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I just noticed an email in my spam folder that promised "sweeter tasting sperm."

I am so disturbed by that I may have to go lie down. Of course, had to share it will all of you first.

Also, shouldn't it really be sweeter tasting semen? I mean, I doubt what you are tasting is the actual sperm, given they are so small and all.

Yeah, sorry about this one. Someone needs to take away my publish button.

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Eww....I am going to have to lie down now too. You think my supervisor might be a little bothered by this? I could just tell her why....


This was the best blog post I've read ALL YEAR.

Good thing I just emailed you something soooo much better!

That beats most of mine although I have received invitations from people looking for grannies. Purpose? I don't even want to think about it.

Seriously, that's one of the funniest things I've read in a while and I desperately needed funny.

Ewwww Lol- but still eeeeeeeeewwwww.

Gross. And also! I can add to this. In high school, this was a topic of GREAT INTEREST, because it seemed SO GROWN UP and SO DIRTY and also was a sex topic that could be discussed by the girls who were Doing It AND the girls who were Waiting.

Unfortunately I have forgotten most of the tips. But I think one was that the guy was supposed to drink pineapple juice.

Ew ew ew.

Maybe when you redesign your website you can change the text of your "Publish" button to "Sweeter Tasting Sperm". Maybe you'll be less inclined to post whacky topics. Of course I only come here for the whacky stuff. :)

I love that what disturbed you was not necessarily the content of the email but the incorrect use of the word "sperm"

what else is there to say...!!!????

My spam email box at work gets about 100-200 of those per week.

Let's just say I took their advice. I could be the richest, smartest, and well hung guy around (and apparently best tasting too).

That post is too funny.....

That's so funny! I've heard that diet can make a difference in taste though, so maybe it wasn't total false advertising! :)

Yep, you're correct. It should say "semen," otherwise the tips wouldn't apply to all the guys who have had vasectomies...hehe.

No, someone needs to ban spam already! My inbox is swimming with "sweeter-tasting-sperm" type emails (pun intended, of course). It sucks!

Ok, I needed more of a warning in the Title... just so you know, I was eating clam chowder-New England, Clam Chowder at my desk at work while reading.

But on the bright side, my desk is really clean after spitting out soup all over it!

Can't stop laughing over Kate's clam chowder comment. Beautiful.

Definite echoeing of the "eeewwww" coming from me. Blahck.

I really don't have a comment to that... spam's fantastic isn't it?

I'd heard the pineapple juice thing too. Random bits of information. Just lovely.

Sperm SPAM...

Oh, I just thought of something. Since your blog probably ranks in the search engines for a lot of obscure things, it will probably now rank for "sweeter tasting sperm". Aren't you lucky!

Yes, eating fruit will help with that.

No, I'm not going to get into how I know that.

*runs away*

The really disturbing part is that someone out there will buy this product. And probably try to use it as a pick up line.

all I get is An@l F1sting in my spam.

Could you imagine being the tester for that product? I mean someone has to be able to say, "It's true, I tested it." YUCK-O.

I'm just at a loss ~ They couldn't pay me enough to test taste seamen (or sperm or whatever).


Now if they could just apply that energy to making sweeter tasting broccoli. Maybe then I could get my son to eat something that resembles a vegetable.

Where else on a global scale can you find a semantic argument of sperm vs. semen but on the information highway. Is the internet great or what?
For no particular reason this discussion reminded me of one of the best cuts I ever heard.
"Out of a million sperm, it's hard to believe you were the winner."
That one always cracks me up.

Okay, I admit it -- I'm an "only occasional" reader of your blog. But this post?

After this post, I'm coming to your site like a religion, man. THAT was funny.



Yuck. I hate spam mail.

wow. thanks for putting that one out there. ;) We can always count on you for an interesting read.

oh, gag. literally.

That reminded me of the old joke:

Q: "What can jelly beans do that Ronald Reagan can't?"

A: "Come in different colors."

And no, I'm not picking on Reagan, but like I said - it was an OLD joke. I guess you're just supposed to pick somebody.

bwahahahahahahahaha!! hahaha! haha! ha. whew. oh dear.

That's just wrong.

If it interests you, maybe you should pass it along to Chris.


is it wrong that i want to know more about the content of said spam mail? like what, pray tell, makes it sweeter? yeah, that's just wrong.

at my work email i get spam's for penis enlargement thanks.

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