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Enough about me

Babies! Babies for everybody!

Jenny, her hubby, and big bro and big sis welcomed Andrew Wyatt last Wednesday. And you should too, he's yummy.

And I am practically giggling with glee over the news of Donna and Jake's beautiful Bridget, born yesterday.

Go. Look at newborns. Try not to get squee on your keyboard.

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i'm waiting for pictures from my very first nephew, born nameless last night! Baby frenzy!

Is it so wrong of me to take great pride in being first to comment on one of your posts? Nah... right?

Oh my, what if I kept going and was the third commenter as well? How many will it take before I'm considered spam? I can probably get out of spam hell by complimenting Mia, though... right?

I will now make some pathetic attempt at pretending I have a life (and also at pretending I don't have work to do)... Byebye! (you've warped my brain: now I say Hiya and Byebye with Mia's voice in my head!)

(granted my brain wasn't hard to warp)

Thanks for the shout out...will post my labor story soon. All I will say is that the baby was seconds from coming in the MINIVAN...Hee.

i was so excited that jenny had her baby - finally :)

Ha....I have one more for you to add. The Dubyas at - had a little girl last Friday. But really I think there are babies uterus hurts.

I'll take 2 please.

They're so lovely. I've seen them both.

Oh my. What cuties! Thanks for the reminder to pop on over and say congtrats!

It's killing me, all these babies. Must be the brainmush resulting from days spent chasing my toddlers but I want another one!
Will resist, will resist, will resist..

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