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Mia Monday #44: Tea Party in the Park Edition

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Lovely pictures. Is that giant teakettle and cups Mia is playing with? Does this park have some sort of theme for kids?

Also, Chris mentioned something about huge catfish, are they in the pond behind you?

It looked like beautiful day! We had a day in the 70s not too long along then it snowed. Not fair!!!

Was starting to worry that you'd not taken pictures this weekend!!

I obviously need a life, and a baby.

Ah, but JuJuBee, will you do like me if ever the baby comes and is nowhere near Mia's cuteness level and ship it back? (I've given thought to this and I think it "may" hurt the father more than the mother, so it's alright by me).
Say no to less than Mia-cute babies!

To the above two commenters: When you have babies of your own, NO ONE ELSE'S babies will compare in cuteness. You will see....

What a COOL park, garden area!! Mia is one very lucky little girl...

LOOOOVE that last photo. What a great moment.

Please say you guys didn't drink the tea.

As a mother of 2 little girls who absolutely love tea parties, that is a great idea for a park to have.

Oh, what a cute park that is. Mia is becoming quite the little lady.

And I love how enthralled you look in the third pic. ;)

Fabulous pictures for a Monday! Thatnks for starting my week off well!

You're wearing a T-shirt in November? I kinda hate you. (Except you know I adore you. But still.)

Ok, so I am WAY behind thanks to a full time job and nursing school..I cannot believe how big Mia has gotten! Looks like you all had a beautiful weekend at the park!

Wow. That is a beautiful park. Looks like the best tea party ever.

Now THAT is cool. I want a park like that.

add me to the list of people who are jealous. such a cute park, and such an adorable kid! i love the last picture especially, she looks so pleased :)

What big teacups you have, my dear. :o)

those are gorgeous, gorgeous pics!

Just checking in before dinner. Those pictures have such a stillness to them, even though I know there was probably sound going on.

Mia must LOVE that park! That is a great tea set.

Those pics are totally gorj! Are you sleeping in that third one? ;)

I just told Chris what I'll tell you - that tea set is freaking cool! I suppose it won't hold much tea though. Oh well, who actually drinks tea at a play tea party anyway!

Adorable. Is it just me or is her hair growing somewhat?

That's a cute helper you've got there.

we have the same sunflowers. At least I think so. Are yours sunflower feeders?

She looks so big and grownup, especially in the last picture!

Fantastic. As a dad who is forced into daily tea parties, I think that one looks pretty cool.

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