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If you don't remember, make something up

I got this suggestion a while ago from, um, V., who seems to be a lurker since I only have the one email. Anyway, V. was reading this post and was somehow inspired to email me and suggest I do a post asking all of you how you found me. I'm not sure I entirely understand the thought process there, but ours is not to reason why, etc.

V. claims to have found me by googling "twenty three or four or something weeks pregnant" which doesn't get you anywhere close to me, but whatever. I still like the idea, so let's do it.

If you can remember, tell me how you found your way here. Also, if you happened to work your way here from Playgroup Dropout, I am very curious to know how you did that since I have never linked. If you can't remember, make up something interesting.

Update mainly for me: It was Valerie! Mystery solved.

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I found you through RUde Cactus which I found through Dad Centric.


We went on a safari in africa and You shot me.

I found you through I stabbed him in the head with a fork...
Enjoy reading your work daily and I think Mia is adorable! I have a little boy about the same age.

I found you through Rude Cactus, which I found through Blogging Baby (they linked the post where Mia was cackling wildly while being read to from a Unix Manual), which I found while searching for every baby website ever created after discovering I had a bun in the oven. Said bun is fully cooked and 2 months old.

That pretty much started my habit of reading a gajillion mom type websites a day and I'm frickin excited I finally stopped to comment (I'm a serial lurker).

I found you through your husband, who I found through Rock Star Mommy who I found through Zoot who I found through my real life friend Stacey.

Hmm, I know I was reading playground dropout first and loving it, then stumbled across this website when looking something up about chapstick (I am also a chapstick-aholic). I started reading here, got so into your writing that I read all of the archives and never did get the answer to my chapstick question from google. But the moral of the story is...I now have 2 places to read about you and your family and I so appreciate that during my work day!!

I read my sister's blog "Pieces of Me" to keep up with what is going on with her and my new niece. I started reading the one's that she stalks, and have become a daily reader. It's like I can't start my day without reading "The Fish", "Diary of a Playgroup Dropout", and "Rude Cactus", as well as many others. Very entertaining to read!

I think I found you through Lakeline or Dawnie - or someone I found through them. I know blogging from Lakeline and after nearly a year of just reading decided to start one of my own.

I found you through Chris' blog. (And now I read you more than I do him! Shameful!) But he knows that I deeply appreciate him and his mad music critiqing skills, as well as his damn fine photographs.

I blame it all on my coworker. She started reading and kept talking about Beth Fish this and Beth Fish that. So I had to read just to have a clue what she was talking about and now I'm hooked!

Well, surely you know how I found you...we made out, remember???

Or not. But it's a tiny bit better than, "I was blog surfing & found you on someone else's blog and I can't even remember which one it was." *shrugs* I just remember finding Mia's site too & thinking she was absolutely adorable & I just had to get to know the Super Genes what created her perfection. ;)

I can't remember exactly what I typed into the search engine, but it was something pregnancy related. That was 2 years ago and I also have become a serial lurker ever since. I have a 2 month old and it's fun to read your site and find out what's to come!

um.....i probably found you from someone who linked to you on their site, but i can't, i found you by googling clive owen.

I found you through your husband, who I found via dawnie. Or amalah. Someone.

I googled chapstick addiction. Nah...I honestly cant remember. I started reading you before you had Mia but you were about to have her. I think I found you through Chris. Who I think I found through Rockstar Mommy. Who I think I found through Miss Zoot, who I found through googling ass sweat. Nah...I cant remember either....damn...thats a bad sign, isnt it.

I still love you though...

My answer is boring - I found you through your husband's site, which I linked to from a different blog (I can't remember which one). This was right after Mia was born, so it's amazing to see how much she's grown in just over a year.

I found you through Chris, who I found through Amalah, who I found when I was on bedrest and started reading her archives. Now I read so many blogs my husband told me I should just write one!

Found you through Chris' site, which was linked to a friend's blog - Amusing Myself Daily. And I met that friend and a bunch of others through a website called ParentSoup when we all had babies at the same time!

I found you from googling "hot Moms with holes in their jeans"

I got you first try. : )

Either Chris linked you and I followed, or you left a comment on my site and I peeked at your URL that way. One of the two - I'm guessing it was the latter, because I didn't realize right away that y'all were married? Maybe? It was a while ago, so it's fuzzy.

I found you through Playgroup one of your postings over there (can't remember which one) several folks made comments about this site... I asked for the link, feeling ever so left out, but I never heard back so I went on a google search and found you myself!

You told me in person about your MomBlog, and someone had posted a reply mentioning something about "the other blog", and I bothered you about it until you gave up the URL :)

I found you through Kate the Shrew. Thanks Kate!

A few months after my kid was born, I googled something along the lines of "baby sleeping through night" and found you. I was inititally intrigued because Mia's one month older than my kid, but soon I was totally hooked. But, you know, I can quit you anytime. Really. I'm not addicted. Really. Sigh.

I was googling old girlfriends and typed in "Hot smokin' ass" and since you took up the entire first page of results I had to come look.

Not really, I came via Rude Cactus, who I probably found through Zoot or Genuine or Mommy Needs Coffee or something. Back when I was a blogging newby and thought I was cool and everything. We know better now, don't we?

Trying to reach back in my memory...I probably ended up here from Chris's site, right?

Or perhaps I was trying to figure out the punch line to a joke being told by a fish...

I found you through Chris. I saw his link on several other sites that I read and decided to find out who Rude Cactus was. He linked to you and I've been here ever since.

Haiku Smackdown days... So, either you were playing ooorrr through Chris's blog. I can't really recall which.

Man, those were the good ol' days.

I found you through your hubby's blog, of course! And I'm glad you decided to start blogging too. You guys are so much fun!

I found you through Rude Cactus. I couldn't tell you how I found his site, but I do know it was one of the very first blogs I began reading on a regular basis.

I found you through Happy Catbert's blog called "Sharon's So Called Life" She has a link to you there. I found her because she had DS wlsurgery and I am getting ready to have it too. I am so glad I found you and Rude Cactus. The two of you are so cool and then Mia is just way beyond cool! She is killer cool.

Probably from Chris? How'd You find Me?


I found you through Chris, who I found through the Bloggie Awards(?) site one year. The only blog I'd read up til then was Go Fug Yourself; his was the first personal blog I read.

Anyway, found him, read all his archives, saw your link and came over and read all your archives (not all in one afternoon... more like two). The rest, as they say, is history!

I found you through Rude Cactus, via Amalah. But....I don't read Rude Cactus anymore....just don't tell Chris ok?

I used to work with Donna, who writes Spuddy Buddy. Then she had to go move back to the Bright Red State of Texas.

This could be like Six Degrees of Separation.

Have you ever met Kevin Bacon?

My friend Jen C. (I'm sure you know who that is) is a walking, breathing advertisement for you and Chris. I kept hearing about the wonderful Beth. She was right.

I'm pretty sure I went to this blog first, then to Rude Cactus and then to your other blog. Daily. You're the first 3 I read in the morning because you're east coast and I can read before the girls wake up.

I followed a link from Fluid Pudding to the "last belly shot," which I still think is an awesome photo.

I found you through Halloween Lover, who I found through Phantom Scribbler, who I found through jo(e).

Hello! And nice to "meet" you.

Hi Beth! Long time reader first time blogger. I have never commented before, but I have been reading you and all of your archives for a couple of months now. I googled "diary of a new mom" and found "diary of a playgroup dropout". I did not even know what a blog was before I found you. I recently became obsessed with thinking (only thinking) of having a baby and I needed to read something about it. I am struggling with the decision of whether or not to stay home. I do not mean to be a lurker, but since I do not have kids yet, I do not feel qualified to comment most of the time. But I can on this one . . .

What a great idea! I found you through Ali @ Cheaper Than Therapy.

I found you when you and Chris were featured at

Pick the truth, pick the lie:

1. I struck up a friendly conversation with a slim, well-toned dark-haired firefighter, who said he recently moved to NYC from the DC area. He told me of a girl in the DC area who had multiple chapsticks and a gas leak, trying to make me feel better after he made fun of me because I had 4 dfferent chapsticks in my purse. I googled "chapstick addict" and found your site.

2. In my early pregnancy I have a vague dusty recollection of stumbling across your husband's site while I was doing some research on mammillaria cacti, because I have been a cactus addict since I was six years old. I thought Rude Cactus sounded really cool, I clicked, and then found you too. Ironically, I read your site daily but am only a very occasional visitor to Chris's site.

By the way, what ever happened to the Adventures of the Cactus-fish?

I read the other Fish ( quite regularly, whom I found through Petit Hiboux whom I found through Tequila Mockingbird, whom I found linked to this blog a guy I went on 2 dates with had that I found when I googled him. Anyway, the other Fish reference...someone, I can't remember who, mentioned multiple Fishes interacting and linked to both of yous guys. so I clicked. And read. and bookmarked, and the rest is history =)

I think I found Chris first (by following a link on another blog somewhere) and then linked to you from his page.

Gosh, I wish I could remember how I found you. I know it was off someone else's blogroll (as opposed to a search), but I can't for the life of me remember whose it was. I do know that I found you first and started reading Chris from your site so you've got dibs on me.

I think it was via Fluid Pudding.

Or maybe I googled " 'duck' AND 'freakishly flexible'."

I found you while blog surfing one day...I think it goes something like this: I clicked on your link from Outside Voice, who I found through Zoot, and how the heck I found Zoot I have no clue. But I'm glad I found you because you are my all time favorite!!

Uh, I'm outside your window right now!

Actually, you seem to be like on a million blog rolls. It's almost like you found me!

Through a search for "dead cricket carcass".

Ok, so really it was through Chris, who was referred to by a friend I know in person. They said I needed to, "Check out the sidebar on that guy! He must work out."

The Mommybloggers profile is what did it for me. You guys were profiled shortly after I was, so I was actually paying attention (see? it IS always all about me).

I've been lurking for a few months sorry about that =)

I found you through rockstarmommy.

Hi there Beth -

I don't exactly remember how I got to the Fish, because I the Internet ate my trail of cookie crumbs, but I entered the world of blogs through a friends:

Then, somehow, through blog rolls I got to the Fish and the Cactus when Mia was just a few months old. I've delighted in her cuteness and been entertained by your blog ever since. (I'm sorta kinda maybe thinking about starting my own, but I'm still scared.)

I did come via Playgroup Dropout, a commenter over there mentioned this site so I was curious and stopped on by.

Once upon a time, you were on the blogroll of someone I know in real life. I linked here and found that you were about five months pregnant, and I love to follow pregnancy blogs and then new parent blogs. I also had two cousins give birth around the same time as you (both had boys), so it's fun to see the milestones in real life with those cuties and then read about yours.

I was looking for porn and I found your site referencing breasts and ass jeans.

No, I read your husband's blog first and then read yours.

The first one sounded so much more exciting to me.


I found this site from All & Sundry. Oddly enough, I'd been reading both this site and Playgroup Dropout (which I found from Sundry's "Purple is a Fruit") for a few weeks before I put 2 and 2 together and realized that both were written by the same person. Not the sharpest butter knife in the drawer over here I guess!

I found you through Chris and I have no idea how I found him. Mom-brain.

They pass out your blog address at Chapstick Anonymous meetings. It's part of the program.

Actually, I found you through Chris' site about 6 months before you got pregnant with Miss Mighty Mia :)

i found you through RSM.

Oh and by the way I've been reading for a LONG time and this is my first comment! So HI!!!

I honestly can't remember for certain, but I think it was via Rude Cactus after he commented at AliThinks....or something like that. But as soon as I read that you were a Chapstick junkie, I was hooked.

I think I came here from :)

Last August or September, I was looking for inspiration on what color to paint one of our bathrooms, so I googled "green bathroom." A post of yours came up about painting the bathroom with the paint lefover from Mia's bedroom. I had never read blogs before, but since then I've been a faithful reader of yours and Chris' (although I seldom comment), as well as many others. I wonder how much more I could have accomplished in the past year, had I not spent hours upon hours reading blogs... ;) Thanks for getting me addicted!'re testing my memory here... I think I found you thru Chris. I found Chris when he posted that hilarious -- I mean ADORABLE! -- picture of Mia in the bathtub with her spiky Elvis hair. But I can't remember what/who got me to Chris? Hmmm... Amalah's blogroll? I have no idea. But I can take credit for pointing my sister -- the lovely Erika of Mmmmmm, Brains -- your way (and Chris' way).


Fluid Pudding...she posted the pic you took of you and Mia right after she was born. I thought it was beautiful, came over and checked out your site and have been hooked ever since!!

Hmmmm.... Perhaps through coffeesoup or papernapkin, then again through Rude Cactus. And I was hooked. :)

As soon as I found out I was in the Family way... ( also known as puking guts out at work) I searched for mom blogs..... then I searched for get me out of this hell hole of a job ( also known as how hard could it really be to stay home with the wee one) and I found you!

From our time in prison together when you made me your bitch, of course.

I honestly can't remember, but I think it was from Chris and I can't remember how I found him.

A lot of people came to you through Chris - does this mean you have to be extra nice to him or something?

I found you while we were both pregnant. I can't remember the search string (something about my paranoid fears about something going wrong with my pregnancy, no doubt) but the first thing I ever read was a conversation with you and Chris pretending to be religious and speaking in "thee"s and "thou"s. or something. It's been a while. Anyway, I figured that anybody who would post a conversation like that was alright by me and I have read almost everyday since. Thanks!

thanks, Beth, for giving me my topic for my urban moms post today...i had been thinking about back in the early blogging i found people and how they found me.

yours was one of the first blogs i started reading religiously...way back when you first announced your pregnancy. i was newly pregnant with isabella.

Found you through your husband's site which I found via... well, now, I don't remember, but I guess through some other site - probably one I no longer read!

Anyway, I dig your site, so I'm glad I found it (even though I really can't take any credit for finding it!). afternoon I was bored at work and was surfing through links on someone else's blog and found Chris. Which led me to you. Or I found you and that led me to Chris. All I remember is going back to your archives and his archives and reading like, everything. Because I thought you both were PERFECT. Also, Mia had just been born. Or was about to be born.

Wow, what a boring story.

One day, your blog gave me a lap dance. I didn't tip your blog, so your blog punched me in the face. I've been reading ever since!

The Hotty Pediatrician is my boyfriend and he sent me over to check out his stalker :).

I think I found you through Rockstar Mommy or Miss Zoot.

I found you through Playgroup Dropout. You'd mentioned that you had another blog, and I searched for "Beth Chris Mia."

i am always so curious how people find me too. i found you in's sidebar links and having been coming here ever since.

Oh, and I found Playgroup Dropout because I was reading Sundry's Purple is a Fruit, and she linked to your column about being a total expert now that you're a mom, and I subscribed to your smokin' RSS feed on the spot.

Rockstar Mommy links to you, who I found from Amalah, who I found from Snarkywood, who I found from The New Jan Brady, who I found via Blogger's "Random Blog" feature.

I can't believe I remembered that!

First off, Hi - I am totally delurking here, which I have never done before. I found you through Dawnie, who I found through Lakeline - who I use to work with, when she still worked - which happens to be the same firm someone else you are really close to works for, so I guess I found you through work.

Wait.... you have a husband? Named Chris? Who blogs TOO?!?!

Um, just kidding. I actually found *you* first through a comment that you made on Dawnie's website, sometime before Mia was born. It was only later that I realized that you were one-half of a power-blogging duo.

one day i realized the bajillion bloggers i'm already subscribed to don't post enough for me to procrastinate at work PROPERLY, and started madly clicking away at folks' bloglists and found myself here. I'd like to state for the record, however, since it seems to be against the majority, that I found you first, and Rude Cactus through you, vs. the other way 'round :)

Also. I've been meaning to tell you. Clive Owen. Delicious. I've always been with you on that one. I think I have a new crush, however - Have you ever seen Gerald Butler? I just saw "Dear Frankie" (sweet, dear little movie) and oh my god he is a fine looking man. OK. Just had to get that out of my system - he reminds me a bit of Clive Owen, and everytime I'm reminded of that, I think of you, hee hee!

To be totally honest, I can't remember if I found you via Chris or the other way around. Sadly, I also can't remember how I got there in the first place. Probably through someone's blogroll. I do remember, however, that it was before you were pregnant.

Hmmm...How dare you make me think this hard! I cannot remember for certain, but I think you and I had a hot, steamy lesbian experience in a hot tub during college. I vaguely recall that there was lots of drinking and we put so much Mr Bubble in the hot tub that bubbles were floating down the sidewalk, yet vividly remember the unbridled passon between us!

I'm pretty sure that's how it happened. I remember you had a smokin' ass and you were highly impressed with my bodacious tata's. Don't deny it, you totally drooled over my tata's!!!

Since I can't remember how I found you how about this for a story:

I was pining away one day wanting to see pictures of the World's Most Beautiful Child. Mine, former holders of the title were now retired due to having grown to the ripe old ages of 6 and 14. In desperation I googled World's Most Beautiful Child and found this site. I've been a Mia Monday fan ever since.

Let's see... I think I found you through Chris, who I found from Traci/Lois Lane. She would send me his url in IM's cause she would be laughing... now, I'm addicted... I read you both, and I read the dropout one too.

the voices in my head told me to come here

No, but wouldn't that be an interesting story? Here's the real six degrees game (in a futile attempt to make a graphic with text):

| (via "honey, be a good husband and fix my blog please")
Mommy Diary Tales
| (via blogroll)
Nine Pound Dictator
| (via a comment she left on Nine Pound Dictator)
Cheaty Monkey
| (via suggestion of Haley-O)
Rude Cactus
| (via sidebar)

I found you through Chris who I found from Metrodad.

I found you first, then Chris. And now? I am addicted. Must read first thing in the morning when I get to work. I am sooo productive. But I found you through the fabulous HollyRhea.

I was looking for hott moms with a smokin' ass, of course! Shh don't tell my hubby, it can be our secret!

I am fairly certain that I found you from the lovely Belgian Waffle. I think she linked you in a post and I absolutely loved your blog name that I stuck around for some more. (And that Mia is so damned cute... my ovaries are aching from the cuteness)

I found you through pregnancy weekly links way back when I (I guess we) were 15 weeks pregnant or so.....been here every day since!

Through Chris, who was pimped by Evil Queen, Annie... and you'd have to ask her for the story before that.

I think I found you through Chris's site. All I remember is it was just over a year ago, when you were about to give birth to Mia. I got hooked. :)

the final belly shot -- absolutely the cutest picture ever. i think Fluid Pudding posted a link.

I'm another one who found you from Fluid Pudding. I'm still grieving the loss of her blog btw.

I found you through Sundry...not sure how I found her though. I sent you a photo for the Halloween album you did at ClubMom, I read you over there too. Love both your blogs!

I think I found you when you left a comment on one of my blogs - about the one year aftermath of Katrina. The funny thing is, I never connected with with "Playgroup Dropout", until I followed that comment link...

I found you through Sundry. I found here on Diaryland, ages ago when she had a Diaryland account.

I only remember that the first post I read was when you got a cleaning lady. Mia must have just been born. I actually think I got here from somebody posting a link that you just had a baby. Hell if I know who it was.

So let's just say I found you by googling "freakishly flexible".

Now I sound like a huge pervert. Ah, whatever.

Well, I found you through Chris's site which I found through Rockstarmommy which is the first blog I ever read and that which started "the addiction".

HA. All the funny things I thought to make up, other people have (great minds, people! great minds!)... so I found you on Chris' blog, when he made the big reveal or something like that.

I found both you and Chris through
Her blog is the one I found first by googling "pimped out focus" (meaning I wanted to see pimped out ford focus cars" have no idea how it led me to her, but through her I discovered a ton of great blogs which just keeps snowballing into more blogs...

You are asking a weblog addict how they found you, hmmm? Let me wipe the drool from my mouth and get the glassy-eyed computer stare off my face and try to focus. At this point I have 13 parenting blogs I follow (and about 200 other blogs on other topics), but I think it was probably a nod from DadCentric that led me to your site.

I found you through Rude Cactus, whom I found through Debbie Does Life and Wordgirl, both of whom I think I found thorugh comments on other websites.

Plus, I'm psychic and I knew I'd love you.


I found you through Rude Cactus who I found through Amalah's blogroll who I found through DCFoodies who I found through Tom Sietsema's weekly chat before I knew what a blog was. Which all happened in January and explains why I haven't gotten any work done this year.

From RockStarMommy to Rude Cactus to you...sorry to say that your husband is now out of the loop-I just keep up with the cool web mommies!

You broke my fall in a skiing accident 15 years ago in the Rockies.

I've never told you this before, but.

I'm also your brother.

When I was pregnant, I was addicted to reading about people who were pregnant too because I had given up on trying to actually be productive at work. So I found you through one of my many creative searches for pregnant people on the Internet (I really wish I had any clue what I searched for that day) when we were both about half way through our pregnancies. I immediately read all of your archives and haven't missed a beat on your blog ever since.

I was cruising around one Monday and found the ever adorable Mia Monday and I think she was only a few weeks old? I've been with you (and Mia, and Chris), ever since.

through Chris. can't remember how I found Chris though.

If I remember correctly...I found you by scrolling down someone else's blogroll (can't remember who now) for a new blog to read. I saw So The Fish Said, and I really really wanted to know what in the world the title was all about. I started reading the archives and got hooked; I haven't missed an entry (here or at Playgroup Dropout) since.

I found you from your husband's website and I found him probably from a funny comment he left on and I found sliceofpink from a funny comment she left on my sister's blog,, which I found, because, well, she's my sister and she told me about her website a long time ago.It sounds like quite a journey!

I know I originally found playgroup dropout from Blogging Baby but I don't remember how I got to this one. I do know that it was a while before I found out you had a second site.

I found you both through professional Slacker. I have a daughter your daughters age and read daily. I also love your husbands website.

I found you through Chris, who I found through the blogger formerly known as Lily (linked as such on Chris's blogroll) but actually known as Meg, who I met through Chuck, a blogger in Maine who met Meg on a real-life date. They ended up as friends and each married other people, and I got more blogs through them, including you.

Seeing as how a lot of your readers found you through Chris, I'm curious how many people found *his* site through *you*.

I found you through Rude Cactus who I found through Amalah ... read through your archives and the rest is history.

Probably through a comment you made on another blog, or maybe All & Sundry's blogroll.

I'm not so good with remembering how you were located. It was in connection with the blogs of one of the following; Colleen, Amalah, Zoot, or someone else (forgive me, whoever you are). I do better with first encounters and yours was that you were having plumbing and self-tanning issues (interesting combination).

I found you through your husbands site...who I found on recomendation of a friend.

I found Chris from someone's blog I was reading. I don't remember the blog (it was over 1.5 years ago...), and then I found you.

That was vague, but the best I could do.

One of the moms from my baby group after my son was born had a blog. I discovered that I could waste a ton of time reading about other people's lives. And then I learned they connected to other blogs. I don't remember which blog linked to yours, but it was your name that got me first. So the fish said sounded different enough. And it was YOU that got me to stay. I don't read a ton of blogs, but yours and Chris' I always read.

Well, I kinda think my Hubby found your Hubby first, somehow. And I found you through there. Or... maybe I found you independently of that by searching for mommy blogs and then Hubby and I saw the connection between the 2 sites. Not sure... At any rate, I thought you should know that in our house you're referred to as Beth Fish Beth Beth Fish (or something like that). As in - "I commented at Beth Fish Beth Beth Fish's site today - but not her Fish site, her other site" etc., etc.

Here's a question for you - why do you call your blog So The Fish Said....? Or is the reference so glaringly obvious that I'm just a foolish twit?

Amy :)

I found you through Chris(Rude Cactus, of course you know that, :^) )....and I found Chris via Rockstar Mommy the day she was live blogging and had a Rude Cactus mug for one of her photos...I've been hooked ever since!

I have recently become addicted to blogs (after googling Crockpot Children and finding Cooking with Whine on MomBlogs) and while surfing one day got randomly thrown to a Texan Single Mother's blog (can't remember who) who had you on her blogroll... I also read your MomBlog and was blown away when I realised it was also you!!

Hmm...well your husband paid me...or maybe not.

I found Chris through MetroDad a Zillion years and 15 months or so ago and started reading his and when I heard you were about to burst with that baby, I started reading yours too. But I was a lurker for a long time.

But you are WAY more entertaining that your husband...and I never visit him anymore or a day. ;)

hmm I Can't remember. Someone outed you as chris's husband and linked to you EARLY in to your blogging adventure. And um, then I let you have Clive as your pretend celeb bofriend and you've been frequently making out with me ever since!

I have no idea how I found you.


Lotsa comments! I found you through Chris, who had commented on my sister's blog.
Or, I googled "world's most beautiful child."
Or,"freakishly flexible."
What, you wanted something original? Ha!

I found you through Jenorama who I've known in real life for several years (she actually met her husband at a party my house). I noticed that we had the same first name and I was curious, so I did the little clicky-click on the link!

I found you by the way of jenorama.

I can't remember, but I do know it was very much pre-pregnancy for you....

Etched on the wall in the kitchen at the fire station....surely you are tireed of hearing through Chris.

I found you through Chris's site too... but I can't remember where I found him. I know it was from someone else's blogroll cause I was in need of something new to read, and then he had you linked, so... here we are.

My sister has a blog (I don't yet) called "And All The Jones Men" and you are on her blog roll - so I found you there.

I found you through my buddy Ali's blog Cheaper Than Therapy. And, I'm so glad I did!

I found you when I googled Moms of July 2005 babies, (or something to that effect - I have a '05 summer sweetie myself). I got hooked, then I followed one of ur commenter's links to Chatty Cricket's site. I read her for a few days, and then followed a link from her to "So the Fish Said". I did a double take...Wait, that looks like Mia, and that is Beth...Another blog from her to feast on! I cannot believe my luck. And then I found Rude Cactus through this one. Now, I am totally addicted to both ur blogs and thats how I start my day (Earlier my day was started by reading posts on ivillage July playgroup. This has since been replaced). So keep going please, I love you, and I love Mia (and just yesterday I spent 2 hrs from work reading your archives, I am so gonna be fired). Oh, I live in another time zone, just in case you have the incorrect imagination of me staying up at this hour to read ur blog :-)

I found your site through your husband... actually, I think I've been reading since you first started. =) I found Chris through Tiffanie of I think. =) I love your blog! You're so funny and it was awesome to have read your blog when you were pregnant and now through your trials as a new mom. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one who has forgotten to buckle the carseat!

Either HollyRhea or that time we got drunk and got tattoos together. I still can't believe you let the guy ink you *there*--you're way braver than I.

Thanks to the wonderful Sweetie - she has your link on her blog. Thats why I started to read Mrs'Moguls and your blog.

Greetings from Switzerland


I don't know!!!

I do know I saw your blog name in someone's 'must read' blogroll, felt drawn to it, and clicked over. And glad I did, too!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I Googled "pregnancy blogs" or something like that and got to Baby Mama Drama. I'm pretty sure I found you through her blogroll.

I found you through my sister. She said "You have to go read this one. She's good" So I did, and you are! And yes I go over to the Diary of a Playgroup Dropout. I don't have kids myself, but enjoy reading about your life. :)


I think I found your husband's blog from the blogroll on cynicaldad or weirdgirl. From there, I came here and read for a while. Then I clicked your husband's link and thought "Oh yeah, I've been here before" Now I read them both

I found you by blog hopping. I don't remember how many people's blogs I had hopped from but it was a few. I found all kinds of fun blogs that way and have made some great friends :)

I found you through your husband when he first mentioned you started your own blog and have been reading ever since. How I found him, now that's a great mystery lost in the depths of my mind.

Man, I'm late as usual.

I found you through Chris's site, and I have absolutely no idea how I came across Chris's site.

From Chris' site.

I found Amala while trying to discover who made a particular purse I loved. Someone else had asked her the same question and she didn't know, sadly. But that brought me to my first blog! She linked to a few others, one being Rockstar Mommy, who mentioned you a few times and that is how I got here.

I found you through Chris' site, and was immediately hooked. I'm not sure if you are competitive or not, but your blog totally won over Chris'. I only read his blog that once, and occassionally I will go over to see what he had to say, but usually only if you refer to it.

Found you through Chris. No clue how I found him. Cannot remember for the life of me.

Laughing at Ann Adams' comment, because it's true. I am a living, breathing advertisement for the Beth and Chris show.

I found you through Linda (sundry) who I found through mimismartypants who I found through Diaryland that I found through my real life friend Mawlee

i found you through Rude Cactus, who i found by googling "dad blogs" which i was doing in hopes of adding some dad stuff to the blogroll. then i added you instead...and i just realized right this minute that i completely forgot about the dad stuff. so it goes. :)

I came to you via your husband who I found from Casey of All I'm Saying who I got to from a night of insomnia while surfing through blogs at

I don't really remember how I found your site. I'm sure it was a link posted on another bloggers site, but which one I do not remember. So instead I'll make something up. Since we both live in NOVA, I must have seen your smoking hot ass in a grocery store and you had "So the Fish Said.Com" written across the back of your sweatpants.

Linked from some mommy blogger, I'm sure, though I don't recall who. I doubt it was ever anything I read repeatedly. When I first got pregnant, I got very into finding cool mommy blogs, and that was like the week after Mia was born. And the first post I ever saw was the faux slide show of your growing belly with the final picture of you holding a days-old Mia up to your belly. So cute I wanted to die. And then copy you. But I never got my shit together, and now she's like 18 pounds, and I just don't think it'd be very cute.

an alien came to me in a dream and told me to worship your child.
(you said to lie!)

I found you through Fluid Pudding when she posted the cutest4th trimester picture (you holding Mia outside your belly). Then I linked to Chris's from yours and love reading both!

Through Fresh Baked, long ago. I think you already knew that, though.

Oh wow. I totally don't remember. I think I was reading a random blog that had linked you and I came here. I don't remember where it was from - obviously the person wasn't awesome enough to keep my attention. I've been reading STFS for a little over a year now, since before you were pregnant with Mia. Scary! My attention span isn't always that great.

I think the better question was how you found me :)

( since I found you through a comment you left for me )

I found you in this convoluted way: I found my ex's blog, read his blogroll to get to snazzykat (who we both knew in college), then her blogroll to oh no! the blog, then genuine, then amalah, zoot, rudecactus, rockstarmommy and you. I never read my ex's blog again (5 or more years ago) and then we all got pregnant at the same time, so I continued reading to today. Now, I only read you and occasionally, Chris. With a 15 month old and another on the way, and NONE of you pregnant too, I have no one to compare adventures to! So hurry up and have another!

I am a serial lurker and found you when I googled "blanket sleepers for 4 year olds". Odd that yours was one of the first websites recommended. Disappointed that all your friends' comments directed me to The Children's Place which, here in Quebec, only carries them up to 36 months. As I recall from my first 31 years of life in the USA, there is more selection there than here so I have forgiven them all for the wild goose chase they sent me on.
I have, however, become addicted to your site and a few others as I try to remain sane whilst stuck up on the frozen tundra with two year old and four year old boys. How do you manage a website???
Keep up the good work.

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