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Big girl

Hey, guess who went to Thanksgiving dinner with a huge tear in her clothes? I'll give you a hint, it wasn't Mia. Fortunately, it was only my sleeve this time, but when it was pointed out to me I had a vague recollection of wearing that top a while ago, discovering it was torn (in a large and noticeable manner) and then just putting it back in my closet until I forgot about it and wore it again. I am so classy.

There, you see it? Left sleeve? Hott.

Thanksgiving was lovely, I'm sad it's over because my goal for today is to rake the leaves. I have to wait for Mia to take her nap though, so maybe I will just encourage her to stay awake all day.

Oh, I've added a passphase verification to my comments because the spambots are introducing entirely too much stress into my life. Don't worry, it's just an extra word to type in, not one of those annoying, hard to read strings of gibberish. If you hate it, let me know, but if it works I'll probably keep it anyway.

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typing "duck" is fun!!
With that adorable big girl around, no one should have been looking at your sleeve tear :-)

First jeans, now this? And you wonder why you can't have nice things.

It could have been worse.


You are both so beautiful and with the cute and adorable Mia around who would ever notice your tear. Just take it to the the cleaners and have it fixed. You look too good in it to just get rid of it. I think Mia just killed hundreds with her cute factor.

I love Mia's dress - so precious! Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving.! nifty. fun to type. i like it. duck duck duck.

the evil spambots would pine for me if i found a way to block them out, i think...but perhaps it's worth considering. i get tired of all the penis enlargement and mortgage spam. what i want to know is, after all these years of the same darn junk mail, is anybody really falling for that crap anymore?

btw...vented sleeves are very in. definitely hott. and Mia is adorable...the only time i mind O being a boy is when all the little velvet and plaid Christmas dresses come out. :) not that he doesn't look cute in his too...but people look at me funny when i take him out in it.


funny. on weds i put on a pink shirt and i had a vague sense that i shouldn't really be doing that but it was early and i was annoyed by the fact that i had to go to work so i just went with it. it wasn't until i was at the office and happened to look down to see a blue pen stain right above the right boob that i remembered why the pink shirt was supposed to have been thrown away and not hung back up in the closet. oh well. it was a short day anyway. it's a good thing me and you dont hang out. the world couldn't handle that much hottness all at once. of this i am sure.

does it ever get old to hear you have a fantastically beautiful, adorable child? well, just in case it doesn't, you do. for serious.

I use word verification too. It worked wonderfully for a few months and now it sucks again. Changing the word once in a while helps.

Mia looks lovely in that dress! You do too, even with the extra skin showing. ;-) You guys really go all out for Thanksgiving! I'm usually in sweats all day.

Love the dress and red shoes! Don't feel so bad. I realized after visiting one or two stores the other day that I was walking around with an address label affixed to my arm which my dear daughter stuck to me. People must have thought I needed to keep my address attached to my body so I could find my way home again.

Mia looks so cute!

I wonder, too, how many people could possibly be giving their bank account information to Nigerians, or sending away for information about various enlargement possibilities. It must be enough for it to still be worth it to spam, which I find disturbing.

Mia looks so cute. her dress is adorable

I actually like the tear....It's a good look! LOVE what Mia's wearing. LOVE! ;)

did you not notice the breeze???

you know what...Mia looks so darned adorable...people probably didn't even notice your hole :)

OMGosh... sorry to hear (and see) the rip in the dress. Kind of funny... in a few years it will be a great 'remember that Thanksgiving when...." type story.

Why not type fish??? Why duck? LOL.

Oh Ali, this is our beloved Beth, the one who didn't notice the breeze on her bare ass

Beth, you still look snazzy...just don't extend your arm and no one will ever know...well, except for us internets.
Mia, as always, looks adorable. LOVE the shoes! Glad you guys had a nice day.

Love the taffeta party dress! She's lovely!

As for the leaves: if you rake them while she's asleep, who will jump into the big piles you make? (My boy looooves the crunchy leaves!) ;-)

That is hilarious! But you both look very nice anyway-- I am sure from the front, anyway. LOL.

I have to get a pair of dress pants repaired because I stepped on the cuff enough times with my pointy shoes that the hem is completely gone. Sigh.

Mia looks so great. I love her shoes.

Heh. Duck. Hey, is there spell check in the comments now? Crazy. Or maybe that's just something on my computer that I never noticed before. ANYWAY lol.
You look so grown up in that picture...and love the sexy heels :-D

Oh my goodness! Mia is just making me going into a diabetic coma, she looks so sweet! No fair all that yumminess the day after I have eaten like a fool and even my socks are tight! LOL
If anyone had mentioned the tear you simply could say that it's Chris's fault. When in doubt blame the unsuspecting husband. Works for me.

I think you secretly want to be a burlesque dancer and you keep wearing ripped up clothes to ease your family into the idea.

Love both dresses. The tear looks fixable from here.

Typing duck is much simpler than typing xlgqwmmn.

Wow, Mia has become such a little lady! On top of that, she can also keep her clothes all intact.

I'm astounded by your classiness! You are having some rather bad luck lately with your clothes, but those shoes? Fabulous! I think you totally made up for the tear with those shoes.

And Mia is such a beautiful little girl! The dress is too cute!

OMG, the similarities are endless!!!

First, I have a bedroom FULL of torn and otherwise ill-fitting clothes. I walk around looking like a hobo all the time. It was bad enough when I was a SAHM, but it's getting a little pathetic now that I have a paying job.

Also, your word verification is what I call my daughter.

Are you sure you're not me?

Oh my goodness, Mia is so beautiful. And that dress is really cute, minus the tear.

And here was me thinking that kind of stuff only happened to me!

um why are there presents on that there counter top? Do you wacky Americans gift special presents at Thanksgiving or something?

Mia looks so grown up and absolutely beautiful. I don't know how you managed to eat turkey dinner when your daughter is just so delicious!

First the ripped jeans, now the dress. Am I sensing a theme? Perhaps you are just trend-setting.

I would have never noticed. I was more focused on the fact that there is carpet in that person's kitchen. What a brave soul. Have you any idea what carpet in MY KITCHEN would look like in just a matter of days?

*shudders at the thought*

Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

DUCK. Very easy. I hate those ones where you can't really read what you're supposed to type to prove you're a human. I feel very inept when that happens.

This week I left the house for work once with a sweater on inside out, once wearing Justin's socks instead of mine, and once I almost left without shoes.

So you're doing fine.

Spammers are evil. Mia ia adorable. I have done that same thing with ripped clothes. Or if something I own has a non-wash-out stain on it, I'll point it out to everyone like, "oh, look what I did on my way out the door this morning!" even though the stain has lived there for months.

Oh man, I know you're vegetarian and all, but how in the heck did you manage to not gobble Mia up?! She looks so sweet in that dress. :)

At least you have the smokin' hot ass to distract from the torn sleeve. Yikes.

You know, perhaps you should get your breeze detector checked. This is the second time you've gone out in public in the past month with clothing on that is less than in tact...

1st the jeans now the shirt...maybe its time for a shopping trip :)

...and the dress was put away with your self assurance that you will fix it.
...then you'll pull the dress out and wear it again, without repair, but with a nagging feeling there was 'something', but the dress looks OK.
It happens.

I just went to a mother/daughter thing and one of the other women had a tear in her jeans in exactly the same place. (First me, then you, then's a jeans co. conspiracy.) I'm sure she didn't know it either. That doesn't have anything to do with the sleeve...but at least Thanksgiving is generally with family. And, Mia is beautiful in red.

nice gams, though.

What an adorable big girl! She looks like a little girl and not a baby! (I know that is NOT what you want to hear!) And you look very nice too, all grown up and what-not. Very classy, um, except for that tear...

Aww...what a cute picture of Mia! You guys dress all nice for Thanksgiving. I went in jeans and a T. I can't stuff myself silly and enjoy it while wearing nice clothing :)


Mia is just precious and scrumptious in her holiday dinner outfit, and you are so lovely, even with a torn sleeve. (Hey, at least you were among family.) What is freaking me out is how many people seem to dress up for Thanksgiving - HELLO? How are you supposed to eat a third helping in a nice dress? :)

The comment verification thingy is totally cool. No problem!

Hope you guys had a great turkey day and just so you know i have totally done the same thing with the torn sleeve thing. I always put it back in the closet thinking i will pull it out later and just stitch it up. Which i never do. and then i wear the shirt and get totally called out by whoever i am hanging out with. So i get it.

Mia is absolutely adorable.

Mia! Is so! Cute!

if I hadn't almost died from appedicitis a few days ago, that picture of Mia would have done me in for sure. And seriously? A tear in your shirt? that's the best you can do? How abous sauntering down the hall of the hospital, doped up on Vicoden, with your ass bared for all to see? Feeling better? I thought so...

I don't mind typing duck for you. No biggie. Love the picture. You're right she sure is getting big.

I think the passcode is a fantastic idea.

Down with all spambots!

I can't believe you didn't pick "chapstick" as your special word. I think you look terrific, tear and all. You are wearing hose and heels. And your toddler is adorable and nstained, at least in these pictures. That is quite an accomplishment.

You are super classsaaaayyy. :)

No worries on the comment thing. One note though... could you make it so we can tab to it? In your Idiv. Entry Template, where it says "" slip a tabindex="4" in there. Then make the one by the Comments part into a 5 instead of a 4.

I'm glad to know someone else also leaves the house unaware of some "issue" with their clothing... I made it to work once with my shirt inside out! EEK! And have gone around town with large stains down the front of my clothing, only to notice much later when I returned home... hrmmm... people must think I don't look at myself before I leave the house! :P

If you use wordpress, then this plug in is awesome. It saved me from going insane once from the bots.

Mia looks precious. And Mommy? Well she looks like....a Mommy! What can I say? I can't remember the last time I left the house with out a stain, tear, or forgetting to take off a sales tag. I think it's the Mommy uniform.

Lol! Good anti-spam word!

The other day I had people around for dinner, so I made an effort and put some make up on. That night I was washing it off with my oil-based make up remover which I splattered all of my trousers. Damn, I thought - what on earth am I going to wear tomorrow? as none of my jeans fit anymore (and that weight gain has got nothing to do with motherhood). The next morning, I put the same trousers on got to work and thought ick thats not smart. The day after that I got up and put the same trousers on again.

I know, Im gross. But I can genuinely say that I feel your ripped shirt shame.

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