)

If you're bored with it: change it :) But I still like it! I like to change mine every once in a while. It's like spring cleaning :)

I say, if it ain't broke...

I don't use RSS feed. I don't know why..I just never ever have. I visit the actual sites
Hmmm maybe I'll try now.

Anyway, Noah (who is sometimes sitting beside me on the couch while I read a blog or 2 or 126) LOVES the fish on the top. LOVES it.
So...he might really be mad at you if you change it..and he might eat all your that was totally Noah..not me...NOOOO not me at all..I WAS on my WAY to post office...when I noticed they had been eaten...again.
*sigh* I swear I am totally sending them.

Well, good luck with the playgroup. I know how much you love them.

And I find your website quite easy to read. Change if you must, but, as far as I'm concerned, this one works well.

RSS is for internet hippies. If you read via RSS you don't get to see the exciting things people DO with their sites!

I've only been reading your blog for a few weeks but I'm excited to see what new stuff you can come up with.

I've been struggling with mine for going on 6 or 7 designs in as many years - always trying to design something that will last forever so I can stop redesigning it. Maybe the next evolution will do it - I'm going to be publishing my latest design in a week or so. :)

Perhaps more fish? Obviously there is just one Fish. But fish travel in schools and so I think the yellow fish might be lonely.

First time at your site but before I got to that part about changing the design I was thinking how I liked your design. And since I'm such an expert . . . :)

once my son discovered the joys of playing outside and of other children, playing in the nice indoors with air conditioning were over. Which is ok sometimes, because being outside really tuckers the kid out and it is fun and all but i live in Florida. And most of the year it is hot as hell outside and i feel like i am going to melt. But my kid doesnt seem to notice when mommy melts. So i suffer. Today was the 1st really cool day out and we spent most of it outside and it was great. I think it was only like 80 outside. Yae. Fall is finally here.

yes, no.
yes, well..., no.
not much, whatdya think?

I like it.

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