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By popular demand

Rick said that you all need "closure," and around here if you ask you usually get, so here we go. The full outfit (lower half anyway) from yesterday for your mocking pleasure and my continued mortification.

First, here's what it was supposed to look like:

Not stellar, but not awful. And actually, I don't quite feel like admitting what I wore out of the house yesterday, so we will do multiple choice. It was either these:

Or these:

Or these:

Click to make them bigger, if you must. Are you all happy now? Also, can you tell I'm trying to hide the fact that I'm knock-kneed? How'd I do?

New topic - I've decided it will be fun (in a crap, I'm such a suburban soccer mom now that it isn't even funny kind of way) to trade Christmas (or other appropriate holiday) cards with you guys. If you are interested, email me your address (beth at sothefishsaid dot com) and I will email you mine (P.O. Box, so no stalkers need apply) and then when the time is right we can send each other little bits of festive holiday cheer in the actual by god U.S. Mail and then we can all drink egg nog in front of the fire until we pass out and vomit in our mother-in-law's ficus. Oh, is that just me? Never mind that last bit.

Comments (47)

Oh yes, my dear, the black pumps are definitely it! LOL!
PS: My Sony Camcorder arrived today. Now it's time to learn to video before Greta gives birth!

lol I bet it was the last one!! Because the first of the stripy pics is fairly cute, the second is just... wrong. ;)

Wow. Um, I'm hoping it was the first pair, but really, put the boots on next time! :-)

Oh I *totally* wanna swap holiday cards! See? This is why you are so awesome. I'm emailing you right now (and please don't sell my information, as I know you are prone to do).

I'd like you think you went with choice one, but I'm betting choice three as they look comfy and are just the kind of thing that would be sitting next to the door for quick errands. I live in SoCal, so I wear my flip flops more often than is strictly proper. But I skip the fuzzy socks.

THE SECOND ONE! PLEASE LET IT BE THE SECOND ONE!!! But I'm guessing it was the first for real.

Dude, I've been doing the Christmas card thing for a couple of years now. It's way totally fun. (Or perhaps I am just dorky beyond my years. Whatever. It's still fun.)

I'm almost willing to bet all my riches that it was the third choice that you wore, but it would have been much MUCH more hilarious if it would have been choice two. Thanks for posting that! And I am emailing you as we do realize you are going to have to spend a small fortune in postage when this is all said and done right?

Choice #1?

If it was me then it definitely would've been choice #3.

Thanks for the laugh!

Maybe I'm just used to my wife and her compulsion to wear really warm fuzzy socks (the more colors, strips, or patterns, the better) all year long (for pretty much any occasion, public or not) ... but none of those look that bad (okay, if I must be honest, the strappy-pumps would go better with rainbow socks)

Though the boots do rock, and the last shoe choice looks like the coziest option, I think the first shoe choice has the most style ... though of course, it all depends how the socks coordinated with your top - and how you accessorized ...

And, if requests are being granted ... how about a "Dress Beth for a Day" poll where us groupies get to vote on an outfit (either complete outfit choices, or, if you want to be daring, let us mix and match different pieces) ...

I can type duck, I am not a bot. You went out in outfit #3. Those are your favorite shoes and all the pictures in which you are not visiting the relatives and vomiting in their ficus tree you are wearing them. So, definitely #3.

Oh....I love the dress Beth for the day!!!!! Yes yes yes!!!!!!! We must do this!!!!!!

Your knees are wicked fat.
They must have absorbed the 11 pounds.
I'm JUST kidding! Your knees are lovely.

You left the house in the socks and the shoes in the first picture.

Those boots rock. I covet them. #2 would have been hysterical and for sure you would have ended up as a cameraphone pic on someones Fug page. I'm betting it was the third pic too cause those shoes look really comfy.

I am totally on the #2 bandwagon. The heels and the fuzzy socks...OMG girl, you are gonna start a trend! Can you imagine? You would know you were looking at another blogger on the street if she were wearing heels and fuzzy socks...we would call it the "Fish Look". I am so going home to put mine on right now, so I can be first in my neighbourhood to sport the trend!

On behalf of everyone, thanks.

I'm hoping it was number one. But, since I see absolutely nothing wrong with number one (is that a bad thing?) I'm betting it was number three.

hmmmm you know how it makes me feel when someone with such nice legs (I cannot for the life of me find any of those frikkin boots that will fit my calves - nothing below the knee, ever - EVER, not even at my skinniest - which is not "skinny" but "big-boned-thin") complains of her fat state? it makes me evil. >:-)
EVIIIIIIIIIIIIIL. Yeah that was a compliment (there was one in there i swear). An EVIL one!

What is this U.S. Mail that you speak of? Is that some sort of new website?

Just so you know, you cannot possibly ever surprise me with what you have worn in public. I have taken to wearing boxer shorts and pajama bottoms in public and on occasion, oscar the grouch slippers. I have no shame whatsoever.

Dammit, I forgot to type duck.

To quote Linda:

"You went out in outfit #3. Those are your favorite shoes and all the pictures in which you are not visiting the relatives and vomiting in their ficus tree you are wearing them. So, definitely #3."

For future reference, #1 looks completely intentional and stylin', and I think you should wear that outfit in public another day. I am not kidding, which is a nice way to describe what those people who are telling you to wear #2 in public are doing. Kidding. Cruel, cruel kidding.

Also, you have very nice legs and knees. You hid the knock-kneed thing very well. I never would have guessed. Seriously.

Any other questions?

I think you went with the shoes in the bottom picture. I mean...if it was me, that's SO what I would do.

I think its the third one, the first is actually kind of cute, so if it was that one, it's not too bad...

I'm knock kneed, too...I'll have to try your posing trick. :)

Please tell me it wasn't number 2. You can't get much worse than that. Otherwise, the other two choices look about the same to me.

I'm betting on 3, because #1 wouldn't be that awful. and #2 is just crazy talk! ;)

It was so the first pair, wasn't it.

And I don't do Holiday Careds, I do Valentines every year, instead. I'll email ya.

This is totally not answering any of your questions, but that's a cute skirt - where'd you get it?

Woo! What a lovely idea. And I have to say, much as I love you, that sock/show combination is quite horrible.

Nice socks! They look warm.

Put me on your list! You already have my list, and I have yours, so we're all set. (But let me know if you need it again.)

Also, the sock story is just too funny. Thanks for further illustrating it for us.

That is a cool idea.

And I'm sure it was #3 also. Your shoe album said they were your most comfy ones, so I'm betting you had them on and didn't even realize it when you left the house.


it's most likely number 3, but i wish it were number 2 because hot damn! that would've been a squillion times funnier to imagine!

totally hott, beth, totally....

You're doing christmas cards this year???? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooooh, the second one! The second one!

(That looks like a GREAT skirt, by the way!)

Love the skirt and boots combo!

So, I totally love the idea of sharing cards. I don't know what your email is but you obviously get mine when I post this... hahaha, where there's a will, there's a way!

And I'm thinking it was picture #1. They are slip-ons and when you are in a hurry, you slip-on... right?

I am totally digging the socks. Those are HAWT!!!

And since I know you, cuz, after reading here so long, I really must know you by now...

I have the one must have the you will want to add to your Christmas list this year.

Cuz seriously, who doesn't need vibrating slippers! The possibilities, they are endless. I'll take 3 please!

How festive! Christmas cards! What a fun idea.

Very cute skirt too, not crazy about the sock combos. But you always look good, even in rockin'socks. :D
or the smokin' ass in torn jeans.


I hope you wore the shoes in the second picture.

i'm hoping it was #1, but if i saw you (or someone else) wearing something similar to #2, i would have to laugh and point because i'm a bitch like that. (and #1 was totally cute!)

Definitely #3. Those shoes looks so comfortable and you were in a hurry so you just threw on the most accessible shoes you could find. Since they are your favorite they might have been sitting in the last place you took them off, by the door. So, on your way out the door you put them on.

I really really love those socks! Socks are awesome!

based solely on the hideousness, I'm picking option three.

k - the boots - thie jean skirt and black boots...makes you look an swful lot like me. so...stellar, damnit.

i don't even want to venture a guess...since i hope it wasn't any of those 3. but the best of the bunch - albeit 1983 (if you scrunched 'em down a little) - is #1.

but...i still love you Beth. we all suffer from mommy brain from time to time. and you get extra points for actually posting the photos!

The second picture looks exactly like an outfit my daughter has worn--to church! (I say pick your battles.)

Option 3.

PS: Egg nog. Yes! ANOTHER reason to love the holiday season.

love you.
hate cards.

oooh. i'm doing a christmas card exchange on my blog too. so I'm in. but i think you already have my address and i have your's (PO Box).

so no email necessary :P

and also, i hope to god it was #1 of those non-boot choices...

Oh my...I am super slow on the uptake! I've been reading you on Playgroup Dropout for awhile, but never knew about this blog!

I've been "catching up" and reading the last 2 months worth of posts and peeing my pants. You kill me!!

I love the Christmas card idea...put me on your list!

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