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Mia Monday #43: Trick or Treat Edition

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The cutest pink kitten on the east coast!

hah - how many times DID she make that trip exactly? ;)


Oh my goodness - the TAIL!!!! That is too stinkin' cute!

For SOME reason, I have the theme to the Pink Panther running through my head while I gaze upon the cuteness!

i am fading fast from the cuteness.

Awww, cutest little pink kitten ever!

Those are really ominous glowing orange eyes showing through (reflecting off?) your door, by the way. Jack o'Lantern?

Look at her cute feet!

The tail is definitely the best part.

That is too funny! Did she help hand out candy to the trick or treaters?

Yup, it's all about the tail. Well, that and the ears. And the lips. Seriously, you're killing me here.

Oh, that little tail hanging down......i'm melting!!!

She's *adorable*!

The tail makes the outfit :D

Not only does the tail make the outfit, but it's the spot the tail comes out of that does it for me. Mia is seriously delicious! Don't hate me for wanting to nibble on her cheeks.

You guys put out some good candy!


So sweet! Did you have any trouble taking it off of her? Maggie would have slept in it.

oh the cuteness. and she has excellent taste in candy. you're raising her well ;)

ah! the tail! i think that's my most favorite part.

she's delish.

It's the tail.......I just want to squeeze her!

Big resounding AWWWWW. :)

Pink kitty! So adorable!

She has the cutest butt ever.

And it looks like you had some totally good candy. I'm a snickers fan.

Let me imagine what Mia's inner conversation was in this set of pictures.

"Candy? What candy? I don't have any CANDY, MAMA. See, no candy. But let me go check on the candy, make sure it's doing okay..."

The tail just completes it. Soo adorable. Where did you find that costume?

Treat, for sure.

This is why I have grown to not hate adorable!

that's actually a brilliant idea. it's not that you have to stop buying the candy, just put it somewhere inconvenient so that you burn off the calories by going to get it.

awesome. she's fantabulous as usual.

In the 2nd picture, she is carrying the candy so matter-of-factly! It's very cute!

Ooh, Kit Kat! Good choice.

Now, go get one for Aunty Jen, okay honey?

WORD. I hope she got lots of treats!

Too cute! I love the strut going on in picture 3! It's hard to imagine she couldn't even walk 6 months ago!

Oh. My. Goodness. The tail is too much - I had no idea it was there!

Late to the party, and I'm sure that other comments have pointed it out, but I think Satan is outside your door ready to eat your baby. You are making her look far too appetizing.

Scary eyes.

Awww....Cute :)
You guys give good candy - good for you :) My mom used to buy peppermints...the the plain hard candy ones that you get at restaurants...and stuck them to tracts. I was so embarrassed when people would come to our door. I made a resolution to only buy the really good stuff when I had my own front door.

As always, OY! I can't HANDLE the cuteness!!!

Do you think she knows she's in a costume? Or, does she think she's just wearing another (GAP? -- the monkey wears tons of GAP) outfit?

A girl after my own heart ~ going for the Kit Kats! YUMMY!

Love the tail ~ btw!

Okay that third shot from the rear is the sweetest thing I have seen!

I was leaving a comment on another post and I caught a glimpse of Mia's cutie little tail again. Dang, that's so freakin' cute, I just want to squeeze her little tushie.

"Yes, Officer, I promise, I'll stay more than 10 feet away from the child at all times."

Love the tail! :-)

My kinda girl -- she's so cute in that costume!!

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