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Don't you wish your girlfriend was a MILF like me?

This is getting outrageous. I mean, first I do these horribly, mortifying things, and then I feel compelled to tell the entire world about them. Anyway, since it is supposed to be 66 degrees here today and since I only have two pairs of pants that fit me in an acceptable manner these days and one of them is covered in yogurt from Mia's dinner last night and the button popped off the other pair (shut up, I hate you) I am wearing a skirt. It's a cute skirt and it looks really cute with my tall black boots, which is what I planned to wear when I took Mia to get the second half of her flu shot this morning.

However, since this is me we are talking about and since Mia is teething again (which, the hell? She has plenty of teeth) and I am sleep deprived and since we were running a little late I just threw some shoes on over what I was wearing and ran out of the house without giving it much thought. I do that fairly often, but usually I am wearing pants and it isn't so obvious that what I happened to be wearing was these:

So 1) if he didn't before, the hotty pediatrician definitely wants me now, and 2) is there anyway to take a picture of your own legs without them looking so, you know, tubby?

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I think it is adorable.

you know who would appreciate this outfit? Rockstar Mommy

duck duck duck duck duck
I love typing duck.


Love the post heading. And no there's no way to take that picture like there's no way to take a picture of your ( plural ) stomach without seeing a pooch. I've tried. You can suck in and all, but unless you put it on the tripod and take the leg pic .. uh uhhh ... no way.


I don't think we can fully appreciate the humiliation unless we see the shoes on, too. Because the socks look kind of cute, actually.

i demand to see a photo of the entire outfit. skirt, socks and shoes.

Love it, really I do. But you know you really are a little vixen, tempting Hottie Pediatrician like this!

Niiiiccce! Now that is some quality temptation. How could Hottie resist you?

aw hell, at least the shoes matched.

(they did, didn't they?)

they're actually quite good legs, Ms. Funky Sox. perhaps the look was a little more Raggedy Anne than you were aiming for, but one never knows what's going to drive the hottie Pediatrician mad, after all. :)

Those are the non-tubbiest legs I've ever seen.

I think the gams are gorgeous and the socks are cute! I would love to see the whole outfit too though, I must say. I'll bet you rocked it, socks and all!

I am impressed at your fashion prowess.

I want to pet your socks. I think I'm gonna have to wear my fuzzies today now. And you're so hawt, no matter how you slice it, lady. :-P

Holy Hell, Beth.. those socks? I've GOT to have them... because they are SOOO Hott. (I'm being serious, where'd you get them, because they look so yummy and warm and comfy...)

Was it wrong to laugh? :-)


are you kidding?!? those are SO hott!

Oh Beth, how could you NOT know by now that the Hott Pediatrician has a Stripe Fetish?

Cute socks! Thats not embarassing.

Feel better, becasue I totally out-did you with my embarassing stupidity yesterday.

Everyone knows horizontal stripes make you look fat. Except, your legs still look good, so you can't actually BE fat. I, on the other hand, am fat and have particularly large calves, so I could never, ever, never wear adorable socks like those. (Let's not even discuss the fact that I can't find boots that fit either.)

Eleven, schmeleven. You look mahvelous.

I'm sure that the hotty pediatrician thinks that you are just a hip trendsetter. Or else that you just don't want to have cold legs.

*whistle* hubba hubba, Beth!

Love the socks, but I'm a lover of socks that are not just plain white. :)


Those are the cutest socks though. Maybe it's in now, how would he know?

Awesome socks! They look really comfy (reason enough to wear them everywhere). Hope y'all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, your 16 month post about Mia was so precious!

That half of you looks about 13. I want to see the rest.

Love the skirt ~ really it is cute.

The socks aren't as bad as you probably think they are ~ but I can understand why you may not have wanted to wear them in public. I can also understand how you walked out of the house wearing them.

Another really great look for you! You trend-setter, you! ;)

We're...Off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
Sorry. First thing i thought was 'add a house' and you've got the whole Wicked witch of the East thing goin'. That being said, I'm sure it's getting annoying by now that everyone says that you've got great legs. Well, too bad suck it up, you've got great legs. And I completely agree with everyone else that there should be a kodak moment of the whole outfit as worn, including shoes. Don't worry about the pediatrician. Doctor's aren't worried about fashion.

Ask Chris...he managed a shot of his legs and socks that looks positively phalic (the thumbnail version anyway).

Add me to the list of those that think your legs are fab and so are the socks!

I love the socks.

Tubby legs? What tubby legs? Seen none of them...

BTW, have you checked out this or this that my team and I have prepared for days?

So I am interested...what is weird about you, Beth? In the internet form of a chain letter I have tagged you to tell us Six Weird Things About Yourself. I don't think bad things will happen to you if you don't, but, um, still be my friend? Please?

So very fetching! I am sure the hotty Ped had sexy dreams about you last night.

Tubby? Hardly!

sleep? what is that?
love the socks! and i actually think they go well with the long as you didn't wear a pair of tennis shoes with it.

I sent my daughter to school with leopard tights a jean skirt witha lime green sparkle belt and a hot pink top. she rocked it, like you rocked those socks!

*if your jeans are dirty you don't just wear sweats or yoga pants???? What kind of Mom are you?

I just want to say I'm glad Chris chose not to comment on this post. We all remember the infamous head size discussion... that boy doesn't know when to stop.

Of course, if he came home last night and started a sentence with "I saw that pic on your blog" then I'm hoping to get a blow by blow today!

1) so true. and 2) Use a full-length mirror?

Those are adorable socks.

And, one day behind you- we are doing flu shot part II this morning. Pumpkin is not gonna be pleased.

If you want my body
and you think I'm sexy,
come on sugar let me know!

Ummm not so much! lol LOVE the edge of the skirt tho!

Heh, at least they match. Actually, they don't look half bad. The could have been bright polka dots or something obnoxious :)

My last unintentional fashion statement was to go to the pediatricians office wearing white crocs.....and black socks... and nice black slacks and a blouse....

I just put them on to run the diaper bag out to the car and in my rush to get the baby I forgot to swap them for my nice black shoes. I was mortified. I had tried very hard to look semi-presentable. White crocs? gimme a break :)

I am laughing my butt off right now cuz I did the same thing today. I had somewhere to go so I was wearing a really nice sweater and dressy skirt (not even a casual one). And as I was running out the door to get my son to school I forgot and put on my big clumpy not-quite-midcalf length winter boots that I wear with my jeans. Too hot! The looks of horror as I clumped in to his school were mortifying and all I could say was "don't ask". Sorta a "combat boots meets high tea" look goin on today for me.
Personally I'm grateful to see your pictures! You're one of us, girl!
(In my defense, I usually get out the door dressed appropriately, just not always clean..)

Well, you kinda got the sexy school girl thing going, especially in the penny loafers. Nice legs though.

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