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I think I'm going to swear a lot

Holy crapping fuck, people! Thanksgiving is one week from today. One week. I was so not prepared for that. Is it usually later? I feel like it is usually later. Mia needs a dress and tights and shoes and to stop with the goddamned biting already, and I need to scour my closet for elastic waistbands.

People, it's getting severe around here. Is the week between your birthday and Thanksgiving the worst possible time to decide you have to lose five pounds (or eight, or maybe ten) so you can possibly stand to look at yourself or what? And don't even give me crap because the only other time I have been this fat I had an entire (albeit miniature) person inside me. In fact, I think my stomach was smaller at the end of the first trimester than it is right now.

I think I'm going to have to go on a diet, which I have never done in my entire life. (Yeah, fuck you too, you probably have good hair or know how to dress yourself or don't end up looking like a raccoon every damned time you try to wear eye-makeup, so we've all got something, you know?) My usual approach to being too fat to wear pants was to just keep eating whatever I wanted and pound it a little harder on the treadmill for a while, but these days I am lucky to get it together enough to go to the gym once a month so that just isn't happening. Anyway, I'm thinking I need an actual diet to follow, because I am pretty good at following instructions but not so good at that, what's it called...., oh, willpower. Whatever. Anybody have a suggestion, keeping in mind that I'm a vegetarian so most things won't work for me?

(For those of you keeping score at home, you can now check "mommyblogger bitching about how fat she is and how she really needs to go on a diet but we all know as soon as she finishes this she's going downstairs for another piece of birthday cake" off the list, I've now done it. Fuck me.)

Wow, I had no idea I was in this bad of a mood. Why don't you cheer me up by telling me what you're doing for Thanksgiving (one week from today!)? Especially if you're spending it with your amusingly dysfunctional family, because everybody always loves to hear about that.

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Blah, the week between birthday and Thanksgiving sucks. It's just way to busy trying to get everything ready. Luckily (maybe unluckily), my sets of parents were just here. That means it's just husband, kids, and me for Thanksgiving. We will still do a feast, watch some parades, and decorate for Christmas.

For a diet, my only suggestions are to cut back on caffeine (if you even drink it), drink more water, and eat smaller portions. So far those have helped me lose about 10 lbs in the past 3 months.

Good luck to you!

Dude! Thanksgiving was a month ago!
And? I fucking gained 25lbs since I moved here. TWENTY FIVE. I stopped running and ate shite.
I'm dieting too (and running)

I plan on skipping out of work (Canadians have Thanksgiving, you know, when we harvest stuff; not arbitrarily assigned to start the xmas shopping season) and watching my beloved (but horrendous) Lions play... now that they're shit that's the only nationally broadcast game of theirs up here.

Hey... you asked.

Im vegetarian, so can def. help with the diet menu. Also, I second the water thing. And drink green tea- it actually burns calories.

Please please don't cry when I say this...I'm not being intentionally cruel...

Go off cheese.

There, I said it. *sobs* It hurt even writing that.

I'm going to email you some really easy veg. low-cal meals I make that are soooo good.

I actually have to go spend it with my husband's mom and brother. I'm not looking forward to this because they live in a one horse town that doesn't have any of the following
a) stoplights
b) bars or liquor stores
c) any stores at all

His mom is bipolar and uber religious and also a chain smoker (inside the house!) and his brother is a diagnosed schizophrenic who also chain smokes... I could get lung cancer just by visiting. This will not be fun, but thankfully there will only be the 4 of us and not a dozen of "them backwoods folks" to have to deal with.

This is the sacrifice I make so that we can spend Christmas in Dallas with my family. My awesomely wonderful non smoking sane in the membrane family.

I'm planning on eating enough turkey to induce myself into a 12 hour coma so I don't have to deal with it all.

We're going to Florida.

Woo hoo!

i'm going to my in-laws where they will be serving, not turkey mind you, but prime rib. i hate red meat. and i need to lose 20 lbs. i lost it once then had two surgeries in a year, and well it all came back plus some. so i feel for ya.

Dysfunctional - yes

Amusing - Not without a lot of alcohol

I went off sweets and white flour products... and it really helped! .... um - which I need to do again!

We usually spend Thanksgiving alone. That is our ALONE holiday, which means no family members outside of ourselves (Hubby, son and I. We've had the tradition for years. The son, we've only had for 1 year.) This year however, we are breaking this tradition to go to the in-laws. Only because we are leaving for Jamaica on 11/25 and have decided not to cook our usual Tday feast (ok, husband cooks, I drink wine and decorate for the holidays). It will be different, but there will be wine, and there will be ultimately, JAMAICA- Yeah us!!

This Thanksgiving will be the first holiday apart for me and my hubby, I'm too darn pregnant to travel 9 hours to his Grandma's this year. BUT! Having all our friends over this Saturday for our own Thanksgiving. And I'm doing all the cooking....

Not to make you panic, but you also only have 5 weeks and 4 days till Christmas...

holy shit.

i mean holy shit. I also was oblivious concerning the proximity of thanksgiving. Your post just woke me up out of my blissful ignorance. This morning on my way to work, I saw a big truck with christmas trees bundled on it. I laughed and shook my head and thought, "Those crazy people just keep pushing christmas stuff closer and closer.." without even realizing that THANKSGIVING IS ONE WEEK AWAY!

Crap, I have to make mini muffins for my kids' Thanksgiving brunch at their school next week. I have to buy a turkey! I have very little time to start incorporating thanksgiving food into our day to day meals so that maybe! just maybe! my kids will eat SOMETHING at thanksgiving dinner!

ho boy.

haha, we had our thanksgiving over a month ago and it's no big deal here (Quebec, canadia) - all we did was ship the Kid off somewhere and clean and watch tv! (hmm, did I ever tell you I suck at cheering people up? I do!)

We're driving to northern MI which usually takes 6-7 hours but with the baby who desperately hates the carseat it will probably take 9-10 with all the stopping. Fuck me.

And if it makes you feel better, I don't get the whole "mommyblogger" crap. I see stuff about that and I just glaze over. Aren't we all just writing about our lives? I mean, unless you're a political blogger or something. People obviously don't have enough to worry about.

I'm having 7 for dinner at my house (the first time I'm hosting Thanksgiving - eek!). I'm excited because it means I get to break out my fancy china which I haven't seen since the day before my wedding, and which my husband totally hates. I wrote about the dysfunction at my site a little today - two siters (one in-law) who are the same age but have opposite lives - how will they interact? It's my own little Thanksgiving sociological experiment.

Well, my mom is coming up - and I will be meeting the 3 Ethiopian kids she and her husband just adopted. This will be interesting. I am still trying to figure out how to explain it to C. I am thinking cousins and leaving it at that.

What do you think?

I am going home for Thanksgiving (which means I now have 4 days of work left before a looooong weekend. Aaaahhhh....), but sadly, my family isn't particularly dysfunctional. We'll probably have a quiet normal weekend. I might go out and have a few drinks with my brother, my mom and I will go shopping, and I'll eat all of the stuffing in the house before anyone else can get to it. Mmmm.... stuffing.

We're going to spend Thanksgiving at my folks for the first time in...oh I don't know (usually my Mom abdicates Thanksgiving and we get together on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to accomodate all schedules...this year she said f that). We are the Cleavers so no real dysfuction other than our obsessive love of playing board games. I predict about 12 hours into our visit (after sleeping for 8) Steve will freak out and need to go for a walk to get away from our gag-inducing family closeness. *sigh* I love my family.

the hubs and i keep threatening to say screw the family and run to vegas and hide for the holidays. it sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than basting a turkey for four hours and listening to uncle bob drone on and on about his stock picks.

Last year I cooked for 11 strangers. This year, I suspect the man and I will hole up and drink a lot of beer and I bought some Stovetop.

It will be perfect.

This Sunday (3 days!) we're having dinner with my in-laws and 16 other closest members of our family. (My parents, two brothers, brother & sister in-law and his parents, my father in-law's parents, and 6 other people I probably only met at our wedding.)

Then on Thursday we're driving 3 hours (one way) to have dinner with my grandparents, my parents and brothers, and some of those other nondescript relatives you only see at Thanksgiving.

Then on Saturday we're driving 2.5 hours (one way) to have dinner with my parents and brothers (for the third time, yes.) at their house. Normally we'd probably pass on this one, but this is the first time in years they've had the facilities to host a Thanksgiving dinner and apparently it means a lot to my dad. So we're going this year but next year they'll have to do without the third - the private - dinner.

Then on Sunday we're having our own friends over to host our own Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Not the most ideal timing because we all have to work the following day, and we do like-a the drink-a... but lemons -> lemonade, right?

So yeah. It could be worse.

I probably can't cheer you up because I'm in a crappy mood too. I've gained 15 pounds in the last few months, and now not even my fat pants fit. I'm right there with you on the diet thing.

As for Thanksgiving? Well, last year my 77-year-old grandmother fell down the basement stairs. Amazingly, she didn't break anything. This year, my 78-year-old grandmother is preparing to enter an assisted living home, so it's the last Thanksgiving we'll have in her house. Sure to be a depressing time for one and all!

I have to make pie! My mother is doing all the work for Tday since my MIL and I are doing all of Christmas.

Tomorrow I am going toy shopping for my boys! Yay! I might be done with Christmas shopping before Tday!

Now is not the time lose a few pounds, instead buy or find a different pair of pants and enjoy all the goodies from the holidays! :-)

Thanksgiving? Heh! My mom and step-dad are going to AZ to be with his family. My oldest, her hubby and my grandbaby are camping at the sand dunes with his family. My middle kid is spending it with her new in-laws, even though her hubby is in Iraq, and my son moved out of state to live with his dad and this is his year for the holidays anyway. I am spending Thanksgiving ALONE...utterly ALONE...and therefore, I have opted not to cook.
Not cooking is actually working for me...down 35 pounds in under 4 months. More protein, more water and less simple carbs is the best way I've found to get a jumpstart on losing weight.


I suppose I should talk to my fiance about that. And my family.

Ugh. Holidays would be much more enjoyable if they didn't involve so many family members. Or turkey. Gak.

My family already knows I don't cook, so they don't ask. But I will be bringing the wine--and lots of it! We'll be spending the day with my family and the inlaws, in a very small house. Yep, lots of wine.

Excellent blog-cussing, my friend. Gaining weight is a freakin' bitch. I don't know if it is doable for vegetarians or not - but my friend swears by Body for Life for Women.

As for T-giving, I am being dragged by my husband to his half-brother's house in Baltimore, where we will dine with his 3 other half-brothers and two stepbrothers and stepmother (with all these halfs & steps, you can imagine how freakin' dysfunctional these folks are) and all 22 of their kids. Oh, and they all will ask me how I did on the bar exam, which I told them I was taking in July when actually, that was a bald-faced lie, so now I will have to say I failed it, when really I did not even take it and just wish they'd keep their fucking noses out of my business. Whee!

Apparently, I am in a bad mood, too.

You almost made me spit diet pepsi through my nose with "Holy crapping fuck, people!"!

We're visiting family but will be home by thanksgiving and will probably stay home and hide from the holiday madness.

I am so spending it here at chez moi, but my dysfunctional parents are coming and it's always so stressful - I start smoking again. I swear I need to be medicated when my family comes to town.

Diet - I feel your pain. I am as fat as I was 6 months pregnant with my first. I hate it! Reference point - my wedding dress was a size 0. I drink green tea and lots of water and just now finished a bowl of doritos. NO WILLPOWER either. So I run (which will be torture next week due to the smoking, see above) so I can eat but then I eat more thinking I'll "just run more". It's a vicious cycle.

Let's go get a pie and eat the whole thing and worry about our waistlines later. :)

Can't help with your diet because I've been trying to lose the same 20 lbs for about 8 years now.

My dysfunctional Thanksgiving however....that I can do.

My husband, two kids and I will be having dinner at my parents house. My dad rocks. He is the best dad and basically just sits in his chair and takes it all in then sneaks off to the garage for a cigarette and a beer when things get too hairy cause god forbid my mother should allow him to do that in his own home.

My mom...oy my mom. When you look up Conservative Republican in the dictionary, my moms picture is there. My mom makes Ann Coulter look sane. She also thinks that anyone who doenst believe the way she does (anti-abortion, anti-gay anything, pro-war) is WRONG and must be converted!!! Scary eh? The rest of my family ranges from moderate conservatives to bleeding heart hippie liberals. Suprisingly there has never been bloodshed over some of the arguements that take place. But considering all my moms candidates lost this election, it may be the year.
Most of the family are alcoholics and it doesnt take much before the drunk and obnoxious criticizing of every aspect of my clean, sober, educated life begins. Because I have a life outside my children and the family beleives mothers should stay home with their kids 24/7 until they get married. (maybe I need to start drinking...heavily). one aunt is a pot head and suffers from depression. Two out of town cousins were high on mushrooms the whole time they visited last year. Another cousin is OCD and will be bringing his third fiance (who is also OCD) to dinner. They are both trying to maintian an 8% body fat percentage so they dont eat.

Thankfully we live within walking distance so when things start to get hairy we sneak home, make turkey sandwiches from the turkey I cooked for us and watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. And people wonder why we are thinking of moving far far away?

I invited some friends to come over, and they turned around and invited us to come to their place instead. I actually felt kind of bad about that, because I didn't mean to invite my entire family over for Thanksgiving. But my friend Linda had a double-brainstem stroke about three years ago, and it is hard for her to navigate other people's houses. So, it is easier for them to host five people than to come over to my house.

Yay, I don't have to clean for company!

They are doing the turkey, and we are doing all the rest (because we like doing that, I make pies (the crust from scratch, though I don't kill my own pumpkins), sweet potato souffle, and homemade rolls that are to die for, (trust me). And also, that way, they don't have to pay a fortune to feed all of us.

I haven't had my kids with me for the past three Thanksgivings, because their father usually lets me have them for Christmas, so this will be fun for me, and it is also Sam's 13th birthday.

We don't dress fancy for the day though, but we do all change out of our pajamas.

If you find a magic pill, let me know. I'd pay top dollar!

Dysfunctional family story..I'm spending Thanksgiving with my parents which includes a mother who the last time she saw me said, "Did you gain any weight on your trip? Because you sure look like it." And "You really need to get Yolanda (my hairdresser) to fix your hair because it does NOT look right."

Feel better?

I've done Thanksgiving for all my kids (3 of them) who live here in town plus whoever else shows up since I moved back from Arkansas to San Francisco and then here. Almost 30 years now. It can be anywhere from 12 to more than 20.

I think this year may be a little smalller because he may not get leave (from the Mexican border) and his wife and her 3 girls (and their new baby) may go to her mom's instead. Maybe only 15 or 16, some of them neighbors who know it's an open house of sorts.

I cook a lot and set it all out as an extremely casual buffet. It's like musical chairs trying to find a seat but we manage. If it's decent weather, the kids all eat outside.

Same menu each year - artery clogging and very traditional. I'm not sure there's one health food in sight but it's just one day. If I left anything out, I'd hear about it.

Most years my older son does the mashed potatos and ham at his house but if he's gone I guess it will be me. My younger son is responsible for eggnog and a couple of Sara Lee fruit pies. I make pumpkin and Karo pecan. Lots of them.

I posted the menu last year on "granny" and got several OMG's in response. I may do a link to it just for fun.

I missed two years. The first, I was sick T'giving day and we all ordered Chinese. It was great and I cooked a few days later. The second, I went on strike in San Francisco for some reason (I think my older son was out of town and Tim had other plans) and Ray and I went out to dinner. Mistake; I missed the family and the leftovers. It just wasn't the same.

Diet: Weightwatchers online is the thing that worked for me. No meetings, no feeling stupid because you only need to lose 5 pounds and you're at the goal weight of the other people in the room. It's just a simple online tool that counts your "points" for every day/week telling you how much you have left. Since you're an internet geek like me - you'll love it.


So, the day before I turn thirty, I'm cooking turkey for my immediate family (who are flying in from RI and TX) and 15 other folks, at last count. Having never done this before, I've started to panic and I wake up two hours before my alarm goes off in the morning and my mind just runs. I'm grateful that my mother will be here.

The level of disfunction at my house may be astonishing this year. Let's see:

-Neurotic, wino mother (I still love her, really)
-Over-excited father
-Me (no comment)
-John, eating too much and feeling the need to do random calisthenics
-Bitey McBitebite, aka Cole
-Swinger (yes literally) sister
-Insane nephew
-Sister's friends who are trying for an "Open" relationship
-Their two young kids
-Conservative grandmother
-Retarded (again-literally), conservative step-grandfather

Blog material, at least.

the year my sister was in 3rd grade, while i was going through her homework i discovered her report on what she'd done during her thanksgiving break. it broke my heart because she had to fabricate the whole thing since my family had never celebrated thanksgiving. we tried the following year but we discovered we're not really thanksgiving kind of people so, the long answer to your very short question is: nothing for thanksgiving except loving the fact that there's no work or school and football of course.

For Thanksgiving, I shall be cooking my first "family" meal, for no less than 12 people... with my Mother and Mother in Law, telling me "how to do it correctly"
I will of course do a wonderful job, and everything will be super tasty, although I WON'T be able to eat it b/c I had a physical on Tues and nearly fell off the scale when faces with my weight on the little things they put RIGHT AT EYE LEVEL!! Feel better Beth??? We are in the same need to lose weight during the holidays boat... I hope you have a paddle too b/c i am just going in circles.

Hey - I am on Nutrisystem. Won't here criticism from me.

For Thanksgiving evening, we are going to a friend's house. We are having my husband's parents that weekend. And that's it, really.

Driving six hours in a car with a four year old to as far as you can be in upstate NY without being in Canada to visit husband's family who are wonderful but there are a hell of a lot of them (he's the youngest of six). Their town got their first McDonald's within the last 7 years and there is one diner with a mean man who is like the soup nazi.

Fortunately, we stay in a hotel in a town that does have something resembling food we might eat and his family is super-nice and loves our son to pieces. We don't have to cook because my husband's mom is in a nursing home and she reserves a big room and has the staff cook dinner and invites all the people who have to work on Thanksgiving.

So all in all, I should shut up and be thankful for what we have.

First, I think you look great and don't need dieting, and that this is a poor week to try it anyway. If I were you, I'd blame any excess weight on the holidays, which is when most of us go up a bit, and then I'd worry about it after the holidays are over.

But if you insist on diet recommendations, I recommend Weight Watchers Core. I go berserk on diets that have the possibility of me running out of calories before lunch, so what I like about Core is that you can eat as much as you want of anything on the list (which includes things like popcorn and eggs and fat-free pudding, not just lame-o things like carrot sticks). Then you have "points" to spend on foods NOT on the list, such as Twinkies.

Of course, this is a pay diet: you have to pay for the materials, and pay for weekly membership. But *cough* sometimes you can find someone willing to *cough* photocopy or *cough* email-copy. I'm not saying _I_ did that, but I _am_ saying that I am in _no_mood_ to go listen to a perky, thin, motivational-speaker type tell me how great I'm doing.

I am making a last ditch effort to drop a few pounds before Thanksgiving. I lost 20 last year, regained 5 in recent months, and am convinced my mother will notice and be a bitch about it. (To be fair, I was also way more comfortable 5 pounds ago. It sounds silly, but it feels like a huge difference to me, and if I know that I can attain comfort in my body, shouldn't I be trying?)

Diet advice: It's all about portion control. I suck at regimented diets. I refuse to count calories or stop eating doritos. Luckily, they now sell 100-calorie packs of pretty much every snack food (and if they don't I make my own).

I'm actually not spending Thanksgiving with my family because they are 1500 miles away. Instead, I am spending it with my BFF and one of her friends, someone she has known since high school and whom I've never met before. He comes in on Sunday and good lord, he is staying at our house and this means that I a) have to wear clothes, b) have to wear a bra when I'm wearing said clothes, and c) have to stop with the looking like someone ran me over all the goddamn time. I just got off the phone with my brother, whose birthday is today, and it made me incredibly sad and homesick and really, a week? It's one week away? Good fucking damn, people! I have to clean! I have to buy a turkey! I have to buy sheets and blankets on which our guest will sleep!

And like you, I decided that I need to lose about 10 or 15 pounds before Christmas because I don't want my family thinking I am a fatty fat fatterson. It so isn't going to happen. I will probably GAIN 10 or 15 pounds.

My Thanksgiving is going to suck, as it usually does, because John and I get to drive to my mom's to help her start cooking. Then go to his mom's and eat. Then go to his dad's house and eat. Then go back to my mom's house and eat again. And then we have to fit my dad in somewhere, too. By the end of the day we'll be cranky and exhausted and have driven a couple hundred miles. Good times. Oh, and let's not forget that my mom thinks I should give up being a vegetarian for the holidays.

As for the dieting, I've had a tremendous amount of luck with really paying attention to portion size. once I started paying attention, I realized how much extra food I was eating.

But I'm only saying that because you asked. I'm sure you look fabulous!

Man, you are in a bad mood. But at least you're still cute when your mad.

What are we doing for Thankgiving? Well, we'd better be going to Canada. Um that is if we can get out butts in gear and get a hotel. Doh.

(We have a tradition of going away for Thanksgiving to a country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. So far, it's been a good tradition.)

I have no suggestions for the diet...if you find a great one, let me know!
Thanksgiving will be spent with my whacked family...the only consolation is that we don't have to travel and I don't have to watch my husband and his mother get into fights over her OCD! :)

I'll be driving 10 hours to my sister's house in Oregon. With my gay best friend. The last time he and I spent more than 3 hours in a car together we didn't talk for a week. Good times.

Oh, and last time I had Thanksgiving with my family (3 years ago I think) the quote of the day was "Stop throwing meat at my sister!" (said by my sister to her husband who was throwing turkey at my plate), so, it should be amusing.

Can't really help you on the diet thing, you see I am in your sinking ship. Ever since the morning sickness stopped, I CAN NOT for the life of me lay off the chocolate mint girl guide cookies ( or any cookies for that matter) and the 6 different flavours we now have stocked in the deep freeze. This would be the reason my doctor gave me "the talk" about being carefull,walking blah blah blah, so I tried this past month REALLY hard to lay off just a bit on the ice cream and cookies, no use, I stepped on the scale last night, and now have an extra 7 pounds to add to the 9 I gained last month.... but you know i still feel mabye just whip out a pair of elastic pants, some sexy stilletos and lipstick, and you're good!

i have to catch a 6:10 am flight next wednesday to fly to North Carolina. SIX AM! do you know what time i'll have to be at the airport? like... on tuesday pretty much.

anyway, i did weight watchers. and i did it online so i wouldn't have to go to any meetings. i did it because i'm picky, so i can't eat prepackaged diet jenny craig type foods. i did it because i don't cook, so i couldn't do an atkins type of deal where i would have to cook meat, even though i'm a big fan of it. i wanted something that would work with the resources in my life.

i have to say, it worked out ok while i was on it. i went down two sizes, about 35 pounds, i'm smaller now than i've been in years, which is nice. i took a break from it because i was starting to cheat, and I don't like that "i'm on a diet but really not" guilt. but i'm still trying ot be careful. the best thing you can do, when you are on a diet, tho, is drink 8 glasses of water. makes all the difference in the world.

I did Body For Life ( ) and it really works and you don't have to buy special food or anything. I have to lose 20 lbs because, well, I don't like what I weight and I have a ton of pants I can't get into anymore. so we're not alone I guess. But don't freak out.


We all gain a little weight during the Holidays. I am a meat eater so I could only tell you to watch out for processed foods for a bit or even considered limiting them. I have lost 65 pounds in the last 11 months by being more active (working out and just moving more) as well as by eating better lean meats and lots of whole foods. I am not a diet expert but hope this helps.

I will be in Las Vegas from 11/22/06 to 11/27/06. I will be there with a girlfriend and I have a trip booked to The Gran Canyon. I will send you pictures.

Have a great Thanksgiving. I know you will because getting together with family is always an adventure. Give Mia a big kiss for me.

i started south beach last week.
i will recommend it. the pounds aren't flying off...but 4 days in they are starting to come off.

and the husband lost 9 pounds in the first week! and my sister lost 14 in the first 2!

ok Beth, seriously, if I was as thin as you I'd eat more.

But email me, I've been doing a new diet (actually not diet, more lifestyle change) to lose the ten pounds I've been trying to lose since the dawn of time, and the scale has actually moved!

Spending Thanksgiving with dysfunctional family that puts the FUN in dysfunctional? Check!
Spending Thanksgiving with my dysfunctional but still adorable kids? No check. They will be with their dad. :(

For weight loss - watch the sugar and simple carbs. Up your leafy greens.

Do you have ediets in the US? That's what I used because I'm too mean/lazy to go to Weight Watchers but I still needed a kick up the arse to diet and I thought paying out some money to someone would do it - and it did! They have a vegetarian diet option and most of the food was quite nice, I still do a couple of the recipes.

Don't do thanksgiving in the UK but I am going to spend a couple of hours next Thursday doing some research with dysfunctional teens.

We're spending Thanksgiving with friends. We used to have Christmas with them every year when we all lived in Japan. However, we have kids now. her daughter is 4 and Sam is 18 months. My friend has breakables just lying around her house. Glass balls in baskets, vases, art objects, you get the idea. I'm going to spend the day chasing after Sam and maybe eating one slice of warm turkey.

For Thanksgiving I am having the inlaws here...and possibly my brother and sister-in-law. It should be fun, but still having to cook for about 11 people should be interesting. I can't wait to see if it actually goes well this year. I'll keep you posted.

I recommend buying bigger pants.

No, seriously. There's no way you can lose 10 pounds in a week in any healthy way, and any kind of crash diet will just leave you insane and shrieking, especially if you're also trying to get ready for Thanksgiving. Deal with it afterward. Then? I'd say skip desserts, and see where your weight heads. You really don't have that much to lose, and I bet you already eat pretty well, being vegetarian. Get out to the gym, though, a couple of days a week. You need the sanity break and Mia would probably love some time with other kids (assuming your gym has a daycare area...)

We're heading out of town early, driving two hours to my mom's house on Saturday. We may or may not be having my aunt and uncle (and possibly some family friends) over there for turkey dinner Saturday or Sunday. Sunday morning we're having breakfast with my dad and his wife (where we will NOT be discussing the election because he is a rabid Republican), then going over to see my crazy grandmother (and my flaky aunt, if she's still in town).

Monday morning we drive another hour to go see my in-laws, possibly stopping to see a friend on the way. We stay up there Monday and Tuesday, trying to keep a highly active toddler amused in a tiny non-child-proofable house, then drive three hours back home on Wednesday.

Thanksgiving itself we're spending at home, just us bugs. We might do something fun for dinner, but not a big spread.

Next month, though, I'm doing a big "Harvest Dinner" for our friends, cooking turkey plus all the trimmings for 7-10 people.

I am always needing to diet. I've never lost the extra weight from having my child and she's three. When I'm desperate to lose a few pounds I eat tuna or peanut butter for lunch everyday for a week. I don't know if you eat fish but peanut butter is good. I think it has something to do with the protein. I try to get the low sugar variety or the organic natural stuff.

As far as Thanksgiving goes, picture this:

Me, my mother, my husband and my child. Eating turkey and popovers and pie until we're sick. Also try to picture the fact that my mother and my husband have never gotten along and it makes a beautiful picture of family harmony and thankfulness. We might make it through the day for the child's sake.

(This is my first comment on your site by the way. I really enjoy your blog and have been just waiting for the opportunity. Nothing like the holidays to provide the perfect opportunity.)

Ah, Thanksgiving...The time of year when hundreds of thousands of turkeys die a needless death. Poor turkeys!

Hey, you sound like me! I have about 10 lbs to lose too. My son was born 5 months ago and it is time to stop using that as an excuse! But it is HARD to find time for myself these days (I also have a 3 1/2 year old!) About 6 months before I got pregnant the second time I was in the best shape of my life after doing a 12 week challenge on the "Body For Life" program. It works. But, as a vegetarian on the program I got really sick of my few protein choices (you eat frequent small meals of equal portions of protein and carbs). It works quickly if you can follow the guidelines and find time to work out. I might try following the diet part again for awhile--I've heard that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise...?

So, what do you eat on Thanksgiving? Several side dishes, like me? I usually make something new every year to bring to the big family feast--any ideas for a fellow vegetarian?

Happy Thanksgiving!

My birthday IS your thanksgiving. Same weekend, anyway, every year. Now, theoretically we had Thanksgiving back in October, but none of us had time, so maybe we'll have Turkey day at the same time as ya'll. ;-)

Jogging stroller! Yes, I spent 300 bucks on one of those contraptions and lemme tell ya, if you don't lose some weight pushing around an extra 25 lbs or so, or in my case, an extra 55 lbs, with a 6 mo old and a 4 yr old, you just ain't gonna lose it! lol

Thanksgiving - We're keeping our dysfunctional selves at home and having our own dysfunctional turkey and anyone who is dysfunctional enough to want to join us is welcome!

There are two truths about Thanksgiving: (1) everyone loves the food; and (2) everyone hates spending that much time with their family. I am hosting an "Unthanksgiving" celebration so my friends and I can enjoy the food (and booze!) w/o the family. We're going to discuss the things we AREN'T thankful for this year. Maybe your lovely readers can also discuss the things they aren't thankful for this year - I promise to read them to my guests over our dinner!

Some diet tips and tricks:
1) don't drink your calories - when you go to reach for that fizzy drink, or coffee, instead drink water or green tea, or herbal tea. They have some lovely green teas with raspberry or peach. They aren't too bad, actually.

2) Don't eat anything after 6 p.m. Have dinner, and then don't snack in the evening. If you find yourself being driven insane by the need to snack, go to bed. I get hungry when I'm tired.

Have you watched "You are what you eat" on W network with Gillian "my arms are too long for my body" McKeith? I bought her cookbook. She has a lot of vegetarian dishes in there. I can see why a lot of her clients lose so much weight - they are running all over town looking for absurd never-heard-of-before ingredients. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, the other day my husband said he was dying for a hamburger because he was needing some meat. That's when I realized that we hadn't had any meat for a couple of days. I guess it's okay for a woman, but a man! He needs meat! :)

Okay, that's it. I will stop going on and on and on.

We always do Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family. Grandpa has been gone for three years now, the youngest grandchild is 26 and married, and we have something like 15 great-grandchildren (my cousins' kids) but I suppose we'll keep doing it until we lose Grandma. I guess I should enjoy it while I can.

My birthday is between Christmas and New Years. Last night my tummy looked like it had a little fetus in it, shich is doesn't. So I feel your pain. I cook with this And I'm going to try really, really hard to go the gym tomorrow. Or maybe Saturday. You see where this is going.

Thanksgiving this year? Just us.

No dysfunctional family at all! (That is, if we don't answer the phone.)

I have no plans for Thanksgiving this year. I don't know anyone well enough here to have gotten an invitation anywhere, and would never dream of just inviting myself somewhere. I do believe I might make some Stove Top Stuffing and a turkey sandwhich, perhaps watch some Charlie Brown, and count my blessings. Gobble Gobble!

I'm not a diet expert.. but I've heard that it's better to eat 5 or 6 small meals a day than 3 big ones. It keeps the digestion up & running and you'll stay thin :)

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so November 23 I'll be working during the day and go to school in the evening...
I'd rather eat a turkey :))

I finally decided to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight...8 years later. Good luck. I hate diets.

I have to work a graveyard shift the night before Thanksgiving, so I'll probably be a sleep deprived bitch on wheels. Good thing there's usually no family drama, I couldn't deal with that too.

I have such a dysfunctional family with elderly parents, my Father has cancelled Thanksgiving this year.

I'll blog about it at some point.

Hang in there Fish.

I'm coming home (DC area) to be with my Mom, sisters and Grandmother.

Oh, and I'll be meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Shokufeh who will also be in the DC area!!

As far as dieting and vegetarian? SJ over at could probably give you some direction there. She lost an amazing amount of weight and as I recall, there was a lot of Tofu involved. She's awesome, like you of course!

Wouldn't you all (as in y'all) be a lot happier if you just followed our (as in neighbours to the north) example and had Thanksgiving in the beginning of OCTOBER? Wouldn't you? Think about it ...
Thanksgiving, then Hallowe'en, then Soldiers' Day (or whatever you guys call it), then SIX WEEKS to prepare for Christmas.

Seriously? WAY better system.


My daughter is a vegetarian, but she does eat fish and poultry. (do you?) Anyway. I can relate to the birthday-Thanksgiving thing. Today is my b-day and I ate Chocolate cake for breakfast! Yeah, well, when you get to 48 you can do it to, okay?
Anyway, I plan to try to lose a little weight between the day after Thanksging and Christmas. (like that's going to happen! Maybe in my dreams!)
Lets just face it, for us Scorpions, November and December are lost causes!

Lucky me, I'm pregnant so I'll eat like a horse on Thanksgiving since I already look like a cow. LOL

Find some elastic waistbands and seriously put off losing a few pounds till afterwards!

Well... I totally know how you feel, so first things first. I've had grat success with the 90/10 diet by Joy Bauer in the past 4 weeks. I've lost a whopping 7 lbs (maybe more? my scale is totally inaccurate). (5 of those pounds came off in one week). She has a vegetarian plan in the book and several recipes for vegetarian meals in her cookbook. I love it because the 90/10 stands for 90% healthy food, 10% crap. :) So... I can have a 250 calorie whatever I want. (most of the times, I end up huffing a bag of M&M's or something like that).

As for Thanksgiving??? I'll be in NC... with my amazingly wonderful In-Laws and my crazy, slightly obnoxioius in a I-want-to-smack-some-sense-into-him sort of way brother-in-law.

I'm doing my own abridged version of the Fat Flush plan and I've gone down a pants-size in one month. Seriously. And it would fit right in with vegetarian needs. Email me if you're interested. It's pretty simple. We are spending Thanksgiving with my husband's lovely (and slightly disfunctional) family all the way out in California. Sophie's first airplane flight. Wish us luck.

South Beach has an online diet that has a special plan for vegetarians. I tried it, though, and it wasn't for me. What's working for me is just making healthier choices and getting my ass to the gym. Does your gym have a daycare? Mine does, and I started using it when I felt comfortable, and the monkey LOVES it. She's also learned a lot from being around the other kids without me, and from the different toys and attentive caregivers. That's what's working for me (well, until this week, when I caved and had a Chai tea latte at Starbucks, which is, like, all sugar....bitches!) ;)

Try going vegan. Or at least cut out dairy.

Oops, guess I better face it this weekend and plan the menu. This year it's just my very own family and I am thrilled even if it means I have to cook.

It's that Halloween candy--gets you in the mode of eating a little extra and then looking perfect for Thanksgiving is suddenly not possible. Oh well. I just had a coffee icecream sundae--with chocolate sauce and peanuts that I bought today, just for that purpose. Maybe I'll be sorry tomorrow, but I doubt it.

Enjoy the holiday, go on walks? I can't make the gym either, but at least a little walk is possible.

weightwatchers online did the trick. lots of vegetables. whole grains, lentils. and i still got to eat some chocolate..
it is about portion control. i used those little measuring cups a lot, and pre packed snacks in little baggies. lost 25 lbs. even though i hate diets. this was easy. you do get extra points every week to waste on fun stuff.

Searching for the magic cure? thoughts:

There is a place in this world for "fat pants".

Moms should not look like models...then other Moms won't like them.

Moms are required to eat table scraps

Diets are not allowed between Thanksgiving and New Years Day

Ok- now, what has worked for me...eating table scraps...i.e. eating what my DS doesn't finish...and nothing else. Oh yeah, a good fight with my DH sometimes works too...since I can't smell/taste anything through the tears :-)

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