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I swear this is not about my breasts

I've been giving Mia showers lately (started when she was sick to clear her nose a bit) and really the only way to do it is to climb in with her. For a while when I did that she would get very interested in my breasts, so I would tell her what they were and talk about how she used to drink milk from mommy and eventually she lost interest again. Until, that is, she discovered that Chris has nipples too. She was so fascinated by this realization that she woke up early a couple of days ago so she could crawl over me to him and examine them closely. Finally, I took her shirt off and stuck her in front of a mirror. As she realized that she too had a pair of the fascinating nipples, it was like a lightbulb went off in her sweet little head. She remains highly impressed.

This is really just a long way of explaining why we are singing a slightly different version of the beloved children's classic "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." It goes something like this:

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a nipple in the sky
Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are

We've decided to go back to the traditional version though, for fear that she will break out our family version in public and then walk around the room lifting total strangers' shirts to get a look at their nipples.

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I don't know, maybe the world would be a lot happier if we all found as much joy and excitement in our nipples.

Nipples = diamonds. Hmm...

OMG, you guys all have nipples?

Oh that is too cute....good thing she didn't go over to chris' nipples and start pinching friend told me a story of her friends little one showering with her daddy (who was a single dad) and tugging on a certain body part, mind you she couldn't talk yet or anything.... but ya...nipples are safe :)

She should meet my sisters 3 daughters: They are constantly feeling me up. I believe they're just curious, but the fascination. With my boobs. Never stops.

Yeah, you don't want her sharing that song in public. Or at say preschool or somewhere like that. The explanation doesn't always sound quite right.

lol, Button is fascinated by J's nipples too. Not mine (fortunately), just his. She likes to poke and scratch them when he's not paying attention. It's a single movement, she's very quick. And it totally works.
Nice song. And probably a good decision to curb the "alternate" version :)

The monkey is FASCINATED with my breasts. She basically went from breastfeeding to breastFEELING. If you're ever in Toronto -- I'm the one with the baby whose hand is down her shirt....

Yeah...Nate loves him some cleavage. He's constantly sticking his hand down my shirt. I think it's a comfort thing...who knows.

He also enjoys flicking my husband's nipples and even tried to bite them. This was months after I stopped nursing. Needless to say, hubby often wears a tee shirt to bed now.

My formerly breastfed son is another boob man. I've taken to pulling his hand out of my shirt/bra and saying "No thank you" and "Those are Mommy's boobies" but he seems undetered. It's not the patting I mind so much as the pinching. Plus, I usually expect dinner, at the very least, for that kind of action.

OMG, thats soooooooo funny! I'll wear layers of clothing if I ever decide to meet you guys and hold Mia for awhile. :D

Kids always get us to look at things in a whole new way, eh? ;-)

Mine likes belly buttons. ;-)

Aly loved pinching Rob's nipples. She eventually got over it. I thought it was hilarious. He disagreed.

aaron calls nipples elbows. i'm still too busy laughing to correct him.

"I have nipples Focker. Can you milk me?"

At least it gives you a break. Kids are so funny.

"for fear that she will break out our family version in public and then walk around the room lifting total strangers' shirts to get a look at their nipples."

--We can only hope.

When my kids noticed that Dad had nipples they were in awe.

The best is that I came out of the shower the other day and my twins came into the bathroom then my daughter yelled out "mom, your mipples are SO big, thats great Mom!!"

I don't know why that is great but maybe seeing me nude is not such a great idea anymore.

Nipples! That's what those things are?


That's a pretty cute story. I agree with Mia - nipples are pretty interesting things. I like to unexpectedly tweak my husband's nipples, just to make sure he's paying attention sometimes. He's not as big a fan of that as I am.

Hee, yeah, you probably want to stick to the traditional version. Hard to claim she is mispronouncing "diamond" as "nipple".

Queen B went through the nipple fascination period, too. She was very excited about them, and would go around pulling up shirts, and making announcements like, "Mama meeples, and Dada meeples and Queen B meeples!"

That is funny!!

Gabby was the same way and even now I have to tell her to keep her hands off my boobies, my friends... pretty much all boobies.

I'm glad you posted this, I kinda thought my kid was a freak, but at the same time what does that say about me? I remember wanting boobies oh so very much, and I still do, bigger nicer, perky again boobies.

Oh my... we are both boobie freaks. help!

(I still find it very funny when she pinches my husbands nips and calls them boobies)

A couple, (younger) friends of my parents, have a little girl who is almost 10 now (geesh) but when she was little, she LOVED showing off. I mean, she did the usually pull-her-skirt-over-her-head trick but one time, her dad had her sitting on a table at a bowling alley (which makes it even funnier) and her little shirt was a snap-up shirt. So what did Miranda do? She stood up on the table, ripped her shirt open, and showed the world what was underneath. It was pretty funny. To me, at least. Her dad was mortified.

You went longer this time not talking about your breasts.

My daughter calls them "booties". Poor child has her ends mixed up.


Oh you know her next word will be nipples now right?

ohhhhh, you! that subject line totally fooled me. lol j/k

Toddler Girl Goes On Nipple Rampage While Mom Moons The Neighborhood! (More news at 11)

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